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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 46 > Short Stories > The Lupe Collector

The Lupe Collector

by syrania

Lupes in a small forest were hiding in their dens. A huge machine clanked by, grabbing Lupes left and right and tossing them in a huge basket. A mother and her two pups cowered in a hollow log.

*Inside the Machine (DUN DUN DUN)*

A dark figure sits in a huge soft chair in front of the main control console." Ha, those pathetic Lupes can run, but they can't hide! I will have the biggest collection of Lupes in the WORLD! Muhahahahaha.... *cough*...Note to self, work on evil laugh." It pressed a red button. The net swooped down and caught a red Lupe. "Um... sir." a small green Poogle entered the room," we have caught all but three Lupes in this forest." "FIND THOSE OTHER THREE, I MUST HAVE ALL OF THEM!"

*Back in the Hollow Log*

The blue mother Lupe turned to her two pups. "When I count to three we all run into the bushes, OK, 1 2 3!" They dashed out of the log. A mechanical arm shot at them and caught the mother and bright red pup, leaving the one little shadow Lupe pup on the ground. "Mommy, Jake!" the little shadow pup cried. "Run Jackal, run!" his mother screamed. Jackal turned and ran into the bushes.

*Inside the Machine*(Again!)

"Um... sir," the Poogle said nervously, "one Lupe escaped."


"B-b-but it was just a pup, sir."

"I'll get that pup if it is the last thing I do!"

*Some Where Deep, Deep, Deep (well, you get the point) in the forest*

"Mommy and Jake are gone," Jackal said sadly to him self, "I will get them back if it is the last thing I do." He turned around to leave when. *BANG* "Ouch, tree".

*Out of the Forest* (Finally!)

Jackal finally made it out of the forest. He came a cross a small village just on the edge of the forest. He was very hungry, so he went in to the village hoping someone would give him a few scraps. He walked down the main street. Everyone was starring at him. He was scared so he hid under the stairs of one of the nearby NeoHomes. After a while he fell asleep. When he awoke he saw a blue figure standing over him. I was a Shoyru. Jackal recoiled in fear. "I will not hurt you," the Shoyru said calmly," You look hungry, would you like to come in?" Jackal followed the Shoyru inside. The Shoyru gave him some bacon and a few Neo crackers. When Jackal finished eating he asked the Shoyru what his name was." Oh, my name is Duo_the_Dragon_, but everyone calls me Duo."

"Why was everyone staring at me out there?" Jackal asked.

"All the Lupes have disappeared around here, you are the only one that has been around here for days." Duo replied. Jackal replayed over in his head of the monstrous machine scooping up all the Lupes back in the forest.

Suddenly Jackal noticed how quiet it was in the house. "Don't you have an owner?" he asked.

Duo suddenly looked sad. "I did have an owner, but she disappeared a week ago. Don't you have one?"

"No, I lived in the forest."

"Then why did you leave?"

*Back in the machine (DUN DUN DUN)*

The huge machine was crashing through the forest, a ton of Lupes howling in the back. The dark figure was still sitting in the soft chair in front of the console, "I love me when I'm evil!". The machine started to shake then groaned to a halt. "What is going on here!!!"

"Sir, we are carrying to much weight, we need to release some of the Lupes"

"Never! We'll get back, even if you have to push us the rest of the way. Understand?!"

"Yes sir."

*In Duo's house*

"...And that is how I ended up here," Jackal finished.

"I could help you get your family back," Duo offered.

"Really! OK."

"First you need to get stronger, so I'll take you to the Battledome."

*Back to the Hunk of Junk, I Mean, the Machine*

"Is it fixed yet!"

"Not yet, sir."

"Is it fixed yet!"

"Not yet, sir."

"Is it fixed yet!"

"Not yet, sir."

"WELL HURRY UP!! And get me a lemonade!"

*At the Battledome*

A huge Skeith stands at the opposite end of the Battledome ring, and I mean a HUGE Skeith (what do you expect, they eat EVERYTHING!).

"Um... Duo, he is pretty strong looking!" Jackal said nervously.

"Don't worry, he's all fat and no muscle, besides, he's as stupid as they come!" Duo shouted from the stands.

"Duuuu... Where am I?" the Skeith said stupidly," Is this the buffet?"

Jackal ran at full speed towards the huge Skeith He head butted its belly and bounced back a few meters.

"What?" the Skeith said, looking down at Jackal, "Is this an enemy or dinner?"

"I'm your worst nightmare!" Jackle snarled.

The Skeith jumped into the air and landed belly first on top of Jackal. A lot of the spectators winced.

"Ouch! Pain!" came a muffled voice from under the Skeith The Skeith rolled off leaving Jackal sprawled on the ground.

"GET UP!" Duo shouted. Jackal got up and tried to head butt the Skeith again, which ended in another crushing defeated (Hee hee, sorry about the pun!).

"He is stupid, you have to outwit him!" Duo yelled to Jackal. Jackal got up and started running around the Skeith, who got dizzy and fell to the ground with a loud bang.

*Later at Duo's NeoHome*

"You did very well, you beat seven opponents and raised your level by three." Duo congratulated.

"So when can we go look for my family?" Jackal asked.

"How about tomorrow?"


*In the morning, at the machine (DUN DUN DUN)*

"Sir, the machine is fixed."

"Good! It took you long enough!"

The machine started to crash threw the forest again. Little Chias and Kougras scattering.

*In the Same Forest*

"Stop, I hear something," Duo said.


"What was that!" Duo said shocked.

"It's the machine that took my family!" Jackal said.

They both started to run towards where the crash came from.

*In the Machine (again)*

"Sir, there are two Neopets approaching," the Poogle said.


"One of them is the little pup that escaped, sir."

"Well why didn't you say so! Get it!"


Duo and Jackal found an entrance into the machine and now were moving threw a small hall. Suddenly a vacuum came from the ceiling and sucked them up. They were dropped in a control room. A large soft chair in front of the control console

"So, Jackal, you thought you could escape me... and hello Duo," a voice said from the chair.

"How do you know my name?" Duo asked.

"You don't recognise me? Oh, I'm hurt," the voice said. The chair swung around, and...

"SYRANIA?!" Duo said shocked.

"Who's syrania?" Jackal asked confused.

"She's my owner!" Duo said still extremely shocked.

"WHAT?!" Jackal said shock himself.

"Why are you doing this?" Duo said to me.

"Ha ha, I did this because... um... because... Poogle, why did I do this again?"

A green Poogle stepped out of the shadows, "Because you want the biggest collection of Lupes in the world, sir."

"Ah yes, that why."

Jackal stepped forward, "Let my family go!"

"Um, no!" I mocked.

Jackal ran at me. I kicked him away and he was thrown into Duo, who fell over.

"Hee Hee, Neo bowling!" I giggled.

"I have an idea!" Jackal whispered to Duo," You distract syrania and I'll try to free the Lupes!"

Duo got up and flew up to me." You are insane!" he said to me, he knew that saying that would get my attention, he watched Jackal run for the control panel. He pressed a green button, the machine stopped and set the Lupes free.

I turned, "NO!" I started to run at him.

"Hmmm... I wonder what this does," Jackal said looking at a large red button that read "BOOM". He pressed it.

"NO, DON'T PRESS THAT BU..." I was cut off by a mechanical voice. "DESTRUCTION SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. DESTRUCTION IN 10 SECONDS AND COUNTING... 10... 9... 8..."

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" I shouted.

"6... 5... 4..."

"We're doomed," the Poogle said flatly.

"2... 1... 0... THANK YOU, AND HAVE A NICE DAY!" the mechanical voice finished.


Every one lay on the ground scraped and bruised. Jackal's mother and brother found him and he was so happy. He saw Duo on the ground and came over to him. "Where is syrania?"

"She ran deeper into the forest," Duo said, "I still don't understand why she would do this."

"If it makes you feel better, I could visit you sometimes," Jackal offered.

"Sure!" Duo replied happily.

"Oh great, it's back to the pound for me," the Poogle said monotonously as it waddled off.

And Jackal lived happily ever after. (*Sniff* I love happy endings!)

The End


Author's note: I AM NOT EVIL; I WOULD NEVER STEAL LUPES! (MUHAHAHAH...*COUGH*) And I made up every one in this story except Duo_the_Dragon_, who really is my pet, and myself. Hope you enjoyed that little twist, hee hee!

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