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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Articles > In Battle, Attack is Not the Only Weapon

In Battle, Attack is Not the Only Weapon

by ultralord

There are many great shields in Neopia! But what shield best fits your Battledome strategy?

Good and experienced Battledomer's strategies not only involve great weapons, but great defensive items as well. There are many shields to pick from, but some may fir your strategy better than others. I have made a list of some of the best shields based on what icons they block.

Note: These shields that I list are certain shields that block the most of certain icons. Many others may block a few icons, but they aren't the best. I do give my opinion on each shields effectiveness, but it varies with your Battledome strategy on what shield will help you the most.

Air Blockers

Earthen Scorchstone: This is also an awesome shield! It's only about 2k also! It blocks ALL Dark icons, but the main reason that it is great is because it blocks ALL air icons as well! While most weapons have little or none dark icons in their attack, many, many great weapons have some air icons in their attack.

Est. Price: 2k
My View: What do you think? Definitely worth it!

Cloud Charm: This blocks all air icons, but since an earthen scorchstone blocks both air and dark, and both shields are around the same price, I recommend the Scorchstone instead.

Est. Price: 2k
My View: I recommend the Scorchstone instead. :P

Earth Blockers

Soul Stone: One thing that makes this one of the "best" shields in Neopia, is not only because it blocks ALL Earth icons, but it is also only about 2k, which means even beginning Neopians can buy it. Although most great weapons under 1 million NP don't have that many earth icons in their attack, many good HT or other powerful items do. This is a "must have" shield.

Est. Price: 1k
My View: I think you can figure that out for yourself! :P

Water Blockers

Umbrella Shield: This one of those elusive Smugglers Cove items, so it can be very hard to get, and is worth over 2 million NP! It blocks 3 earth, 2-5 earth, and all water icons.

Est. Price: 2 Million
My View: Great shield, but doesn't block enough icons to make me want to pay 2 million to get it!

Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy: You don't see many of these (in all of my about 2000 battles I have never seen an opponent with one) in the Battledome It used to be a Hidden Tower item, but it was retired. It basically just blocks all water icons.

Est. Price: 100k
My View: In the Hidden Tower it was 500k, but due to its almost nothing popularity you can probably still find it around 100k!! I don't recommend wasting 100k on it though.

Physical Blockers

Sponge Shield: This is another one of the "elusive" cove items, and this thing blocks all water and 1-8 physical icons. While it does block all water icons, it's true value can come from blocking the physical icons, since they are more common than weapons with water icons.

Est. Price: 500k
My View: I would get it just cause it blocks up to 8 physical! But it still is rather pricey!

Fire Blockers

Mega Fire Shield: This shield is simply just awesome!!! Not only does it block ALL fire icons, but it also blocks up to 5 icons of water!! But wait, theerreess more! It can block up to 3 physical icons also!! YAY!! All for the cheap price of 100k!! :P

Est. Price: 105k
My View:
Definitely worth the price!

Fire Gem: This gem blocks all fire icons! At a very cheap price, I definitely recommend this! Many Battledome items have fire icons in their attack.

Est. Price: 1k
My View: Good if you are a beginning Battledomer!

Golden Scorchstone: This shields price increased by over tenfold when people started using it! People claimed it "blocked all of a Wand of the Air Faerie and Grand Lightning Beam Combo!". The reason they said that is because the combo of a WAF and GLB can be very good for semi-rich Neopians. And it does!! This shield is amazing! It blocks ALL air and Fire! The reason its avg. price is about 99k, is because a rumour about it only blocking only some fire and air has kept it buyable! So I would get one before it becomes unbuyable!

Est. Price: 99k
My View: AWESOME! A must buy before they become unbuyable!

Dark Blockers
Light Blockers

Night Stone: Very cheap, and it blocks all light icons.

Shadow Shield: When this shield first came out, it was hailed as "the best shield in all of Neopia". Since then, its rarity and popularity has severely decreased, but it is still a great shield. It was so popular strictly because of the fact it blocks almost all of a Grand Lightning Beams attack, which is a popular weapon among Battledomers. This shield blocks 1-5 fire icons, and ALL light icons. If you can afford it, it is a good shield to have.

Est. Price: 140k
My View: If you can afford it, go get it. I wouldn't recommend wasting half of your NP on it though.

Full Icon Blockers

There are not many items that block all of your opponent's attacks, but there is a couple, and they can be considered "The Best Shields" in Neopia. Again, it all depends on your battle strategy, so they may not work for you, but they may work beautifully for someone else.

Thyora's Tear: When this first came out, you couldn't use it simply because the Battledome wasn't active yet. You used to be able to get it for around 200k, but now it is about 1.2 million NP It is exactly like a Downsize Power Plus, but you can use it ONCE per battle!

Est. Price: 1.2 million
My View: Awesome blocker! Although it is over a million, I would definitely recommend it (though I bet you can agree it's just a little overpriced!)

Downsize Power Plus: This one-time use item's popularity has increased greatly, causing its price to double from about three months ago! You can only use this ONCE, when you use it, it will disappear. But, it blocks ALL of your opponents attack! This is an awesome item if you can afford a Thyora's Tear!

Est. Price: 4k
My View: For a "mini-Thyora's Tear" I think 4k is a very reasonable price. It can get expensive if you decide to use one each battle. Be sure to use these wisely! If they are used at the right time you can win a hard battle! But if you don't use it wisely, you waste 4k!

Force Shield: This is like a DPP in how it can disappear after using it, but also like a Thyora's tear on how you can use it more than once. You can use this more than once per battle, but it has a chance of breaking forever. I do not have any stats on how much it breaks simply because no one has tested it.

Est. Price: 350k
My View: WAYYY TOO OVERPRICED!!! A while ago they were buyable when they weren't activated (when they didn't do anything). Why pay 350k for something that might break when you can just get a cheap DPP or save up for a Thyora's Tear?


Most of the scarabs block one or more icons. They are very, very rare, and were given out a long time ago as Battledome prizes. They are all worth over 7 million NP, so since most Neopians can't afford them I won't go into much detail!

Earth Scarab: Does 5 earth icons, blocks all earth icons. Worth 5 million.

Flying Scarab: Does up to 3 icons of both air and physical, blocks all physical and air. Worth 10 million

Water Scarab: Does 5 water icons, blocks all water icons Worth 9 million.

Weird Scarab: Does up to 2 icons of earth and physical, blocks all earth. Worth:???

Darkness Scarab: Does 5 fire icons, blocks all light icons. Worth:???

So, what are the best shields to get? The only answer to this question involves your opponent's weapons. The best shields as you can see from some of their histories of popularity block icons of weapons people use a lot. So a shield like an earthen scorchstone would probably be better than a (light shield) because earth icons are more common than dark icons.

• So what do I use? Since the most common icons that you see in the Battledome would probably air, fire, earth, and physical, I have figured out how to block almost all of those icons with just two shields. I use a Golden Scorchstone and a Soul Stone myself. Together that's only about 100k, but a great strategy to block weapons! Many ht items can't even get past my defence! (Battle Slices, Tiki bombs, Sword of the Air Faerie.) There isn't a very good physical blocking shield out there right now that isn't species specific (I.E. Chia Skunk Tail- Blocks all Physical, but only Chias can use it)

• Don't spend too much NP on a shield if you can't afford it. Try and find some cheap combinations!

Have any questions, Neomail me! My username is Ultralord! Also, feel free to challenge my pets to a battle! (Please challenge my pet that is closest to your pet's stats!)

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