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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Continuing Series > The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part Two

The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part Two

by gentle_lil_queen

Daydreamer_daydream pulled out what she got and, without looking at it, she explained how she got it.

"Woah!" gentle_lil_queen says as she looks at the faerie. "You weren't allowed to go there, but for once I'm not punishing you! You did a good thing!"

Gimmer_shimmer pops out of the daydream. "We did?" they both said.

"Look at it!" gentle_lil_queen shouted.

Daydreamer_daydream and Gimmer_shimmer looked at the faerie and gasped. First, they just stared at it. Then they looked as Indalabray the Lupe walked in.

"Daydreamer_daydream, I need some help... what is that?" Indalabray said. He looked closer and gasped. "You guys got a faerie." Then he looked closer. "Uh-oh. This was one of Balthazar's least favourites."

Indalabray was studying faeries to find out more about them and about Balthazar.

"Least favourites?" Daydreamer_daydream asked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, whenever Balthazar sees a faerie save another faerie or warn faeries of his plans, he puts them in dangerous places so no one will ever dare find them! You guys must have been lucky! Unfortunately, this one can't give abilities."

Then Indalabray studied the faerie more closely.

"Woah!" Indalabray exclaimed and backed away. "Have you heard of Aurelia, the most helpful small faerie around?"

"Yes," said Gimmer_shimmer. "Why do you ask?"

"Because that faerie is Aurelia!"

Everyone gasped. They never knew they would come face to face with Aurelia. Then they noticed that she was using an air breather to breathe so Indalabray opened the bottle.

"Whew!" Aurelia said as she took gulps of air. "It's good to breathe fresh air again!" Gimmer_shimmer took the faerie in her hands to let her tell the story.

"We have got to get her to Faerieland!" Daydreamer_daydream shouted.

"Wait!" Aurelia shouted. "If you have a faerie that was tortured by me, you have to go the dangerous way, through the Faerieless Forest."

"They don't allow faerie's in the Faerieless Forest," Gimmer_shimmer said.

"That's why you have to hide me. We will be there quicker if only the flying pets take me there, but you still have to face the dangers."

"You two go," gentle_lil_queen said to Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream. "The quicker the better."

"We'll leave tomorrow," Aurelia said. "We need as much packing up time as possible."

After dinner, they packed up some items, but not all of them or they would rot in daydreamer_daydream's room. Indalabray made a bed for Aurelia with a shoe box with a lid. He took some rags, cut them out, and put them in the order of a bed. That would be their travel bed and their bed Aurelia would use that night. Finally, they went to sleep

In Aurelia's dream...

Aurelia was in the bottle again. This time she had no air breather, but she could still breathe. She was back in the whirlpool.

"Aw man," Aurelia said. "Why this?"

Suddenly, the glass of the bottle started to break. Aurelia gasped and ran to cover the holes. It wasn't enough. The bottle broke and Aurelia was swept in the water and in a hole. In a hole? Where did that come from?

"Aurelia. You are in a dream. I brought you here to warn you of your quest," said a strange voice of a Peophin.

Aurelia gasped. "What is it?"

"You will face many challenges. Some are just to get past. The others are deadly."

"What? There hasn't been a SINGLE deadly challenge in the forest!"

"That's what you think. Some faeries have been lost and never returned from the forest. You don't know any of them, except one. A very powerful famous one. She is..."


"Yes. The one that spared the rest of the Koi from being destroyed from the whirlpool. The one that created the hidden tower items of good faith, well, at least did most of it. The one that, like you, saved 1,000,000 faeries from being captured."

"Wait a minute. Marquesa saved 1,000,000 faeries from being captured! I only saved the party..."

"Wrong again. Those faeries would have created the faerie creator. The Faerie Queen would help, at least the new one, which is in the group. It would create and summon more faeries when needed. Wait. Maybe I'm wrong. You wouldn't save a million faeries. You would save more. Billions!" The Peophin looked at Aurelia. "Oh! And for your quest you must take this!" She handed her a small golden bag. "It will help you in your quest. What it does you have to find out for yourself. That is all I can tell you."

"Wait! What if I..."

But Aurelia was already out of the dream.

Back to reality...

Aurelia woke up. "Oh," she said. "It was only a dream..."

But then Aurelia saw the golden bag by her head. Suddenly, the Peophin from the dream appeared.

"Remember, you can only use the item once so use it wisely. Don't open the bag until you really need it and don't tell anyone of me or the dream." Before the Peophin could disappear, a strand of hair fell on the face. A silver hair from the mane. Then the Peophin disappeared.

"It must have been a faerie Peophin," Aurelia said. "Only the faerie kind has a mane like that!"

Two hours later, everyone woke up. Aurelia hid the bag beneath the pillow of her bed so no one would see it.

After the BIGGEST breakfast they ever had, they finished packing up. This time they packed the food, water, anything else they wanted. (They also took some Battledome weapons.) They tied Aurelia's bed to Daydreamer_daydream's back with Aurelia in it. Then they set off.

After five miles, Aurelia spotted the forest and they went to it, but before they could go in, a Lupe guard spotted them and told them to halt, but Daydreamer_daydream, Gimmer_shimmer, and Aurelia ignored the guard and kept going. Soon, they were deep in the forest.

During the next 5 miles, Aurelia told them how they knew they were almost in Faerieland. The telling was longer than the two Pteris believed.

At dusk, the Pteris decided to fly five more miles before setting a camp. At the fourth mile, some darkness was flying in the sky ahead. One seemed to notice and they flew over.

"What are you doing here?" asked the shadow... whatever it was. It looked half Pteri half Grarrl, only with a bit of... of... Koiish Peophin?

"Aurelia," Gimmer_shimmer whispered to her. "Hide."

She did and closed the shoe box so no one would see her. Nobody did.

"We're just um... taking a little stroll in this forest. We don't want the faeries giving us quests." Daydreamer_daydream said. It was the perfect lie.

"But only evil NeoPets are allowed here!"

Or... maybe not.

"What if we are evil?"


"Only black mutated ones are considered welcome."

Or not.

"Erm... I was fed a potion."


"What's that shoe box? What's in it?"

Or definitely not. I'll just be quiet.

"Erm, nothing?"

"Looks like something to me."

The "Pteri" fired a ray at Daydreamer_daydream and Gimmer_Shimmer. Suddenly, they were both still. Silently still. Dangerously still, which lasts for thirty seconds, plenty of time for the "Pteri" to check out the shoe box without trouble.

"They have a faerie!" the Pteri shouted. "Get them!"

That was just the time Daydreamer_daydream and Gimmer_shimmer awoke from the ray's power. They heard the whole thing and flew as fast as they could.

On the fifth mile, Daydreamer_daydream, Gimmer_shimmer, and Aurelia decided to skip making camp. They were still being chased.

"Aurelia," Daydreamer_daydream said. "You can go to sleep if you want. We'll make our escape."

But Aurelia didn't want to sleep. She didn't know if this was the exact time to open the bag and use the weapon, but soon, she fell asleep.

In Aurelia's dream...

Aurelia was back in the hole just scratching the surface of the surface of Maraqua. Once again, she was face-to-face with the Peophin

"You have chosen wisely so far Aurelia," the Peophin said. "They knew the way to escape because of your explanation of the route to Faerieland. If you stayed awake, they would be more worried and not be able to escape."

Aurelia was surprised. "But I fell asleep completely on accident!" Aurelia shouted.

"That's what you think. You wanted to use to item in your mind, but in your heart, you knew you could trust them."

"Then when DO I use the item?!"

"That's what you have to decide"

Aurelia was forced to go back to dreamless sleep after this.

When Aurelia woke up...

Aurelia looked around. She saw the box completely closed so she opened it a crack. She didn't expect the sun to rise and Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream to be sleeping in a tent. Nearby, she saw the "it" that met them lying on the ground. Then Aurelia saw the chains on the ground holding him so she decided not to worry.

The two Pteris woke up and cooked breakfast. Gimmer_shimmer and Daydreamer_daydream had a cereal bar. Aurelia had a Neoflakes cake since she was small. Then they set off again.

After six miles, Aurelia decided to tell them something.

"Hey guys. There is something I have to tell you," Aurelia said.

"What is is?" both the Pteris asked.

"I have a sword of the Air Faerie."

To be continued...

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