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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 44 > New Series > Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part One

Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part One

by writing_obsessor

The Beginning
I kicked another pebble into the lake making the waves ripple and ruin my reflection like a mirror breaking to pieces. A few more days, I thought kicking another pebble into the water, before I'm put in the pound. Why didn't she pick Vizandro, he was the one who always caused Hanna trouble. I asked myself even though I knew the answer. He was good in the Battledome, Bahinda was a genius, and Gorgina was always winning millions from beauty contests, and me, Bronzeya, well I was good at nothing. Absolutely nothing. My plain yellow fur was not as beautiful as Gorgina's faerie wings, my brain was not as big as Bahinda's, and I just couldn't dodge as fast as Vizandro so it was obvious Hanna chose me. I looked up at the setting sun and then thought about that setting sun the evening when I found out.


"Dinner!" called Hanna. My heavy hooves made a large hollow sound as I stepped down the stairs of our NeoHome in Faerieland. I could hear my sisters and brothers rushing to the table. I quickly galloped to the table and jumped into my chair. I looked at my plate. I had an omelette and that was all. Everyone else had an omelette and pizza, but I just had an omelette. I didn't complain because I was used to being treated like this. I was less important so I got less food. I looked down at my plate and I just smooshed the food around since I wasn't very hungry anymore.

"I have some good news!" Hanna announced clapping her hands together, her brown eyes bright. I looked up from my plate, uninterested. I thought it was probably something about Gorgina being entered in the beauty contest or Vizandro winning a battle or Bahinda being accepted into a newer, greater school, "We're going to get a Krawk!"

Everyone else gasped and suddenly the room was full of joyous words and shouts, but I knew something wasn't right. Then it hit me.

"Mom, you can't get a Krawk You already have four pets," I said, becoming suspicious.

"Well, I'm going to abandon you," Hanna said blankly as if she just said "Carrots are orange and grass is green". My mouth dropped open. I was too surprised to speak for a few seconds. Everybody sat staring at me as I tried to swallow what Hanna just said.

"You must be kidding," I managed to spit out.

"Awwww... bronzeya it won't be too bad in the pound. Just relax. You have two more days until you're put into the pound!"

"That's enough! I'll go to the pound, but I'm going to get you back for this!" I shouted and galloped up the stairs. I swung open the door to my room and jumped onto my bed. I cried myself to sleep.


I had tried to stay away from my family from that moment on and I was spending a lot more time out there in my secret hiding place. I was actually looking forward in a way to the pound. Everyone was treated unfairly there, no one was singled out like I was at home. Maybe the pound wouldn't be SO bad after all, I thought. I sighed heavily and looked at the midnight blue sky, a sign that night had come and it was time to go home. I turned my back on the lake and whispered a soft goodbye since I knew I was never going to see it again. Then trotted home.

When I came through the front door I heard everybody up in their rooms and Hanna in the kitchen washing the dishes. I quickly passed Hanna unnoticed since I didn't want her to give me another long lecture about how nice the pound would be. I tiptoed upstairs to my room where I pulled a pink suitcase, a hand down from Gorgina, and a shoe box out from under my bed and put them on top of my bed covers.

I opened the suitcase and lifted the lid of the shoe box which held all my favourite belongings. I pulled my yellow Kau plushie, my favourite gift from Hanna that I got on my last birthday. It was the greatest gift I ever got from Hanna. Usually I only got a hairbrush while Gorgina, Vizandro, and Bahinda would get a great gift like there own petpet or a Nerkmid. I put the yellow Kau plushie in the corner off the suitcase. I packed the rest from the shoe box: a thousand Neopoints that I got for doing a quest for the Snow Faerie, a 2 Gallon Hatz sweater that I got at their concert which originally Vizandro was going to go to, but he got sick and the sickness passed to Gorgina and Bahinda so they couldn't go either, and my best item: a little charm bracelet that I had found at the Money Tree. It was all silver and it had a little charm in the shape of a comet dangling from it. After I had packed everything I needed I closed the suitcase and pushed it under my bed.


"Here we are," Hanna said paying the taxi driver a blue Blumaroo, "The Neopian Pound!" She rubbed her hands together and smiled at me, "Let's go!"

I dragged behind Hanna who walked lively through the front doors and up to the front desk. She was acting like she was happy to get rid of me, and she probably was. I sulked after her dragging my suitcase which was much heavier than I imagined. I studied the room as Hanna talked to Dr_Death. It had steel walls and just sent a shiver up my spine. If the front room was this terrible I couldn't imagine the room where they kept us in cages.

"Let me see the young Kau," Dr_Death commanded. I looked up at him. My horns could barely reach the counter. Hanna picked me up and set me on the cold steel counter. I stood straight and stiff as Dr_Death's slimy fingers grabbed my face and forced me to look toward him. I focused on his empty hollow eyes and his angry smirk. I shuddered.

"This Kau is worth 800 Neopoints why would you be selling it? It has perfect features," asked Dr_Death, letting go of my face and looking suspiciously at Hanna. 'Yeah,' I felt like saying, 'How about that. I'm worth 800 Neopoints! Now I seem more important to you don't I?' but I kept my mouth shut. Hanna looked angry and huffed.

"None, of your business! Are you sure this Kau is worth 800 Neopoints?" she threatened Dr_Death.

"Miss, I've been in this business for years. Trust me I'm a pro and this Kau is one of the best I've ever seen so if your going to abandon this perfect Kau then your going to have to pay 800 Neopoints!" Dr_Death argued his eyes burning with anger.

"800 Neopoints," Hanna muttered to herself as she looked me up and down. Maybe she wouldn't put me in the pound! Maybe she thought it cost too much, "800 Neopoints is a lot, but I'm willing to pay," She finished handing Dr_Death 800 Neopoints I felt like shouting at Hanna, 'You really hate me that much! You hate me so much you'll pay 800 Neopoints to get rid of me! Well, then fine! I'm better off without you!' Dr_Death took me off the counter. I reached for my suitcase.

"Sorry, young Kau you're only allowed to bring two items with you into the pound and NO Neopoints," recited Dr_Death. I opened my suitcase and pulled out my Kau plushie and my charm bracelet. Hanna picked up my suitcase turned around and left without saying goodbye. Dr_Death pushed me into the back room, what I learned to call 'the cage room'. It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw.

To be continued...

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