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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Continuing Series > Lupes and Chias Don't Mix: Part Four

Lupes and Chias Don't Mix: Part Four

by dragonshark173

After that, Griffin had gotten used to the hours, he had been training, he knew how to fully operate a plane, Rainbow Frost Cannon and even a Fire Bomb Tank. He was a fast learner.

It was a week later now, and Griffin had just finished target shooting with his favourite weapon, his Grand Lightning Beam. Al had just got back from a long, boring speech from General Waddle. Waddle was known to give out long boring speeches that usually turned from 'And are you prepared to do your best?' Army: 'Sir Yes Sir!' Waddle: 'Yes, and I remember in MY day, when the war that you never knew about happened, I was in just your spot...' and he'd go on about that war in HIS time. Griffin laughed. Al and Griffin walked together to get a water break when the siren blurred.

The red lights flashed an flickered, illuminating the area with red. Griffin looked up at the siren, and a terribly loud siren screamed for everyone to hear. It went from calm to an emergency as Chias ran to their positions. Griffin patted Al on the back. "I think this is it," he said. "Good luck to you."

Al ran off to General Tigerous' office. "Code 006, sir. Get in your position," Al said, his head peering through the door. Al zipped around and pressed what seemed like a...wall? He leaned against it and the wall turned around, so he was brought into a different room. He sat down on a wooden chair with the computer in front of him. It was a green-on-black line map of the village. The blue dots represented the Chias, the red dots represented the Lupes. The purple one represented Griffin. A black dot meant that a Lupe was fainted, the white dot meant that the Chia was fainted. Blue dots and red dots poured into the screen, and faced each other. The purple dot was in the middle front of the blue dots.

Griffin was inside a tank. "ATTACK!!" The Lupe's female skunk leader shouted. At that, blasts of frost cannons on both sides sounded off, Griffin blasting fire bombs at high speed, fainting a few Lupes.

"Griffin!" Al shouted into a radio, looking at his screen.

"Yeah?" Griffin said. "I'm kicking hide out here!"

"It's not working." Al looked at the screen. Blue dots where turning white rather quickly. Black dots where rare.


"It's not working! Get out of your tank and creep over to the enemy base. It's the only chance!" Al shouted into the radio.

Griffin got out of his tank and crawled as close as he could to the tall grass towards the wall. He looked around and turned around into a troop of reinforcement Lupes to attack the Chias. He marched in with them and blended in quite well. Nobody noticed he was on the Chia's side. Al looked at the purple dot on the screen marching with the red dots. He smiled. He knew this Lupe was worth having on their side!

The reinforcement group halted to a stop when they looked at the Chias. None of the Lupes seemed to notice that Griffin's uniform had the yellow star to tell them he was a General, not to mention a Chia War General.

A rather large blue Lupe towered over Griffin as he looked at him and the other groups. Just act natural, Griffin thought. Just act natural. "You troops are our replacement front line, are you not?" A very prompt, 'Sir, yes sir!' followed by each of the Lupes, except Griffin. He was just thinking...the front line?!?!? His fellow Chias may not see that it's Griffin and hit him with a fire bomb by accident! And knowing the power in the fire bombs, Griffin would've fainted. And after they recognised the large star of Chias, who knows what they would do next! Griffin gulped--hard.

Then he had it! He purposely tripped over a small rock and fell flat on his face, disrupting the whole troop. The general that was directing them glared at Griffin. "Get up," he said.

"No, I can't!" Griffin replied, acting like he was in pain. "I think my leg is fractured!"

"Fine. Get the Lupe into the hospital," he said, motioning over to two other Lupes, a stone one and a cloud one, both carrying the same sling. They placed it down and shoved Griffin on it and brought him to the hospital tent.

On the other side, Al adjusted his glasses and looked at the screen. The purple dot (Griffin) was being carried away by two red dots (Lupes)! What was he going to do? Al thought that they were taking him away, afraid that they saw the star. The thing was, poor Al didn't know that Griffin was faking being hurt. He called General Tigerous over.

The two Lupes put Griffin down on the bed and told them the doctor would check it out in a moment. Meanwhile, the nurse put an ice-pack on Griffin's leg that he claimed was broken. Then the doctor came in, followed by...what? A photography group and...yes! It was the leader of the pack! Griffin wanted to bite her--hard, but when Griffin sat up the nurse urged Griffin to lay back down. He would just have to play along with this gig until the leader of the pack got close enough to Griffin so he could attack.

The doctor was shoved away by the she-Lupe and her photographers, most likely taking pictures for the Lupierian Inquirer. She put on a cute doctor's apron and a stethoscope. She put the stethoscope close up to Griffin's 'heart.' I say this because Griffin's heart was much lower than where she put the stethoscope, right where his neck was. The lights flashed. Then, the she-Lupe noticed it was Griffin when she saw the large star on it! Then she looked at his face. It was Griffin's alright!

She looked amazed and was about to punch Griffin, but Griffin blocked the punch and flipped out of bed into stance. "That's right. This IS that fire Lupe from the field and I'm NOT gonna give up this land of OURS," Griffin said.

The she-Lupe lunged at Griffin, trying to headbutt him, but he dodged out of the way and the she-wolf hit her head on the wall. That must've taken away some hefty damage, Griffin thought. But where was his trusty fire ball when he needed it? He'd just have to use his abilities for now.

The flaming Lupe-pack leader lunged at Griffin again, but her teeth baring. Griffin looked at her while she was lunging at him, but Griffin let out an enormous fiery roar that made everyone cover their ears. At this, Griffin had his chance to attack. He closed his eyes and mumbled some words, as a searing light surrounded all of them. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a shower of pebbles pelted the she-Lupe and she fell back. At this, Griffin walked up to her, very, very cautiously, to make sure she was fainted. He sniffed her head.

Then, out of nowhere, the Lupess jumped from the pile of pebbles and glared at Griffin. Griffin roared and let out the most powerful of his attacks. He opened his mouth and let out a flame-thrower of fire at the pack leader. She shuddered back and collapsed on the pile of pebbles. She fainted! Griffin smiled to himself.

On the other side, Al could see the purple dot surrounded by black dots. He every single one of the Lupes in a 20 meter radius around him (A lot)! Al jumped up with joy.

"Tigerous, we've nearly won the battle!" Al said. "The Lupes will be a jumble without their leader!"

Tigerous smiled. "You make me proud."

At that, red dots scurried in every which-way, which quickly turned into black dots. Soon, only a few remained, which ran up into the woods. Al got the radio. "I'll tell him," Al said. Tigerous nodded. Al took a deep breath. "Griffin...we've won!"

Griffin smiled. "We did?" He screamed more of said.

"YES!" Al shouted.

Griffin screamed with joy. He came out of the hospital-tent and walked out on the battlefield and flung his paws in the air. "Fellow Chias..." Griffin said. "WE HAVE WON!" At that, a burst of happy yells and screams came from all the Chias. A group of Chias surrounded Griffin and held him up in the air, all other Chias surrounding him, applauding, wanting to just say hi to him.


It was the Month of Hiding now, and Griffin sat on his comfy green sofa in the largest room in the NeoHome, the party room, watching the news. He had his uniform still on, and popped open a can of Neocola and gulped it down. A tall Blumaroo sat behind the desk on the news, with a frozen movie-clip on the top right corner.

"And all thanks to this one single Lupe and his Chia army," the news Blumaroo said as the movie clip maximized and came to life on the screen, "The Klia-Chia Klan is saved from harm. With an unusual battle of two hundred versus two thousand, the battle was long, but in the end, General Griffin L. Kingsley had the Chias saved using a rather unusual plan." The movie clip showed Griffin smiling a little and waving, and of all the Lupes from that she-Lupe's Lupe pack being handcuffed and thrown into the police cars. From the couch, behind Griffin were all of his Chia friends, including Al and Tigerous. They all screamed with happiness as the movie clip showed. Al ruffled Griffin's fur on the top of his head.

"S'all thanks to you, buddy, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have saved you and your friends," Griffin said to Al.

Al smiled.

Ever since that incredible vacation Griffin had, whenever he saw a Lupe picking on a Chia, he'd break up the fight. Whenever a little Chia was being bossed around by some bullies asking for the Chia's lunch money, Griffin would make the bullies go away. Whenever any Chia was in need, Griffin was there, always.

The End

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