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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Continuing Series > Luna_8080 and the Dark Faerie

Luna_8080 and the Dark Faerie

by fire_faerie_8080

I ran and took several bounding leaps finally taking off into the air. I headed toward Faerieland.

"I'll be back soon don't worry!" I called down to my sisters astonished faces.

I flew very quickly over to Amy's house I knew that her mum sweety3602 would be asleep but I also knew that Amy slept with he window open. I quietly glided in and gently woke her.

"Amy. Amy? AMY!" I whispered.

"What!" she snapped at me not wanting to be awoken.

"Come on I need your help Air Faerie is sick that Scorpion thing poisoned her," I said my voice beginning to break.

"What!" she almost shouted it until I put my paw over her mouth and shushing her and muffling the loudness.

"Come on we're going to Faerieland," I told her pulling her to her feet.

We glided out the window in the dead of the night. We finally reached Faerieland an hour later. I landed on a cloud breathing heavily with Amy on the other side of me panting heavily. I stood up and headed for the Faerie City we weren't too far away we walked past the Healing Springs and we soon came upon it. We entered the city and headed straight for the castle by now it had began to rain. I went up to the door and pounded on it. I shook off the rain and waited for the door to be answered. It seemed like an eternity before a Cloud Lupess opened the door.

"What do you want?" she asked curtly.

"Ahem, I am Luna_8080 sister of Air_Faerie_8080, Chloe52589, and cherish808," I said bringing myself up to full height my silver body sparkling off the light that was coming out of the door.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, "I'm sorry what is it your wish," she continued.

"I need to speak to the Uber Fire Faerie this instant," I said, stamping my foot.

She showed us in and scrambled of to get the Uber Fire Faerie. Soon she came back leading the Fire Faerie down to us.

"What is so urgent that I must be awakened in the middle of the night," she said giving a yawn afterwards and then upon looking me over carefully a bit of what could be called surprise showed on her face.

"Go fetch some towels for our guests," she ordered the Lupess.

Amy and I sat down and I begin to tell the Fire Faerie all about Air_Faerie_8080.

"Poison," she murmured, thinking about it.

By this time we had been shown into a room with a roaring fire and some blankets and hot tea.

"Maria quickly go wake the others we need a meeting," ordered the Fire Faerie to the cloud Lupess, which of course was Maria.

Once all the Uber Faeries except the Dark Faerie were assembled the meeting began even the Faerie Queen was there. The meeting stretched on and on soon it was in the wee hours of the morning I had fallen asleep and Amy had too. The Water Faerie had gone off to make an antidote with the remaining poison that was in the Scorpion that I had brought after finally being able to pry it off Air Faerie's tail. The Fire Faerie was watching over Amy and I and the remaining Faeries were thinking about what to do.

Three hours later...

I woke up and noticed that the room was almost empty except for a vial of blue liquid on the table and a note on a piece of parchment.


Here is the antidote for the poison. The other Faeries have gone off to something or other about the Dark Faerie and your friend was escorted home. I hope your sister gets well.

Uber Water Faerie

I took the vial and carefully stowed it in a little bag I found beside it and I made for home. I landed about an hour later to find it almost completely deserted. All the PetPets were still there. I ran up to Air Faeries room and it was a complete mess. I groaned and sat down. Holding the bag in my hands wondering what I was to do then I saw the blankets, which by now were draped over chairs and torn in places move. I cautiously went over and whipped it away and I almost cried for joy when I saw Air Faerie.

"Air Faerie, it's you what happened!" I cried to her after easing her up into a sitting position.

"The Dark Faerie came and said that you leaving was a big mistake and it was time I did something to ensure my revenge, and well we put up a brave fight or at least Cherish and Chloe did until she brought in reinforcements then despite my pain I got and gave it to them. Then she captured our sisters and fire_faerie_8080 and left some of minions to finish me off, but I fainted and they seemed to think I was spent and left. The of course you came," she told me.

"Here I have an antidote drink this and you should recover I got it from the Uber Water Faerie," I told Air_Faerie_8080 a she drank the whole vile down and then fell asleep. I carried her into my room, which wasn't trashed like her room and it was also the closest, and put her in my bed then I went into fire_faerie_8080's room and fell asleep on her bed.


Five hours later...

I was awoken by Air Faerie after I had been asleep for a while.

"Luna! Wake up!" Air Faerie shouted at me.

"Okay, I'm up!" I yelled back pulling myself groggily to my feet.

"Here you can eat this Omelette on the way to Tyrannia," she said, handing me Plain Omelette.

"Why are we going to Tyrannia?" I asked.

"To rescue our sisters and mum. Tyrannia is where she took them most likely because that is where her castle is," said Air Faerie, packing up two packs and laying out some weapons.

"Oh right," I said feeling very dumb indeed.

"Okay then um you'll need some weapons I suppose," said Air Faerie, looking in our Battledome room.

"Okay look this was supposed to be a surprise but here," said Air Faerie, handing me a wrapped package.

"Wow! It's a Sword of Domar thanks so much!" I shouted and hugged my sister.

"Okay now that since this is done let's go," Air_Faerie_8080 said also handing me a Rainbow Gun for back up.

For herself, Air_Faerie_8080, took her Sword of Domar and Wand of the Light Faerie.

We set out and as soon as we stepped out the door we were drenched by the rain. We ran being blinded by the rain we hurried and ended up on the street where my friend Amy lived. Then as we came closer to her house we heard screams of terror and we saw some Skeiths carrying something struggling away. I took off and built up some spectacular speed. I made a U-turn and headed straight for the Skeith. I charged into him and he dropped whatever he was carrying. He ran away whimpering for I had rammed him very hard. I landed and sat down waiting for the stars I was seeing to go away.

"Whoever I saved you had better say thank you," I called out, rubbing my head.

"Luna is that you," whimpered a voice from nearby.

"Yeah I'm Luna," I said, the pain in my head beginning to recede.

"Oh Luna thanks for saving," said the voice.

All the sudden I saw something rushing at me I got up to run but then I was brought down as something wet and furry landed on my already sopping wet body.

"Hey get off!" I wailed trying to throw off whoever was on me.

I managed to roll over and was looking into the face of my friend Amy.

"Relax," she told me her tail wagging furiously.

"OK you two break it up we have a situation," said Air Faerie, landing beside us.

"Don't leave me here what if those nasty Skeiths come back!" wailed Amy.

"You can with us I suppose," said Air Faerie, looking annoyed.

"OK let's go then," said finally being able to stand.

Three hours later...

Finally after making it out of the stormy Neopia Central we had flown over the ocean and had gotten thoroughly dried out only to be hot in sweaty in the Tyrannian Jungle which we were tramping through right now. I could see a castle off in the distance we kept getting closer and closer. Finally we made it. We flew up and found a window that we could fit through and entered. As soon we entered I immediately noticed the thick layer of dust there was. We began to search the whole of the castle. We split up and were told to yell out if we needed help. I entered a room that round completely clear pond right in the middle of it. I leaned over to look at my reflection. After I had looked at it a bit I was startled to find that the pool began to show other things. I looked at the images but they began to swirl and then I saw the face of the Dark Faerie laughing. I ran out of the room and right smack dab into someone I never thought I would see at this castle.

To be continued...

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Luna_8080 and the Dark Faerie

Luna_8080 and the Dark Faerie

Luna_8080 and the Dark Faerie

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