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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Continuing Series > The Warp Machine: Part Four

The Warp Machine: Part Four

by jolteon25

"The Shadow Thieves, as the mysterious robbers from the bank robbery have been dubbed, have struck again. This time the legendary Blizzard Orb has been taken from deep within the Ice Caves. Said to control all forms of weather, this mysterious orb has kept Terror Mountain snowbound for years. Sure enough, Terror Mountain is slowly thawing out and may soon melt down and cause the water levels to rise and flood. Other stories today are..."

"Well?" asked Carp, chewing on a tuna sub. Lupe and Carp were listening to a handheld radio/walkie-talkie that Mist had made a couple of months back. Lupe had been carrying it around in a little purse she always wore.

"Kind of obvious, isn't it?" replied Lupe. Carpetia nodded as they walked around the corner of Sakhmet Main Street. The two were in the Lost Desert, where Eyrie Enterprises was located.

"Here we are." They looked up at a building that was about five stories tall. There were few windows, and those only at the very top, so nobody could look in, but anybody inside could look out. Other than that, the building was unremarkable and rather plain and needing a new coat of paint. There wasn't a door in sight.

"How 'bout let's go around the back?" said Carpetia, already going to the other side of the building. Lupe trotted after, and she found Carpetia examining a small metal door in the very back.

"Locked," said Carpetia, not looking up.


Rather strange, Lupe thought, there being only one small door for such a big building. Lupe noticed a white transport with the words

"Eyrie Enterprises" in, sure enough, parked in near the door. It was empty.

"Okay, here's the transport, so how'd they get such a big thing into that tiny door?"

"Dunno. Ah-hah!" Lupe turned as the door swung open. "You said it was locked." Carpetia grinned and held up a number of thin metal pieces. "You're right, it was locked. Mist taught me how to pick locks. Come on!" Carpetia walked in, and Lupe followed.

The door opened up to reveal a hallway lined with blue tiles. At the end, there were two flights of stairs that led downwards. Carpetia chose the right one and led the way down the dark stairs, and Lupe noted that there was mold growing all over the place. The walls were also rather damp. As the bottom of the spiraling stairs, Carpetia suddenly halted.

"Carp? What's wrong?"

When she didn't answer, Lupe looked over Carpetia's wings to see a large, cavernous room, filled with stalactites dripping water. The walls were lined with computers and monitors. Next to the stairs they had just come down was another one leading up, which was probably the set of stairs on the left side of the tunnel they had entered. In the middle of the room was a flat, smooth circle lined with white marble. On the marble the outline of a black star had been painted. And in the middle of the star was a green cylinder.

"The Warp!" Lupe said.

"Look there!" Carpetia pointed over to a corner. A crystal sphere hung suspended in a glass case, dome shaped and tall, like the ones used to display cakes in. Blue and white mist swirled inside the sphere, constantly changing shape and form. "Is that what I think it is?" asked Lupe. Carpetia looked at her, "Well, what do you think it is? A Tonu egg? That must be the Blizzard Sphere that was stolen from the Ice Caves. But how do you think they got the warp in here? That tiny little door we came through would never have fit this giant thing."

"Hey, Carp!"


Lupe pointed to another set of stairs on the other side of the room that neither had noticed upon coming in. "Want to check it out?"


"You know, technically, what we're doing isn't exactly within the perimeter of the law."

Carpetia only looked at her. "Uh-huh. And robbing a couple hundred million NP from the bank, stealing a priceless treasure, not to mention trespassing on private property, topped off with breaking into private property isn't against the law. Sure." Lupe grinned. "Okay."

The two of them went up the stairs, which were also in a spiral pattern. Carpetia suddenly said, "Listen." Lupe cocked her head and heard faint voices. "Let's get closer." Carpetia nodded and they went up farther as the voices became clearer.

"When will the next operation start?"

"Tonight, sire."

"Brilliant. You have done excellent work, my faithful servant. With the most powerful weapons of Neopia in my possession, I will rule Neopia and all the pitiful creatures within it!"

Upon reaching the landing, the two pets peeked inside. A sleek black Aisha was standing near a chair, where another creature, this one with its face hidden by the hood of its cloak, was seated. Lupe looked at Carpetia, who shrugged and turned back down the stairs. "Let's go get the police and tell them what we've found", she whispered. Lupe nodded her agreement as they reached the room with the marble centre. The two raced up the stairs that led outside, and crashed straight into two silver Eyries! One of them, recovering, squawked out, "What the heck?! Who are you?! You're not one of us!" Before they could recover fully and realise what was going on, Carpetia and Lupe immediately did an about face and scrambled back down to the marble room to use the other set of stairs up. As they skidded down the stairs and turned to use the stairs on the left, another pair of silver Eyries came down from that flight. "Uh-oh." Carpetia grimaced. They turned to the stairs that had led up to the room with the cloaked figure, and saw the shadowed Aisha and the cloaked figure walking down, doubtless drawn by the noise cause by the collision with the two Eyries.

"Well. What have we here? Two little lost NeoPets." The figure drew back its hood to reveal the head of a male silver Eyrie, with one eye. A thin scar replaced the space where the right eye should be. Lupe bristled. "If you honestly think I'm scared by a bunch of your idiots, you've got another thing coming." Carpetia, normally rather aggressive, though lazy, was more sensible during an emergency. "Uh, Lupe… that's not that great an idea," she whispered, softly enough that only Lupe could hear it. The silver Eyrie only laughed at Lupe's remark. "Foolish child. My team and I have eliminated far more dangerous creatures than two young NeoPets." He turned to Carpetia "Ah. You are one of the creators of this fabulous machine. Foolish of you not to take precautions." The Eyrie smiled cruelly, "Doubtless you realise that the two of you may not leave this place alive, lest you stop our operations. A pity. Goodbye." With that he nodded to the silver Eyries and went upstairs along with the black Aisha.

The second he left, the other Eyries immediately leapt to attack, armed with Ice Swords. Lupe drew out her Ice Scimitar as Carpetia pulled out her Platinum Tech Bow. Lupe blocked a slice at her side and ducked under another, thrusting at one of the Eyries. Parrying a thrust, she dodged in and managed to slash at one of them, who leaped back in surprise. The other feinted to the left and then slashed right. Lupe twisted and grabbed his paw, jerking him over her hip and causing him to crash down on the floor. The one she had cut earlier had recovered and lunged at her unprotected side. Lupe spun and slashed, while the Eyrie she had thrown kicked her from behind. She dropped and rolled as the Eyrie vaulted at her, and this time she threw him over her head and at the wall, where he crashed with a heavy thud. Vaguely, she noticed that Carpetia was bleeding, which wasn't that surprising, since the bow wasn't a very good weapon for paw-to-paw fighting. She should get a sword, a Pteri sword… she could afford it. Lupe shook her head. Strange thoughts to have while you're fighting for your life. Whipping her scimitar around in a crescent, she flinched slightly as the Eyrie blocked and swept his blade around, grazing her arm and cutting the strap of the purse she was carrying. As she blocked and retreated, the purse fell and opened, and a small metal orb rolled out. A metal orb? Her thoughts raced. It will completely destroy the machine, anyone using it, and anyone within half a mile. She risked a glance at Carpetia, who was bleeding rather badly and running out of arrows. Carpetia noticed the glance. Lupe saw her pause slightly as Carpetia spotted the metal orb. She looked at Lupe, and nodded. Deflecting a crosscut, Lupe dived, scooped up the metal orb, and pushed the red spot. The world went black.

Darkness. Emptiness. Nothing but a void.

"Lupe?" A faint light appeared, like one seen at the end of a tunnel. She swam upwards out of the shadows toward the light, and the light grew until it surrounded her.

Lupe opened her eyes. The world seemed pale and blurry. She blinked and shook her head to clear it.

"Lupe?" Looking up, Lupe saw Carpetia, covered in bandages but grinning. "You feeling OK?"

"Am I alive?" Lupe was on a bed, in a white room. Looking around, she saw an open window, and a vase of glass roses and a pile of brightly wrapped packages on the small table next to her. Seeing her notice the flowers, Carpetia grinned. "Get well presents. I got some too. Mostly from classmates and family and stuff."

"Why are we alive? Didn't you say that anything within half a mile of the machine would be destroyed? And where am I? Why aren't you in bed? What's going on? What happ-"

Carpetia laughed and interrupted. "Whoa, slow down! One at a time. We're in the NeoHospital, ward three. The Chia police came over earlier to ask stuff, but you were asleep, I guess. I'm up and about because the doctors weren't around after the police left so I just snuck out and came here. Mist and I miscalculated the actual range and power of destruction. He's the one who gave you the glass roses, by the way. At any rate, it only blew up the building and not anything else. Somebody saw the explosion and called the police, and here we are. I think we're the only two who survived though; cause the police said they didn't find anybody else in the residue." Carpetia yawned. "I'm hungry." Lupe shook her head. "Don't you ever think about anything besides food? We just got blown up, and all that's in your mind is your stomach. And you didn't answer why we're alive."

"Oh. Um… I don't know why we're alive, actually. But hey, I'm not going to complain." Carpetia shrugged and went to the door. "Well, I suppose I'd better head back. See you later, Lupe!" With that, she left, and Lupe was alone with her thoughts about their mysterious survival.

Elsewhere, a silver Eyrie was having the same thoughts.


Life went back to normal afterwards. Carpetia and Guadalupe were thanked for their efforts in recovering the stolen items, and indeed, the Blizzard Orb was recovered because of its resistance to the fire resulting from the explosion. Carpetia and HauntingMists did not rebuild the Warp Machine, because the notes that they had written had been destroyed in the explosion, and they decided that it was better not to build another, in case criminals stole it later. Carpetia and Guadalupe never did find out how they survived the blast, but after much speculation, it was decided that it was simply luck. Or was it?

The End

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