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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Continuing Series > Bottled Faerie Light Rescue: Part Four

Bottled Faerie Light Rescue: Part Four

by gentle_lil_queen

Anyway, Aurelia thought very very carefully, but the perfect spell was not coming to her mind. She had to choose quick now. The army of evil was coming closer and closer and closer, which is somehow... tiring?

Oh yeah! They can cast tiring spells, to make the group tire so much that they fall asleep, and they wake up doing whatever you want.

Only Aurelia knew that.

Aurelia was tiring herself. Wait, that must be it! She thought. That must be what had been giving her brain trouble for the perfect spell. All she had to do was not pay attention to them.

So she didn't, and soon she became very active, then thought of the spell. She chanted some words and suddenly, WHAM! A big net fell on top of the evil army. They were stranded. Gimmer_shimmer, who knew how to stay awake in tiring situations, came up to the net and held the end, so no evil would get out.

Daydreamer_daydream however, wasn't so lucky. She fell asleep.

"Oh no!" Aurelia said.

"All she did was fall asleep." Gimmer_shimmer said.

"She did more than fall asleep! She's falling into a trance... an evil trance!" She told her how.

"We've got to save her, then!"

"But how? The most powerful Faeries are in that net, and they became evil..."

"And we just came out of the evil," said a heroine's voice, Marquesa.

"And we will help her." Said a Light Faerie.

Marquesa started shooting a rainbow-like color from her eyes toward Daydreamer_daydream. When Marquesa was done, Daydreamer_daydream was awake.

"What happened?" She asked. "Did we stop the Mutant Faeries?"

"Yes," said an Earth Faerie.

"But in order to fully become good again, we have to see Fyora."

Just then, the Earth Elevator appeared.

"No problem." said Gimmer_shimmer. They all went in the elevator. They all fit in, just barely.

Marquesa pressed a button for Faerieland and suddenly, their world disappeared.

Aurelia opened her eyes and she was on the white clouds of Faerieland.

"That was quick." She said.

"It always is." Marquesa said. "Come on, let's go. I bet Fyora is in the Hidden Tower."

They went to the garden where the hidden tower was and went through the secret door. As soon as they all did, Fyora greeted them.

"Hello," Fyora said. "would you like an item? You have to make a purchase, though."

"Actually, no. We're here for two reasons, and it's business." Marquesa said.

"Then we have to go to our castle." Fyora said as she put up a sign that read "Back in five minutes." Then suddenly, they were on the floors of the Faerie Castle.

"Now, we may speak..." Fyora said.

Marquesa chose what to explain first. "First of all, all of us Faeries have come form the Faerieless Forest, just let our outer evil spirits free. We've come for the Inner."

"We'll do that." Fyora said. "And now the second?"

"These two Pteris will explain." Marquesa said as Daydreamer_daydream and Gimmer_shimmer stood up with the shoebox. (Aurelia was in it)

"Very well," Fyora said. "Marquesa, lead the Faeries you bring with you to the holo-room."

Marquesa left the room with the rest of the Faeries.

"And now, what business do you have with me, Pteris."

"I'm Daydreamer_daydream and this is Gimmer_shimmer." Daydreamer_daydream said. "We've come through the Faerieless Forest because we found this Faerie, and this doesn't look like all the other bottled Faeries, because this one was in Maraqua's Whirlpool, and doesn't give abilities because she lost her magic powers. Her wings were plucked off, and she lost her glow."

"Tell me her name, then show her to me." Fyora said.

Gimmer_shimmer took the box Daydreamer_daydream had and as she opened the box, she said, "This is Aurelia. Balthazar caught her, and for some reason, he did this to her."

Fyora gasped at Aurelia, then took the box in her hands. "Tell them Aurelia. They need to know why."

"I saved a party of Faeries from capture." Aurelia said.

"She also helps us all out. Hold on." Fyora made a bubble of the future in the air, but only she could see it.

Then, Fyora popped it and said "If it weren't for you, peace wouldn't be brought to Neopia! Good Pteris! Here's a reward... what you always wanted!"

Daydreamer_daydream became a Faerie the instant Faerie Pteris were made, and Gimmer_shimmer didn't get what she always wanted (which is happiness), but she did get a chance at one, which is a Faerie paint brush. She can offer this gift and get a mate which brings happiness. (Gimmer_shimmer wishes to keep her looks)

"You may go now. You've also got 1 million np each." Fyora said.

"Thank you Fyora. Farewell Aurelia." They both said.

Fyora made Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream vanish home to tell their own story.

"As for you, Aurelia..." Fyora said a couple a words and suddenly, BAM! Aurelia's glow came back... BAM! Aurelia's wings came back... BAM! Aurelia's magic came back... BAM! Everything that once belonged to Aurelia that had been stolen came back!!!

"Oh, thank you Fyora!" Aurelia said.

"You're welcome, Aurelia." Fyora snapped her fingers and Aurelia was back home in Faerie Forest. There, a party was waiting.

Aurelia became famous for saving billions of Faeries, including the most important Faeries in the world, and a whole lot more. However, the question still remains...

Who WAS that Peophin?

The End

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