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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > New Series > Picture Perfect: Part One

Picture Perfect: Part One

by stellerwing

It was a cold, dreary day and CoastalMonarch (known as Mona) hated it. She was a plain yellow Gelert. In three days it would be Valentine's Day. That meant the school dance. Since she was only yellow she didn't have a date yet.

Sighing, she leaped off her Regal Oak Wooden Bed. It was almost dinner and her family hated it when she was late.

Plodding down the stairs, she heard laughter coming from the living room. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Every one except me.

No one seemed to notice her enter the room. She looked around the table at her family. There was her brother, a Purple Blumaroo named Michael_169. (Everyone called him Mike.)He was sitting next to her owner, who was sitting at the head of the table. Her sister, a spotted Kacheek named AmaliaButterfly. Was sitting across from him. And finally, her other brother, a white Lupe named HiLite. He was sitting at the other end of the table.

When she sat down her owner, StellerWing placed a Cheese Sandwich and a glass of Orange Juice in front of her for her dinner. Sandwiches again, Mona thought, sighing. Taking a slurp of her Orange Juice, Mona thought about her life. She was the youngest in a family of four. And the only one not painted. It was strange. If her Mum could afford to paint them, why not her?

After everyone had finished eating, It was time for dishwashing. Traditionally they all took turns on the chore. Tonight it was Mona's turn. The three others got to sit on the couch and watch everyone's favourite comedy show. Mona also got to watch it. But she was at the sink. Instead of laughing and rolling on the floor with all the others, Mona looked sad and mundane. StellerWing turned to look at her.

"Honey, what's wrong? You look depressed."

Without thinking, Mona blurted out, "Everyone else is painted, everyone but me." When she realised what she had said Mona blushed about ten shades of pink and red.

"I didn't mean that, Mum I promise!" she added lamely.

But StellerWing didn't look mad at all. In fact, she was pleased to hear her daughter open up like that.

"Honey, it's okay. You are just as special as everybody else."

Mona opened her mouth as if she was going to say something. But she closed it.

Was her Mum right?


Mona trudged silently up the path to her school. On her way, she kept spotting painted Gelerts. Is the world trying to tease me? she asked herself. The painted pets gave her fleeting glances, but then turned back to "their crowd" One even gave her a sorrowful look! (Mind you, that Gelert always looked sorrowful.)

When she reached the school gate. She checked the humungous clock on the wall of the school. Still twenty minutes early, she noted.

Just then, her two friends bounded up to her.

There was Panda_60082 (shortened to Panda) who was painted checkered. And Chipsas who was painted spotted. (All of them were Gelerts.) Both were her two best friends.

"Hey girl wazz up?!" Panda joked.

"Nothing," Mona replied glumly.

"Hey! What's wrong with you?" Chipsas asked kindly.

Pausing for a moment and then saying, "Oh… I get it, your still sad about not being painted. Huh?"

"Is it really that easy to tell?" Mona asked sheepishly.

"Erm… yeah," Panda replied.

The morning bell rang. Saved by the bell Mona thought.


The three friend's first class was history. Mona nearly fell asleep. This happened SSSOOO long ago. Why do we need it now? she thought.

Second class... Math. Mona got good grades in everything (yes, even History) and she was especially good in this subject.

After a bit of their classes it was time for lunch.

All three of them opened all of their lunch boxes at the same time. (As was their custom.) Panda had a can of Neocola and a hot dog. Chipsas found some salad and a thermos of cold orange juice. Mona found… a can of Neocola and… a TeaLeef Sandwich. ANOTHER SANDWICH! Her head screamed. Was her Mum poor? Or was she saving up for something…


When she got home, the first thing that Mona did was drop her backpack and run into the den. Where her Mum and family were "playing." Mike and HiLite were working on a puzzle together. Amalia was brushing her fur. StellerWing was reading a book.

Trying to pad quietly into the room, Mona entered cautiously. Well, this is ironic, she thought, last night, they acting as though I were invisible, today they listen to every little sound. All eyes turned to her. After pretending to be interested in a book, all of her family returned back to their activities.

Mona plopped down next to StellerWing. Taking the book she "pretended" to be interested in reading, she began to read. She heard a dull thud of a book, Mona sensed StellerWing was watching her. Suddenly, two gentle hands grasped her book and turned it right side up. It was StellerWing. She had had the book upside down. Mona blushed sheepishly. But even when she buried her nose in the book again, she still sensed StellerWing's gaze boring into her. Finally, she said, "Honey, if there's ever anything you need to talk about, you can always tell me."

Mona closed the book and with a deep sigh, said, "I just think it's kind of strange that all you buy for us to eat these days is sandwiches. Are you trying to hide something from us?"

There, she had said it. But, as always, StellerWing didn't get angry. She kept her cool.

"Dear, I would always tell you if it was something you absolutely need to know. But it isn't."

With that, StellerWing kissed the top of Mona's head and gave the directions to the whole crew. She would be going out to the market. Mike would be in charge. (He was the oldest.) She threw on her jacket and walked out the door.


At school the next day, at lunch Mona found in her lunch (surprise surprise) a Popcorn Sandwich. It was warm and gooey, but it made Mona all the more suspicious.

To be continued...

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