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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > As Told By a Draik: The Lab Ray Scientist's Eyes

As Told By a Draik: The Lab Ray Scientist's Eyes

by diggiegal16

IT WAS A stormy night when a family of Draiks huddled around their nice roaring fire in their house. The children of this family were particularly destructive, and tended to rip apart things in their play. This is why the father Draik had to think very fast to keep them amused.

     "I'm going to tell you a story, kids," he said, getting both of their attention instantly.

     "'Bout what?" one asked.

     "Yeah! Yeah!" the other exclaimed, obviously the more excited of the two.

     "Uh..." he stopped a moment and seemed to think. "Oh, I know! How about I tell you the story of the evil mad scientist that works the lab ray?"

     "Lab ray?" one questioned

     "What's a scientist?" the other questioned.

     "Hmm... I think I might have a picture of him…" The big red Draik father walked over to his large collection of books, and pulled out an encyclopaedia. He opened it to L, and lo and behold, the lab ray and the scientist were pictured. "Here we go. See, this is the scientist!"

     The kids looked at the picture in awe, when finally one spoke up, the bigger of the two, and asked: "What's with his eyes?"

     The father quickly saw a topic opening for a story, so he sat down with his kids instantly gathering around. "Well that's an easy one. I'm going to tell you that story, okay?"

     "All right!" they both said in unison.

     "Once, on a dark stormy night…" he began, and at the looks he was getting he knew he had to make this one good. "The scientist was making his lab ray. This was a long time ago, of course, back when he started building.

     "He was very upset about his machine not working."

     "Why won't you work?" said the scientist as he looked into the 'How To Build Evil Machines For Dummies' book. "I paid 200 NP for this book too, hmmph!" With a cry of annoyance, he threw the book across his lab and sat down with a huff.

     "I hate building! I'll never get into Evil Scientist Weekly if I don't finish this! All the lives of pets I can alter are GETTING OLDER!" He huffed again, then got up and walked to his huge machine, half built.

     "It doesn't even turn anything into frogs! What use is this to me?! I wish I had something or someone who knew how to get this thing finished!"

     All of a sudden, his TV popped on. It was probably turned on by the sinister fin that popped through his window and switched it on, but he hadn't noticed it.

     "Are you a mad scientist?" asked the commercial.

     The scientist looked toward the screen instantly.

     "Are you having trouble building that evil machine?"

     "Yes, yes!" he stated, moving toward the screen.

     "Then you need these amazing spectacular swirly…eye things! Yes, for five easy payments of 9,999 NP, you too can feel the power of the eyes! They see all the problems, really!"

     "I want them!" he said excitedly.

     "To get this awesome item, call 1-800-BUY-ME-NOW! Or open your front door!"

     The scientist quickly turned off the TV and did open the front door, and there stood a sharky looking fellow. After all, he WAS a Jetsam.

     "Hello there!" the salesman said cheerfully.

     "Wait wait," the older Draik interrupted. "How the heck did he know about his evil scientist lair? I'm sure it was out of the way."

     "Have you ever met a salesman? No. Those guys can go a million miles to get a sale, trust me."

     "Oh," he replied, though still looking confused.

     "May I go on?"

     "All right."


     The sinister looking salesman entered without even being invited, but the scientist didn't mind at all. He was very excited that he could finally get something to help him build his machine!

     "Where are they, where are they?!" he asked, excited.

     "Ah, our new product? Here they are." He showed his newest victim of his scam his product, which looked like contact lenses.

     Quickly the scientist got together money and paid the first payment, leaving the Jetsam very happy. He handed over the lenses and quickly made off with the money.

     Well, by then, the scientist was extremely excited! He quickly put the items in. These items made his eyes look pretty evil, and the swirls were indeed present, but when he looked at his machine nothing changed. He kept looking and looking, but to no avail! Upset, he went to take them out, but for some reason, they had actually become stuck to his eyes!

     He didn't know what to do, and he would have called the people who sold this thing but apparently the number given was not the real one. Stuck with these weird eyes, the poor Scorchio was in despair until the next Halloween....

     His first visitors, who were rude little Nimmo children, knocked on his door, in hopes to see this insane scientist people spoke of. When he opened it, the children ran in fright. And it kept happening. He was starting to realise that these horrible little lenses actually helped his image!

     So, deciding to stop sulking, he got back to work. After another year, his invention was finished, and his image of a mad scientist was set.

     "And that is the tale of the Scientist's eyes," the Draik finished proudly. The two little ones looked at each other.

     "That is so fake!" the older one pouted.

     "Fake? Would I lie to you?" the father asked, smirking.

     "I want to see the scientist one day!" the smaller one quipped.

     "All right you two, time for bed," he stated, instantly shooing them up the stairs. When they were all tucked in, he snuck out of the room and went downstairs. He put the encyclopaedia back and collapsed into his chair.

     He had gotten through another day of keeping those little rascals out of trouble.

The End

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