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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Articles > Total Neoaccess

Total Neoaccess

by littlelysshu

After the success of my "Neopians with Disabilities" article, and after hearing from some of the great Neopians out there, I decided, what the heck. So I did some more research, and tried out a bunch of games, and came up with the some things for myself and all the other bored, disabled Neopians to do! I used visceral exhilaration, ease of play, cost, and the time it takes to do (longer being better).

Caption Contest!

Even if you don't win, it's still a lot of fun to try and come up with something for the picture! Visceral Exhilaration: 2, Ease of Play: 4 (unless you have trouble typing, in which case it's only a 1), Cost: 5 (it's free!) and Time: Variable, depending on the person and how fast they type!


C'mon, say it with me. TOMBOOOOLAAAA! It's even fun to say. It's probably funny as anything in ASL too… hmm. Hey, any Neopians with hearing impairments, write me and tell me if you have created signs for things on NeoPets, or if you just have to spell 'em! That could be another fun thing just in itself! Hmm. I wonder how you'd sign "Chia?" "Jubjub" would be even worse! Anyway, I digress! All you have to do is click your mouse once, and tada! You either win a good prize or a stinky prize… or maybe something in between, but either way it's exciting! Visceral exhilaration: 4! (at least I think it's exhilarating!) Ease of Play 5 (even if you have difficulty using the Mouse, there's no time limit, so you can go slowly!) Cost: 5 (it's Free!) Time: 1 (it goes by too fast!)

The Neopian Fruit Machine!

Located in the Lost Desert, this is a lot like Tombola with Lost Desert NeoPets. You have to admit it, that Kau in the skirt with the big horns is cute! Unlike the Tombola, you don't usually get a prize, unless you're REALLY lucky. But, it's easy to use, (5), free, (5) and even though its visceral exhilaration is dimmed by the fact that you seldom win, when you do, it's so cool! (3). As for the time it takes, it's another one that goes by too fast… but it's not bad however you crack it!


I bet you thought I'd rate this higher. Well… it's really, REALLY cool and all, but it has some serious drawbacks from the adaptive standpoint. For one thing, you have to move the Mouse on the Compass (which isn't always on your screen if you have the computer set for large fonts and icons), and that means you have to slide the scroll bar on the bottom over every time BEFORE you can click the direction you want to go. And it's hard for those with visual impairment (like me!) to tell where the holy mother of Juppie we're going, especially in the caves and castles. Still, if you can do it, it's a darn good time, with quite a few sites out there full of hints and maps for when you get stuck! (and you WILL get stuck, most likely.) Visceral Exhilaration: 4 (it varies anywhere between 5 when you're clobberin' monsters and 2 when you're hopelessly lost, but 4 is a good average). Ease of Play: 2 (that compass thing just sort of womps for those with dexterity difficulty; and the caves sort of kill it for people with VI). Cost: 5 (hey, it is free!) Time: 5 As long as you don't get overly frustrated and just give up it will give you days and days of fun!

Sakhmet Solitaire, Pyramids and Scarab 21!

I grouped these three together because they have a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses. They are games of mingled luck and skill, and while a good player can have a half-hour of fun with one hand, even the best player can't pull a garbage hand out and make it into gold. They each cost 50 NP, and you usually earn that back… but not always a whole lot more. And they are hard for those who have trouble using the mouse, because you have to move it around a lot. However, there's no time limit, so you can go as slowly as you need to. Overall: good fun for those who enjoy quiet card type games. Visceral Exhilaration: 2. Cost: 2, Ease of Play: 4, Time: 4.

Open a shop!

This creates its own can of worms to open, and more things to do! Once you have your shop, you have to stock it, of course. I wouldn't recommend the main shops if you have a mouse difficulty since that stuff can zip by fast. Hit the Shop Wizard instead, preferably either late at night or early in the morning when there aren't as many people on. The Trading Post and Auctions can be a good place to get Shop stock too, but you have to bid and trade carefully; some people will try and scam and/or rip you off! You can also use the Shop Wizard to compare prices, so that you can a) get the best deals for yourself and b) undercut your competition! So here's my rating on Running A Shop: Visceral Exhilaration: 5 (Hey, when you sell your whole stock in 10 minutes, that's exciting!) Cost: 1 (It can cost you a LOT of money, but in the long run you'll end up with profits.) Ease of Play: Varies (it depends on how you shop, and when) Time: 5 (A Neopian Lifetime of fun!)


This much-maligned game can be a gold mine, and it's so easy! Just click one button on your Mouse, and move it a little bit if the button changes position, and you've got the basics! Of course, this game can be VERY frustrating if you play with the wrong expectations. Don't go in there for the Neopoints, because you won't win 'em most likely. BUT, if you can get to the green die, you can win food, lottery tickets and all KINDS of other great stuff, worth far more than the 5 NP per game it costs to play! Visceral Exhilaration: 5 (I have to hold my breath while the next screen loads!) Cost: 4 (only 5 NP per game!) Ease of Play: 4 (you don't have to move your Mouse much at all! Time: Varies (However long you want to spend, or however long your luck holds out!)


This game's one drawback is the amount of Mouse moving it takes. Which is a pity, because it's fun to watch the blocks fall! What can I say, I'm a sucker for this game. It makes me laugh like crazy when a huge bunch of blocks goes "rumble rumble BOOM", and I thought I only got a three-block comb. It's the best game in Tyrannia as far as I'm concerned. Ease of Play 5 (2 if you have Mouse difficulties), Visceral Exhilaration: 5. Cost: 5 (it's FREE!) Time: Varies (between 5 min to hours and hours, depending on how long you want to play.)


This VirtuPets Space Station staple is fun, fun, FUN. Did I mention that it's fun? Anyway, all you have to do is choose your character, and move your Mouse a little. Of course, there's a great deal of luck and strategy involved, but hey that's what makes it exciting! The fact that they seem to toss the ball randomly as opposed to in order (the way they used to) makes it all the more exciting! You never know when someone's going to get it! Visceral Exhilaration: 4 (5 when someone get splatted!) Ease of Play: 4 (There's no time limit, so the little Mouse-moving that's required can be done any pace.) Cost: 4 (only 10 NP a pop and you just about always win it back!) Time: Varies. (Once again, however long your luck holds out!)


This is my personal FAVOURITE game on NeoPets. Despite the fact that it's a game of patience and intuition, rather than action, there's nothin' quite like the thrill you get from catching one of your virtual opponents Cheating. And, it's a fabulous way to earn Neopoints! If you're a good player, you can earn thousands of NP for a complete 7-hand circuit, and you can come back later if you need to leave. Visceral Exhilaration: 5! Ease of Use: 5 (even if you have Mouse troubles, you can take your time, and if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you don't have to move it much at all.) Cost: 3 (it costs 50 NP per round but you more than make that back!) and Time: 5 (it takes quite a while to get through all 7 rounds! An hour of enjoyment, or more if you're lucky!)

So there you have it! We may have to stay disabled, but there's NO reason we have to stay bored! I hope my Top 10 helps everyone, disabled or not, to better enjoy the wonderful world of Neopia and all the great stuff within it! Play nice, everybody!

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