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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Continuing Series > Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Four

Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Four

by writing_obsessor

"You don't have to be, Diedre Aleta," Gemini responded in English.

"You speak English!!!! What was that other language you were speaking? And why are you calling me Diedre Aleta? My name is Bronzeya," I shouted.

"I was speaking Gipoture language, I was waiting until you found out who I really am." Gemini replied with a shrug. I was angry that all this time Gemini had known English, but I bit my lip and held it in.

"You want the wand don't you, and you came to me because... I'm the chosen one. But it's all a mistake! I found this charm bracelet at the Money Tree! I'm not a Native Neopian, anyway!" I defended myself.

"No, you didn't find the charm bracelet, it found you. And you do not need to be Native Neopian, you are the chosen one, Diedre Aleta!" announced Gemini.

"But, I'm not good at the Battledome, I'm not incredibly smart, I'm not a raving beauty! How can I be the chosen one? And why do you keep calling me Diedre Aleta?" I cried.

"Because you....." Gemini began, but suddenly darted under the bed just in time, as Clobo swung open the door.

"What was all the shouting about?" Clobo asked. Her brown hair looked like a rat's nest and she was holding a rainbow gun in her hand.

"I was... practising my attacks... ya..." I made up an excuse. Clobo let out a long relaxed sigh.

"Oh, I'm sorry for disturbing you, keep continuing." She added and then stiffened,"Dinner will be ready in five minutes." I nodded and gave her an excused look. She quietly closed the door, Gemini waited until she got all the way downstairs before climbing onto the bed again.

"Do not scream so loud," Gemini scolded. Gemini didn't look like a cute furry little animal to me anymore; it seemed more like an old wise creature, Queen Faerie.

"So you're a royal Native Neopian? Huh? What are you a princess or prince?" I asked.

"I'm a prince which is why it is quite embarrassing you call me Gemini for my real name is Jucci! And I'm a quest that everyone prince gets that he must complete to become king. Sometimes it's easy sometimes it's hard! Mine was to come and get the lost treasure and save Giputore." Gemini answered with a sniff, as if he had expected me to bow.

"What's going to happen to this Giputore if you don't get the wand?" I asked, this was beginning to get interesting. I had always read about these quests in The Neopian Times, but I never expected to actually take place in one, but then again. What if this was all... a dream or something? I knocked myself on the head, I still saw Gemini in front of me, I realised it was no dream, true life.

"There was an oracle that if the water of Lake Heaven turns red a horrendous battle is going to take place on Giputore soon and it will wipe out all of the Giputorian unless the prince who is awaiting his quest meets up with the chosen one and brings the lost treasure back to Giputore. You are the chosen one, I am the prince... now we need to find the wand." Gemini said as if it was easy as reciting the ABCs.

"But nobody knows where the wand is! AND, I'm sure I'm NOT the chosen one!" I cried,"Maybe the bracelet is a fake!!!" I cried.

"Don't have a panic attack and it's real, all right!" Gemini turned the comet over and pointed to a little design, a circle with a letter shaped like a J in it, "You are the chosen one,"

"But why me?" I questioned.

"Because you....."

"DINNER!" shouted Clobo from downstairs. Gemini nodded at me to go then dove under the bed. I opened the door and closed it quietly behind me and trotted downstairs into the kitchen and slid into my seat. In front of me on the plate was ummagine and a piece of ham. I slowly began to munch on my dinner.

"How is school?" Clobo asked. This is how it went on every night. We would ask each other questions, blankly, and just go back and forth. Ask and answer, like a slow chess match.

"Good. How is work?" I questioned.

"Good. I was promoted to vice-president so now I will be able to afford more... accessories for you and me," She answered. We sat in silence for a few moments eating more food.

"How are you and Adam getting along," I asked gathering all my courage. Clobo turned pink.

"Well, actually now that you asked. I've been calling and he's never home... very bizarre. Not like Adam at all." She answered finishing the last of her ham. She looked at her plate then mine, "Oh I guess we're done," She picked them up and shuffled over to the sink,"You can go finish your homework..." She smiled awkwardly. Obviously nervous about what was happening with Adam. I nodded and trudged up the stairs and opened the door to my room and closed it behind me. Gemini climbed onto the top of the bed again. We were silent as if daring each other to talk first.

"I'm not the chosen one," I blurted, "I don't know where the wand is!" I protested.

"There's more to the oracle. There is a poem. That goes like this:

Purple and Green
Wrapped in mist
Trapped by wind
Cornered by rain
Surrounded by evil
Evil which is in the circle of light
Light of the faeries
In the dome of good or evil
Use evil's worst enemy
Surrounded by evil
Cornered by rain
Trapped by wind
Wrapped in mist
Purple and Green."

Gemini finished reciting the poem as I listened carefully, but not one word made any sense.

"But it doesn't make any sense!" I cried.

"But it does... but it does...." Gemini answered, "Tomorrow we descend for Faerieland!" Gemini ordered.

"I have school tomorrow!" I protested.

"School will have to wait... now listen to my plan..." Gemini leaned toward me and began to whisper.


"I can't believe this is happening..."I muttered sideways to Gemini, or what now was a little white Aisha. I looked down at my red Scorchio claws, horrified.

"I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this..." I mumbled looking around the Haunted Woods. A little Bearog, barking violently, walked by on a leash by a Halloween Kougra. I shivered. Gemini sighed.

"Stop whining, Diedre Aleta!!!!" She cried and grabbed my hand and began to pull me through the crowd of frightening petpets and painted pets, I saw a few ghosts flying above the crowd. Gemini pulled me between an alley of the PetPet shop. I gave her a puzzled look.

"Where are we going and why do you keep calling me Diedre Aleta? It's not my real--" I began.

"According to the map it's a short cut to the Brain Tree without going through any crowds," Gemini explained. I nodded. She quickly pulled me around the building and I swore I saw a swamp ghoul blow past us fighting with a pant devil over a codestone. I shivered and suddenly a shadow whipped across the alley in front of us. Lightening flashed through the sky and I only caught a glimpse of a Shadow Usul standing in front of us. Gemini looked at it, confused. The Shadow Usul cackled and ripped the map from Gemini's hand.

"Hey- wait! Come back he--" Before Gemini could grab back the map or finish her sentence the Shadow Usul was gone by the next lightening that filled the sky.

"That's a Shadow Usul," I explained, "They steal things at unsuspecting times...."

"Oh shoot!" fretted Gemini, the first time I ever heard Gemini worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked desperately.

"I don't know the rest of the way...." Gemini answered

"We're lost," we both muttered at the same time. Lightening flashed through the sky and thunder rumbled after it.

To be continued...

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