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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > Fluffy and the Maltese Cobrall

Fluffy and the Maltese Cobrall

by al_the_chia

Furgleton National Museum...

IT WAS COMPLETELY silent in the old, dusty museum. It had been silent all day, as it had been the day before. The many Chias who lived in the city of Furgleton were too busy to even bother visiting it. Besides, it had nothing but ancient, crusty plushies in it. Nothing but the sound of the ancient security Chia snoring through his bushy white moustache from his desk at the entrance disturbed the absolute quiet. Suddenly, the alarm went off, a loud, whistling, screeching, and clanging sound. The old yellow Chia jumped awake, falling out of his uncomfortable chair and sprawling onto the ground.


     Jumping onto his feet, he picked up his flashlight, looking at the security screens. A shocking sight of broken glass all over the Desert Plushie Section met his eyes.

      "A robbery!" He exclaimed.

     He grabbed his rainbow gun, leaping over his desk and panting as he dashed through the huge museum. To reach the Plushie section ASAP, he went through the Wax Model section, passing models of Balthazar, Dr. Sloth, Adee the Chia, and Donna as he loaded his weapon. "STOP, THIEF!!" He yelled, disappearing around a corner. Everything was silent for a few moments more. Then, without warning, the smiling model of Donna began to shake. Its head turned completely around several times, until finally falling off and shattering on the floor. Two long ears, then two short ears, and finally the masked head of an Aisha poked it's way out of the hole where Donna's head once was, snickering.

      "Too easy," he laughed. "Now, where is that starter..."

     Creeper's paw searched around the inside of the Donna Model until it found a large, red button. Triumphantly, he pushed it. Suddenly, the wax figure began to jerkily move its arms and legs. It was a ROBOT!! Creeper, the world-famous Aisha Thief, pulled levers and pushed buttons until the Donna body with the Aisha head began to jog towards the exit. The successful bandit pulled his head and large ears back into the metal body as it crashed through the glass doors, setting off yet another alarm. The Security Chia gasped for breath as he leaned over, stopping in front of the doors. "If I were thirty years younger!" He wheezed, trying to catch his breath...

     Creeper laughed triumphantly as he relaxed inside his large robot, patting a strange Cobrall plushie he had stolen. It had jewels for eyes, diamond-studded stripes, and, other than that, was VERY similar to a real Cobrall.

      "Much too easy," he gloated, patting the plushie on its head...

Al's House...


     Fluffy the blue Cobrall suddenly woke up with a start. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he pulled his head out from under his pillow and stared out the nearby window. He heard a noise. A loud crash, coming from outside. The sleepy Cobrall slithered from his petpet bed and climbed over to the window, grumbling in a hissed voice as he looked out over the lawn. It was probably the lousy neighbour's Kadoatie, prowling the streets for Miamice, he thought. But what met his eyes was no Kadoatie Fluffy gasped as he saw the most peculiar creature he had ever seen in his little Cobrall life approach Al's front lawn. It had an Aisha's head and a huge, weird body, with five fingers and no fur or scales at all. Safe in his room, the curious petpet watched the Aisha head retract into the body. Suddenly, a door swung open from the creature's back, and a recognisable Aisha popped out.

      "HISS!!" Fluffy couldn't help but exclaim.

     It was Creeper, the undersized Aisha Thief. And he was carrying something that appeared to be another Cobrall!! Although Fluffy was quite horrified, he was also intrigued, and watched the shady character drag the limp-looking petpet over to Al's garden, hiding it underneath several bushes. He then snatched the weird-looking robot body and, after some grunting and shoving, managed to stuff it into Al's garbage can, its bizarre feet sticking up in the air. Then, with the speed of someone on fire, he disappeared into the night. Naturally, Fluffy put two and two together. The limp Cobrall... the destruction of evidence... It all pointed to one thing...


     Petty pick pocketing and stealing diamonds were okay, but MURDER? Fluffy never suspected the small-time crook was capable of such a low!

     Fluffy immediately slithered from the window and over to Al's bed, hopping onto it and jumping up and down on his lazy owner's stomach. But it was to no avail. Al slept on, snoring even louder. Frustrated, Fluffy resorted to slapping him across the face with his tail, twice. WHAM!! Al sat up with a start, catapulting him across the room.

      "AHHHH!! PINEAPPLES!! GET THEM OFF ME!! GET THEM OFF ME!!" Al screamed, swiping at the air with his eyes shut. "OH SO MANY PINEAPPLES!! WHY?!?"

     Fluffy hissed beneath his breath in disgust as he tried to pull myself together. Al was too deep in his nightmares about Pineapples to wake up and help him capture the criminal. So, Fluffy decided, he would set out to retrieve the body and notify the authorities himself. Fluffy carefully packed the essentials he would need for the trip. His sleuth pack consisted of a bubble gun, a fingerprint kit, a microscope, plastic baggies to hold evidence, a camera, and several petpet treats for the road.

     He was about halfway through the packing when he realised he had no arms to carry the bag with (Don't laugh, it's a common mistake).

     Maybe Al, with his ligaments, had more uses than the confused Cobrall realised Fluffy looked at him snoring loudly, occasionally muttering about pineapples attacking him in his disturbed slumber.

     Then again, Fluffy thought, he wasn't of much use other than that. Unfortunately, he had to abandon the bag, setting out with nothing but his bare hands... uh... skin. The Cobrall slid down the banister and slithered out the front door...

Al's Garden...

     Fluffy looked left and right as he slithered out onto Al's front stoop. He looked left. There was nothing but the neighbour's Kadoatie glaring at him with glowing eyes. Fluffy hissed, and it disappeared. He looked right. Nothing but the other neighbour's high fence. Fluffy breathed, calming himself before slithering out to Al's thorny bushes.

     Al's three bad seeds, who Fluffy was well acquainted with (Posy, Pansy, and Petunia), were all sleeping in the other side of the yard. Although they were decent watchplants, even they didn't seem to be able to sense the cunning Creeper's raid of the yard. In the dark, the sharp, unwelcoming bushes looked suddenly worse than they ever did before as Fluffy inspected them closely.

     He noticed something glimmering underneath them. With a heavy, sinking feeling in his long, snaky stomach, he pushed the bushes up. What met his eyes filled him with shock and horror that he would remember for the rest of his life. It was an emaciated Cobrall, with diamonds in the place of its eyes and a malicious grin that filled every inch of Fluffy's limbless body with dread. In the shock and panic of the moment, he suddenly passed out...

Moments later...

     Paypaw, a green Lupe, slunk up to Al's garden, rubbing his paws together excitedly. His ragged green fur was perfect camouflage in the shrubbery of the wild and bizarre plants that occupied Al's lawn. The mysterious Lupe stealthily snuck over to the Thorn Bushes, snickering and singing a song silently.

      "Thank you Creeper, for this lovely gift. I'm certain that it will not be missed. You despicable fool, you hid it so obviously. You might have well given it straight to me! I shall scam the scammer and fool the fiend! Owning this plushie has been my lifelong dream!"

     After a couple more minutes of pointless rhyming, Paypaw reached under the bush with his bony green paw, pulling out Fluffy's fainted form without realising it was not the prize he had desired. He admired it, grinning.

      "Ah, it's very realistic indeed! This should satisfy my many needs!" Humming the song, which was called 'Greensleeves', which he had learned in an acting company, Paypaw carefully placed the limp Cobrall into his briefcase, among a litter of unfinished poems and stories. "Alas my love you do me wrong to cast me off so discourteously..." he sang in a lovely tenor, briskly disappearing down the street with a hop in his step, all the way back to Lupe Forest...

Paypaw's Apartment...

     Having hidden the plushie safely underneath his bed, Paypaw, along with his Doglefox, Pen, fell asleep, visions of Neopoints greedily dancing in their green heads. He composed subconscious sonnets in his sleep between snores, and tossed and turned around on the squeaky bed. Everything was peaceful once more.

     At least until Fluffy suddenly dematerialised into thin air with a flash of green light that caused Paypaw to jump awake.

      "GADS! I thought I heard a noise! Maybe it was one of Pen's loud, annoying toys? ALAS!! The plushie! It's gone forever! Truly I did not endeavour!"

     Pen barked loudly, bouncing up and down like an overwound Zafara plushie.

      "What is it, Pen? Did you see the culprit? Then, lead me to them, oh noble petpet! All right! I'm ready and set! I guarantee I'll never take you to the vet! Maybe I'll rename you Chet..."

     Pen, who managed to pick out being renamed Chet from his owner's rambling, bit down on his paw angrily.

      "OWEE!! Don't bite me!! I'm sorry! I'll stop then, my friend, whose name is Pen!!"

King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw's Mother Ship...

     Fluffy rematerialized onboard the Teleportabunch 8000. King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw (we'll just be calling him King for now) smirked as he stood up, his brilliant purple robe shimmering in the dim light of outer space. He was an alien Lupe, with two extra long ears just like an Alien Aisha, and shaggy sickening yellow fur. "Meepaw!! Deegribblepaw!" he ordered in a prim British accent. Two slightly smaller pale green Lupes snapped to attention. Unbeknownst to most, Alien Lupes eye colours would glow different colours to represent their mood. Right then, the King's were glowing a victorious yellow. "Fetch!"

     He pointed at the snoring Cobrall. They jogged over to the teleporter, picked up the limp Cobrall and presented it to their King, their head bowed. He chuckled merrily. "Well, we have done it! We've snatched the valuable Maltese Cobrall plushie from right underneath those pathetic Chias noses!" He held Fluffy up to the light, his left eye squinting as he closely examined it. "Using this as bait, we will demand..." At that moment, Fluffy woke up. He looked to the king, blinking. The King blinked twice. With a falsetto yelp, he dropped the 'plushie onto the floor with a loud smack.


     He screamed, hopping up onto his royal throne. "IT'S A REAL Cobrall!!" His kingliness gone, he began to hop up and down, his eyes glowing white as he pulled his sweeping robes up to waist height. "KILL IT!! KILL IT GLYCOPAW!! AHHH!!"

     Glycopaw, fumbling with his bizarre weapon, leapt onto a chair as well. All the other Lupes flew into a panic. Screaming and crashing into each other, they fled around the ship. The lights turned red and a siren went off, which didn't help the matters at all. Fluffy, seizing advantage of the confusion, slithered away just as Glycopaw fired at him. It reflected off the polished floor and hit his gun instead, destroying it. "OW!" Glycopaw fell off his chair as the King continued to scream...

     Fluffy hopped into an escape pod. Confused, he pushed several buttons and pulled on levers until the pod finally shot from the ship. He sighed as the pod made its way across the galaxy. He had no idea how he had gotten onto that bizarre ship, but he had made it out safely.

     At least, he thought he had.

     Suddenly, the Mother Ship burst into action. The King, now furious, had dashed to the control rooms and grabbed the steering wheel.

      "FIRE AT THE Cobrall!!" He yelled, spit foaming out of his mouth. "NO ONE HUMILIATES ME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!"

     The ship's engines fired up and took chase after the speeding pod, firing purple beams that Fluffy narrowly missed. The King kept on ordering fire, a crazed expression on his face as he steered the ship through a dangerous asteroid field. They zoomed onwards, pursuing the escaped Cobrall through space, until finally entering the atmosphere of Neopia. Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw gasped as the ship veered off course. It spun around in the air for a few moments before bursting into flame. With the entire crew screaming, the ship began to zoom towards the planet's surface...

Mystery Island...

      "And if you look to the right, you will see the hut of the Island Mystic..."

     A tour boat slowly traveled down the coastline of Mystery Island. The tourists, swatting large insects off their ears, listened to the drone of the tour guide with particular disinterest. Cheesy music put them even deeper into a stupor. They sighed, staring out over the beautiful waters of the lovely sea.

     Suddenly, a large spaceship shot from the sky. With a sound like an obese Skeith belly-flopping into a pool, it crashed into the water nearby. A large wave swept over the boat, and all of the tourists were soaked to the bone. Dripping wet, they gazed in awe as the ship slowly began to sink. A Meerca snapped a picture as the tour guide, a pimply red Poogle with a squeaky, cracking voice, turned on the mike and cleared his throat.

      "And that concludes our tour of the Neopian shoreline..."

     He put the boat on full speed, getting as far away as quickly as possible. The tourists, now intrigued, snapped pictures and commented on the incredibly loud cursing of the Alien Lupe King echoing from within. With a final, loud pop, the Mother Ship disappeared beneath the waves...


     Fluffy's pod made a safe landing right on Al's roof. Fluffy leapt out, battered, bruised, and completely confused. Staggering, he slithered over to the chimney and hopped in, sliding down into the fireplace with a burst of black soot. Al jumped from his seat in front of the fire.

      "Oh, there you are!"

     He hurried over to the fireplace and picked up his Cobrall, wiping the soot off his PetPet's face. "You missed breakfast! And guess what I found while gardening!" Al held up the Maltese Cobrall. "It's a lovely Cobrall plushie! It looks just like you, too!" Fluffy's mouth opened in shock. Al frowned.

      "What's wrong?" Fluffy hissed angrily, snatching the plushie and zooming out the door. Before Al could even react, Fluffy was gone...

Furgleton Police Station...

     Fluffy burst through the doors and dropped the Cobrall plushie onto the desk. "Hiss!! Hiss hiss hiss!" He gasped. The Policeman who was at the desk was a blue Acara. He picked up the plushie, inspecting it closely. "Whatever..." He pushed a button on his desk, and the Chief of the Police, followed by the Museum Curator, appeared. They each patted Fluffy on the head, chattering excitedly. Before Fluffy knew what was happening, a TV crew burst into the room, led by a flashy Usul with horned glasses, a bright green dress, and purple lipstick. "Congratulations, Mr. Cobrall! You have just won the 80,000 NP reward for retrieving the Maltese Cobrall Plushie! How do you feel?" The whole police station clapped as a medal was placed around Fluffy's neck. Fluffy, stunned, could only open his mouth in awe as the TV reporter launched into a story about how the plushie had gone missing. Fluffy suddenly understood how the 'Cobrall Corpse' had appeared in his lawn. He smiled as he received the bag of NP, as well as a handshake from the Mayor of Furgleton and the Key to the City. Al soon burst onto the scene, proudly picking up his Cobrall and beaming towards the cameras.

      "That's right! I'm his owner!" He proudly declared. "And I've never been more proud!" Cameras flashed as Al patted Fluffy on the head and promised him a lifetime supply of petpet treats. Suddenly, a thought entered Fluffy's mind. How did the plushie get to the garden? What happened after he had passed out? And whatever happened to King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw and his crew?...

Creeper's Hideout...

     Creeper glared at the TV, which was broadcasting the story of Fluffy's feat, from his comfortable seat, his ears quivering with fury. "That took me years to steal... YEARS!! I'll have that Cobrall and his lousy owner's heads for this!" He got to work, picking out dangerous weapons from his array of stolen items and forming a plan in his sinister mind...

Paypaw's Apartment...

     Paypaw sighed. "Alas, once again, my plan was foiled... maybe harder I should have toiled... But until then, I must plot a revenge! Fluffy, you shall soon meet your end!" Paypaw grabbed a piece of paper and his quill, and began to write out a complex plan for the most horrible revenge he could think of...

Mystery Island...

     King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw and his crew of Alien Lupes glared at the TV screen inside of the Tiki Tack shop. "That lousy Lupologist's Cobrall has ruined my plans once too many..." He was dripping wet, but he still managed to look menacing. "I shall get my revenge... I swear, one day, Fluffy, I WILL have my revenge!!"

     The Tiki man tapped his sandal against the bamboo floor. "Hey! You! No loitering! Get out now!" He pointed towards the open door. The wet alien Lupes hung their heads, grumbling as they exited the shop.

      "Lousy, fat old weirdo..." the King snarled.

      "I heard that!" The tiki man yelled...

Back with Fluffy...

     Fluffy shrugged off the thought. He smiled for the cameras, thinking about how he would spend his Neopoints instead...

The End

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