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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > The Lab Ray: Great Experimentation

The Lab Ray: Great Experimentation

by xyvandar

SOME WOULD SCOFF at the tale I am about to tell. Some would dismiss it as mere speculation. But I am about to tell you a tale about the poor Scorchio scientist who works his scientific magic in ways unknown to sceptical eyes. No one knows that scientist's name, nor its gender. But the most accurate description I could give you is one of an ancient male Scorchio, older than perhaps Neopia itself. In ancient language, his name would be unpronounceable. However, in the universal Neopian language (which has been passed on through many generations, and once known as the language of the ancient Ne'Pius tribes), his name is rendered as Doctor Alfbin Neitsburt. Within lies my tale, and it takes place just after the beginning of Neopia...

      "Ahh, but no..." said the Doctor. "It will not do! It will not do, indeed. The ray needs more power. Don't you agree, K'r Bat?"

     The bat screeched loudly. It was perched on the Doctor's shoulder, and seemed to be an ancient ancestor of the Korbat. Perhaps the beginning of that particular evolutionary scale.

      "Ha ha ha. Always faithful, never speaking. Yes, K'r Bat, you are a fine pet for a wrinkled old scientist such as I. But... alas, I am afraid even you cannot help me. This ray... my laboratory seems to have... nothing I could use to activate it. It is but junk!"

     The bat cackled. "Well, I think I could alleviate that problem, Doc. Heh heh," screeched the bat. The Doctor stiffened with horror, and K'r Bat left his perch on the Doc's shoulder.

      "You... you can speak!" shouted Doctor Alfbin. "It is a miracle! A revolutionary discovery!!!"

      "Put a sock in it, Doc. Our kind has been doing this for aeons now. It's nothing big. Now, as for the ray, look inside that cabinet over yonder. Inside should be an electrical panel. It should work, if it's not rusted out and worn... heh heh," replied K'r Bat with a smile.

     The stunned Doctor worked his way to the cabinet, and opened the doors to find the electrical panel. It was in perfect working condition. The Doctor flipped a few switches and suddenly a hidden light bulb lit up with light and revealed previously unknown corners of the underground lab, which was formerly lit only by candles and lightning flashes.

      "Aha! At last! A power source! All I need to do now is wire the circuitry so that it hooks up to the ray! Finally, my experiment will be complete!" The Doctor laughed wildly, and promptly connected the wires to the ray. "At last! The ray is complete!" he shouted.

      "Very good," replied K'r Bat.

     The Doctor went to the opposite wall, which was in the ray's direct line of sight. K'r Bat! I will be the first test! I will strap myself to the wall, and you press the big green button to fire the ray! Fire it!"

      "Are you sure, Doc?" asked K'r Bat.


      "Then we shall proceed."

     K'r Bat stood ready at the controls, waiting for the Doctor to strap himself in. Finally, the button was pressed.

     Boom! Crack! Zzrpt! ZZZZLT! KWA-ZZANG! ZZZZZZZLLLZZ!!

     The ray shot a blast of lightning directly at the Scorchio's chest, and the lightning penetrated the old man. Pain surged through the Doctor, and yet power coursed through his old veins. He felt invigorated.

      "Bwahahaha!!!!!" cackled the Doctor. "Again, again!!!!" The Doctor's eyes had begun to spin, almost seeming to glow red. Again the ray was fired and again the Doctor felt pain and power. The ray seemed to increase his abilities tenfold each time the ray was fired!

     Again the Doctor begged for another blast, and again K'r Bat obeyed. With every shot, the Doctor's eyes began to twirl more and more, until they became a swirling blur. Eventually the Doctor uttered words other than encouragement.

      "Stop! No more! No more, K'r Bat! But..." said the Doctor. "Fine, one more blast of that cursed machine!" shouted the Doctor.

      "Yes, Doc!" shouted K'r Bat. He cackled insanely, set the ray to "Super High" (as opposed to "Normal"), and pressed the green button. A huge blinding flash of light filled the room. The Doctor screamed, and the lab ray started to short circuit. Boom! Crack! Sparks sizzled around the ray, and the lever indicating power level was thrown off the machine. The ray sputtered, and eventually calmed down and produced a steady whirr, like that of a fan, and the noise continues even to this day.

     But the Doctor, who had K'r Bat unstrap him, was a changed Neopet. He no longer was a frail Doctor; he had incredible intelligence, beyond that of what he had before. Also, he has superhuman strength, tough skin, and a blazing fast speed. But his body could not withhold all the power, and from that day forward, the Doctor was always a reclusive weakling.

     Later that day, the weakened Doctor used the last ounce of his physical strength to deliver a mind-numbing slap to K'r Bat. With a screech, the bat took off and flew away. The Doctor would never see K'r Bat again, nor would he see anything like him. However, one day a while afterward, a similar creature called a Korbat befriended the Doctor and offered to do him chores such as purchasing food and everyday luxuries, assisting with mechanical operations, and helping the Doctor get around. However, he is rarely seen in company of others, except when he is on errands.

     As for the Lab Ray itself, ever since the day it overloaded, it seemed to only have the energy to fire once a day, and it's powers were dramatically weakened. But Doctor Alfbin Neitsburt, the old Scorchio, takes pride in the ray and always lives in the chamber with the ray, and always offers to help out Neopets by enhancing their abilities with it. However, he always warns pets before they are zapped with the ray, knowing what happened to him so long ago...

The End

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