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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Continuing Series > The Friendly Lupe: Part Two

The Friendly Lupe: Part Two

by animal_lover3332

Cloud shook feverishly. He could feel the powerful stare of Stalker as he walked around him. His eyes were hard as stone. Thankfully, Cloud could feel the presence of his mother near him, but she was shaking as well.

"Yet again," he said quietly. "We find a traitor within our pack."

Cloud gulped, and looked down at the earth.

"Quester has reported to me that you were found with a tuft of Chia hair in your mouth. Due to your record of... peacefulness, it is reasonable to believe that the hair did not come from a Chia you swallowed. I believe that you were leaving a false trail," he said in his whispery voice.

There was silence for a while...

"WHY!" Stalker screamed, making Cloud fall upon his back. "WHY! Why did you leave a false trail? To lead us away from the Chia? Or from something bigger?"

Cloud just shook, frightened to death. He breathed heavily as Stalker stood over him, spraying his face with drool.

"The Chia is the Lupe's enemy!" he screamed. "WHY DON'T YOU THINK YOUR FATHER ISN'T HERE TODAY? He was hunted by a Chia, Cloud. Hunted by a Chia, with a spear and a bow! Don't you feel any revenge toward the species? You should feel hatred for the Chia since they attacked our past Lupe-leader. Isn't that right, Windeye?"

The white Lupe nodded slowly. Her eyes were welled with tears.

Stalker calmed his temper, and stepped away from Cloud. There was more silence. The only sound they could hear within the woodland was the distant chant of a bird.

"You give me no choice," said the blue Lupe slowly. "But to banish you."

Windeye screamed in fright. "No!"

"YES!" gnashed Stalker. "He is a weak link to the pack. It is only right. It is only justly that Cloud lives somewhere else. Be thankful that he has not been sentenced to a horrible demise... "

Cloud looked from his mother to Stalker to his mother again. He couldn't believe it. If he was banished, he would not be with Windeye, with Nighthowl, with Snowtail. He would be a lone Lupe.

"I will give you tonight to rest," said Stalker solemnly. "But my tomorrow's morn, you must leave the pack forever!"

Cloud sat upon a grassy green hill. He was miles and miles away from Stalker's pack, and the dark woods. Tears watered the grass as he laid his head on the ground, weeping sadly. He wished he could be within the dark woods again. He wished he was playing in the stream. He wished that he was sleeping in the meadow. He wished all those things, but then was stung by reality. He was banished. He would never see that again.

Yelping came from afar. Cloud perked up his head and listened to it.

Yes, yelping. Yelping of a puppy... maybe a Lupe puppy. Excited by the idea, Cloud rushed over to where the barking was coming from. When he got to the source, he was surprised. It was not a Lupe puppy, but a small, brown Doglefox, chasing a butterfly. Cloud laughed.

"Hey," he chuckled. "Leave the poor thing alone."

He pushed the butterfly aside so that the Doglefox would not reach it. The PetPet looked at Cloud angrily.

"Don't look at me like that," said Cloud with a smile. "There are better things than hunting and chasing."

The Doglefox pricked up his ears, as if asking: "Like what?"

"Walking, for example," said the Lupe, moving in the other direction. "Come on... er... Dogle. Walk with me."

Cloud, and his new Doglefox, Dogle, walked off toward the field, not knowing where they would turn up.

Stalker had called an emergency meeting after Cloud had left. Hardly anyone noticed he was gone. Not even Snowtail and Nighthowl realized it until Windeye told them later on that day.

"Loyal Lupes!" howled Stalker. "Dear friends of the Lupe Law! A traitor has been dealt with, and now we are a strong pack once more. No more weaklings! Now, let us get to the real business. Chasing individual Chias is a sport that cannot be topped with. But imagine a group of Chias. A clan of Chias. A whole village of Chias! Think about the hunting, the chasing, the crying and the howls of victory! Yes, I am proposing to find a village known as Chiaville."

All of the Lupes, even the body guards, looked at Stalker in question. The blue Lupe continued.

"Chiaville," said the leader. "Is the largest settlement of Chias within this area. I have heard of it in rumour. Supposedly, every Chia we come across within our woodlands, is a citizen within Chiaville. But, this large palace is hidden. Yes, hidden, within our woodlands. That is why, from now on, everyone will take shifts searching for this Chiaville. No one will be lazy. Everyone will do their share of searching. Believe me, when we find the land, we shall attack it and it will be worth it!"

Almost the entire crowd cheered for Stalker. The leader gave a toothy smile and allowed the crowd to howl for him. However, a small minority, stood stone still, imagining the horror. An entire Chia village? Windeye looked over to see if any other Lupes were shocked. Yes, there was a couple. There was Quickpaw, the friend of Wildtooth. There was also a starry blue Lupe named Starlight. Finally, there was a green Lupe named Forest who was quiet.

"These Lupes will help me," said Windeye to herself. She quickly gathered them and herded them off into the woodland, where they would not be seen.

Meanwhile, out of the grassy plains, Dogle and Cloud were walking side by side. The quietness was split by the grumble of Cloud's belly.

Dogle eyed the Lupe. Cloud looked at his PetPet guiltily.

"Forgive me," he said in embarrassment. "I have not eaten in a couple of days."

Dogle wagged his tail and looked at him with adorable eyes.

"What do I eat?" said Cloud. "Well, I am not exactly a vegetarian. I had had fish in my time. I never ate a Chia though."

Dogle's eyes welled with tears.

"Oh no!" said the Lupe quickly. "I never, ever eaten any Doglefoxes!"

The Doglefox was relieved.

"They are too chewy," joked Cloud, giving Dogle a friendly nudge. The two began to play-fight in the grass, when yet again Cloud's stomach roared.

"I gotta eat something," whined the Lupe. He looked at the grass. Cybunnies and Kaus ate grass. Why can't Lupes? Feeling incredibly stupid, Cloud began to gnaw at the grass. Like a Moehog, he pulled up dirty clumps and swallowed them quickly, trying not to get the flavour on his tongue. Dogle looked at Cloud as if he was crazy, but then began to mimic the Lupe and eat blades of grass.

While Cloud was bending down to eat more grass, he felt something upon his back. A paw. He felt a rather large paw pressing on his back.

Slowly, Cloud turned his head to find a large fire Lupe staring down at him. He pressed down on Cloud's back more when he spoke.

"Trespasser!" he grunted in a low voice. "My name is Flame, captain of the border scouts of Sky's pack. You must be brought to our leader before going further into our hunting grounds."

The huge Lupe grabbed Cloud by the neck as if he was nothing more than a little puppy. Cloud's feet barely scraped the grass as he was carried off into a jungle-looking woodland that bordered the field. Dogle quickly followed the two Lupes, with no idea what was happening.

Flame brought Cloud into a lush jungle, that was very different from Cloud's homeland forest. Vines draped from branches. Moss grew on tropical tree trunks. Pools of water were all over the ground, and mist slithered around grey stones. There was a quiet hum of insects, and the constant sound of drops of water falling from leaves into puddles. Cloud felt relaxed in this paradise.

Soon, they came to a clearing. A pack of Lupes were there. There were all types of Lupes in this area: split Lupes, skunk Lupes, Christmas Lupes, and fire Lupes like Flame. However, amongst the crowd of Lupes, there was a beautiful Faerie Lupe. Her beautiful wings fluttered twice while Flame walked up to her. He dropped Cloud upon the ground and spoke to her officially.

"Sky, leader of our pack," he said. "I present to you a trespasser who has crossed out hunting grounds."

Sky looked at the grassy Lupe calmly. But Cloud was completely flabbergasted.

"A female Lupe?" questioned Cloud. "Rule a pack?"

"I don't find anything wrong in a girl-Lupe being a leader," said Sky sharply. "I happen to rule this pack just as well, or better, than a male-Lupe."

"I am sorry," said Cloud immediately, feeling disrespectful. "It is just that... I only have heard of male-Lupes rule a pack."

Sky ignored Cloud and turned to Flame.

"He will be permitted to stay here for the night. The poor thing looks too weak to go on. Where did you find him?" she asked.

"Upon the southern border," said Flame. "He was eating grass."

"Give him some of our streaky bacon," ordered Sky. "No more than five slices. We must conserve the rest for the pack."

Flame saluted with his paw, and went off toward the storage of meat. The pack had collected any food they found in the field, from past travelers who left their belongings. From fruit to meat to bread to vegetables to chocolate, Sky's pack had it all. They kept the food in a hollow trunk of a large tree.

Cloud was left alone for a while, feasting on the meal with Dogle. Cloud felt somewhat intimidated by the Lupes. After all, this was a strange pack. Right now, he wondered what his own pack was doing.

"Traitor!" snarled Stalker. "Windeye! You are just like your foolish son."

Stalker had caught Windeye conversing with Quickpaw, Starlight and Forest. They were there as well, while Stalker yelled at the beautiful white Lupe.

"I can understand if your son, Cloud, disobeyed the law," reasoned Stalker. "But a fully grown Lupe such as yourself... that is not right!"

The blue Lupe's tone then softened. "I shall give you one more chance, since I like you too much. You, and Quickpaw, Starlight and Forest, shall be added to my body guard. There you will be made use of yourselves. If you dare to perform treason as a guard, then I will have Quester and the rest attack you!"

Windeye had mud smudged on her forehead. Now, she was a body guard, like Quester. Forest, Quickpaw, and Starlight also had mud smudged upon their faces. Their heads hung with shame.

Chuck stared from above. In the leafy canopy above the woods, Chuck watched Stalker punish the four. He had heard the words: "I can understand if your son, Cloud, disobeyed the law." Now he knew Windeye was Cloud's mother. Plus, he knew Windeye was in deep trouble. This was news for Cloud to hear.

With his little wings, the Faerie Chia flew into the sky. He did not know where Cloud was, but he intended to find him and find him soon.

Meanwhile, Cloud tried to talk with the pretty Lupe, Sky.

"My name is Cloud," said the grassy Lupe formally.

Sky looked away, ignoring the young Lupe.

"Do you want to be friends?" asked Cloud, trying his best to make a good impression.

"Will you leave me alone right now," said Sky quietly. "I am trying to conduct poetry within my head."

Cloud leapt up in joy. "I write poetry too."

The two Lupes suddenly went into a heated discussion of poetry. Cloud shared his poem about water, while Sky told her poem about the jungle. Both poems sounded pretty.

Just then, something broke through the trees of the wood. A yellowish figure kerplopped from the leafy roof of the jungle. It bounced off several branches, then landed with a thud on a pile of moss. Sky and Cloud quickly went over to the object.

It was Chuck! His wings were now tattered and worn from the flight, and now he was all scratched up from his crash landing, but was, for the most part, okay.

"Hey," smiled Sky. "A Faerie Neopet like me!"

"Cloud!" gasped Chuck. "I am so glad to see you... your mother has been forced to join Stalker's body guards."

"WHAT?" screamed Cloud. "She has been forced?"

"She was found talking against Stalker with three other Lupes," coughed the Chia. "That is her punishment."

Cloud spun around toward the direction of his old home. "Banished or not, I must bring justice to my pack! This has gone on too long!"

Sky, who had no idea what the two were talking about, asked: "What do you mean?"

Cloud explained Stalker was a Lupe who was obsessed with hunting, and the leader of his pack. He told of the training and the hunting, and finally got to the part about his banishment. Sorrow filled Sky's eyes.

"I agree," she said nobly. "Justice must be served in your pack. I will be honoured to go with you on your quest back toward your home."

Cloud was surprised. Sky went over to Flame, and told him that he was the leader of the pack until she got back.

Dogle scampered around Cloud's feet, anxious to go back home. Chuck fixed up his wings and hovered over the trio.

"To make things faster," said Chuck. "I am gonna carry Dogle as I fly."

"Same here!" said Sky. She grabbed Cloud by his neck, and began to fly upwards.

"Oh boy," Cloud grumbled. "Everyone has been carrying me around lately!"

Sky's pack waved goodbye as Sky carried Cloud and Chuck carried Dogle, away toward Stalker's pack.

Quester snooped through the woods. His nose could pick up no trace of a Chia, let alone a Chia village. With anger, Quester bounded out of the woodland and into the meadow, where most of the Lupes were learning their hunting tactics. Practising on lumps of dirt that were shaped like Chias, the Lupes learned how to pounce.

The yellow Lupe found Stalker talking with another body guard. The conversation was quickly over, and Stalker turned to his captain.

"Still no sign," said Quester in despair. "However, I am sending sentries out to check some more."

"Excellent," smiled Stalker. "I am pleased to have you as my guard. You know, when I get too old to run this pack, I will position you as the new leader. How about that?"

Quester wagged his bushy tail in excitement. "Really?"

"Yes," smiled the Lupe. "Really. Now go off and do more searching."

While Quester bounded back into the woodland, Stalker laughed to himself evilly. "There is no way I will be too old to run this pack."

There was a mighty howl from up above. Stalker looked up and was totally surprised to find a grassy Lupe and a Faerie Lupe slowly descend toward their meadow. They were followed by a Faerie Chia and a small Dogle.

"Your days as leader are over!" snarled Cloud. "Give it up Stalker!"

But the blue Lupe only smiled...

"Oh, I would gladly step down from position," taunted Stalker. "But my protectors want me to stay."

A group of other Lupes, with mud smudged upon their brows, suddenly came from behind Stalker. Cloud could see Windeye as one of the soldiers. Her eyes were sad-looking, and did not growl like the other Lupes.

"Mom!" said Cloud in panic.

"No, not your mother," smirked Stalker. "But Number One-Two-Zero. She is one of my body guards now."

Just then, Quester ran across the meadow and went right up to Stalker, bouncing happily! "I have found it! It is a hole in the ground! It leads to an underground city... Chiaville!"

Chuck shrieked in horror. Stalker laughed mockingly.

"Guards," he ordered. "Keep these four traitors here. The whole pack and I are going to do a little hunting."

Before the guards could surround them, Sky leapt forward and began to attack one of them. Dogle nipped at the legs of the guards, making them fall to their feet. Cloud, was also a good fighter, and pounced on several Lupes as well, baring his teeth. Chuck did not fight. He flew off to warn his friends.

Windeye and Cloud came face to face within the fight. She smiled at her son. It had been weeks since they seen each other. Windeye was fighting for Cloud!

Suddenly, from amongst the crowd of scrimmaging Lupes, Quickpaw, Starlight and Forest followed the flying Chia. They were going to help defend Chiaville. Cloud followed them, as well as Sky and Dogle. The guard Lupes were left beaten and bruised and tired.

Stalker and the rest of the Lupes dodged through the trees, following Quester. They all plummeted into a small hole by a bush, that was barely big enough for a Lupe to fit in. Nighthowl and Snowtail were a bit more hesitant, but Stalker forced them into the hole anyway.

But they did not come face to face with Chias. Instead, they were blocked from the underground city by Cloud's broad muzzle. He barked angrily at the Lupes that were inside the dark tunnel.

"Go home!" he snarled. "There is nothing for you here!"

Stalker managed to push through the hole and face Cloud.

"Move out of my way, weakling!" the blue Lupe snarled. "Or you'll end up like your father did! I will beat you the same way I beat him!"

Cloud was too shocked to answer. Stalker was the one who defeated Wildtooth!

Sky moved in front of Stalker's face.

"You told us to move aside?" she said coolly. "Okay!"

The Lupes, the Doglefox, and the Faerie Chia, all parted. Behind them was a a hundred and twenty three angry Chias, heavily armed.

Cloud paced back and forth. The jungle's heat made him sweat more. Sky was about to have puppies, and he was so nervous that he could not stand still.

After Stalker was attacked and beaten by the city of Chias, the whole pack moved to Sky's jungle. Sky and Cloud both became leaders of the new pack. Nighthowl, Snowtail, Quester and the rest of the body guards were forgiven for their acts, and they became border police with Flame. Windeye became the storyteller of the pack, reciting them the tales of the evil Stalker. Dogle lived with Sky and Cloud as the official PetPet. Chuck, on the other paw, often visited the jungle. Now he lived in the woods with all the other Chias in Chiaville. Since there were no more Lupes, there was no reason to hide in an underground city. The Chias were left to run around the woodland as they pleased.

There was the sound of high woofs and barks of new-born puppies. Cloud quickly rushed over to Sky. Nestled next to her, were three Lupe puppies: one was a puppy of a greyish colour, and the other was a Faerie Lupe. The third one, however, was a blue colour

"I have already named them," smiled Sky. "The grassy one is Rainfall, the Faerie Lupe is Sunshine, and the blue one is Lupe-With-Sharp-Teeth-And-Long-Tail."

The old red Lupe, Quickpaw, laughed in the background.

The End

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