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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Continuing Series > The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part Three

The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part Three

by gentle_lil_queen

Both the Pteris gasped. The sword of the air Faerie was a hidden tower item, and expensive too. "How did you get it?" Gimmer_shimmer asked.

"It's a long story," said Aurelia. "I'll tell you later."


At dusk, just before the two Pteris could land, a strangely familiar Lupe tried to catch them.

"Give me that faerie!" the Lupe shouted. This Lupe was blue and furry. He didn't really look very evil, but he was very greedy I can tell you that for sure.

Daydreamer_daydream decided to hack up a lie. "What faerie? I don't see any faerie!"

"Liars. I SAW you treat that faerie and put it in your made bed! That faerie and I have a little talk to do!"

"Don't do it!" Aurelia whispered. "That evil Lupe looks strangely familiar"

"Balthazar!" Gimmer_shimmer shouted.

"That was quick," Aurelia said to herself.

"Yes it's me," Balthazar replied. "And I claimed that faerie!"

"Well we are actually going to put her in a SAFE place!" Daydreamer_daydream said.

"In Faerieland? COME ON! They are my enemies! They wouldn't even DREAM of rewarding you!"

"My dream is to be a faerie so I declare that an insult," Daydreamer_daydream said.

"And my dream is to meet the faeries!" Gimmer_shimmer said.

"And my dream is to get rid of them forever!" Balthazar said. "How many lives must you ruin?"

"One. You."

"OK! That's IT!"

Balthazar hit Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream in the head and they both become unconscious.

Aurelia gets out of her shoebox and yells "Leave my friends alone!"

"Why? They are befriending faeries! Now to get you for you are the chosen one for those faeries!" Balthazar said.

"Wha--?" Aurelia said. "Chosen one?"

"You'll find out yourself, IF you survive me!"

Aurelia pulls out her Sword of the Air Faerie. Then she realised something. Maybe this is the most dangerous mission to do in the forest. Maybe she should take the golden bag? But she shouldn't take chances. Now that she looked at him, he seemed really small and easy...

(Oh yeah! Both fighters are shrunken or grown to be able to fight.)

Balthazar lunged at Aurelia while Aurelia lunged at Balthazar. They both hurt each other. Aurelia never knew that her attack was MORE painful than Balthazar's.

Batlhazar howled, but kept on. He Lupe prowled Aurelia, but Aurelia was already attacking. She hit Balthazar juuust a tensy weensy tiny miss of the heart. This really got Balthazar to retreat. He retreated and never saw him for the rest of Aurelia's life, but she did hear him, just didn't see him.

"Whew!" Aurelia said as she gasps for air. She walked over to Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream and threw some water at their faces to wake them up.

"Wow! I can't believe you got rid of that Balthazar!" Gimmer_shimmer said as the two Pteris got in their sleeping bags.

"Well, I did. Because I was brave and made the right choice," Aurelia replied.

"Huh?" Daydreamer_daydream said.

"Erm... nothing."


Then they fell asleep.

In Aurelia's dream...

(Get used to this) Aurelia was in the Maraqua hole... again. She saw the Peophin, again.

"You have chosen well," the Peophin said. "But one of your next two tasks will be the most challenging task you will encounter."

"And that is?" Aurelia asked.

"That is again for you to decide. Don't worry. That bag will protect you, but not in the way you expected."

"What do you mean?"

But the Peophin was already gone. So was the place she was in. You guessed it. Back to dreamless sleep.

When awakened...

"Aurelia! Wake up! Wake up!" Gimmer_shimmer was waking Aurelia up.

Aurelia woke up. "What's wrong?"

"Well, we're in kind of a hassle. I think you know your way through the forest. Which way is the right way?"

"Hold on." Aurelia took a bite out of her leftover Neoflakes cake that she'd been saving for later and climbed on top of the shoebox.

It was a hassle. An intersection. Two ways to go to.

"According to this writing we found on the ground, it says one way leads to safety. The other leads to doom," Daydreamer_daydream said.

"Wait, let me see that," Aurelia said. Daydreamer_daydream gave Aurelia the paper and she studied it. "Wait a minute, there's a code on the back, I think it says Both ways leads to doom, only one way leads to Faerieland."

"But which one?" Gimmer asked.

"I don't really know. I guess we have to gue... hey! What's that?" Aurelia pointed to a cross on the tree with a circle to the right. Gimmer_shimmer walked over and touched the circle. Suddenly, the cross and circle disappeared and beneath were two doors. A writing on the wall said, "Choose wisely, or your destiny of doom will choose your fate. Ps: The doors talk, but will only answer one question. The correct way tells the present. The other tells the past. Yes or no questions only."

"What question should we ask them?" Aurelia asked.

"Let me think," Gimmer_shimmer said. "Hmmmm"

Gimmer_shimmer thought of one but before she could ask it, Daydreamer_daydream asked the doors, "Will these doors ever go to Faerieland?"

"No!" Gimmer_shimmer said.

"No," said the door to the right.

"Yes," said the door to the left.

"Or maybe not," Gimmer_shimmer said. "The door to the left!"

Everyone agreed and took the door to the left. Inside, they saw an Earth Elevator which will take anyone to anywhere they want.

"The entrance to Faerieland!" Aurelia said.

Everyone started running toward the elevator, but before they could get in, an evil Blumaroo jumped in the elevator and blocked the way.

"Let us through!" Daydreamer_daydream said.

"No," the Blumaroo said. "That ruins the fun." He pushed a button and disappears out of sight leaving an evil laugh.

Suddenly, all the evil in the forest surrounded the Pteris and Aurelia. Aurelia gasped and reached for her golden bag, but she misplaced it! She grabbed the air.

"We have you now!" the evil Pteris said.

"You will never escape!" said a strange form.

"And you will become JUST like us." That had the voice of a hero.

"Wait!" Aurelia said. "This must be what happened to the faeries!

"Conversio... I mean what are you talking about?" Daydreamer_daydream asked.

"This is not a good time!" Aurelia said.

"Doesn't really look like one either."

"You DO know Marquesa? Don't you?"

"Yes. I met her. Why?"

Aurelia pointed to a familiar figure. "That's her. In her evil mode. She was converted."

"Oh no!"

"There is no way out!"

"Yes there is! Marquesa told me that to free the corrupted faeries if any, we have to release the outing spirit."

"How do we do that?"

"I don't know."

That was the time Aurelia got her hands on the golden bag. She opened it... only to find a note.

"Huh?" she asked herself as she read it aloud:

Dear Savior,

I don't know why I'm calling you savior, but it's the only name I could find useful for you, even though I know it Aurelia. Anyway, I trust you on your own confidence, but there is something that they know that you don't know. They are called MLeftovers which stands or magic leftovers. If you have any hope yet in defeating those... things, you must use any leftover magic. You use it with hope to create some, but you can only cast one spell with it so choose wisely.


Your Dream Follower

Leftover magic didn't make any sense to Aurelia, but she knew what to do. That Peophin used the name Dream Follower to get her off guard. If she was a dream follower, she would be something weird, OK, let's not get in the subject. We've got a group to save!

To be continued...

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