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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > New Series > An Aisha

An Aisha

by katchi_k

Katchi_K walked around the large main shops area in Neopia with me by her side. She was from the top of Terror Mountain; and wasn't around from where I was. I was born in Neopia when Katchi_K came for me; and once she did, she collected up her passes and got me into the rainbow pool and got me to be painted in the Desert form. I know she isn't very rich, but I'm still proud of her. She sure can make an Aisha like me feel welcome.

"Satashi2000, how would you like to have a friend?" Katchi_K asked, kneeling down on the ground and smiling at me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, as my heart leaped--I really wanted another friend. No offence to Katchi_K, but I also wanted friends that were more like me, a NeoPet.

"I was just thinking, maybe we could go down to the adoption agency and see what we can find--maybe you'll find someone you like." She smiled.

My eyes widened and I leaped into her lap and cheered, "I'd like an older brother…" I said, as I rubbed my head against her arm. She laughed, and picked me up, placed me on her shoulder and walked towards the Adoption Agency.

We walked up the long hall of unwanted pets; it was so sad to see all of them, most crying--felt unwanted. It made me feel sad that is until we reached one cage. A yellow Gelert was sitting in the corner. He whimpered and I walked up to him while Katchi_K kept looking at the other pets.

"Hello, I'm Satashi2000, who are you?" I smiled at him.

"Yellow_Belt," he said, then he looked up at me, "Whoa, you're lucky…" he gasped.

"Why?" I asked, and I tilted my head slightly.

"You look like one of those Desert Aisha's, I think that's wicked-cool." Yellow_Belt walked towards me and smiled, "I wish I wasn't in here…"

I smiled as an idea hit me, "Katchi_K! I found my brother!" I cheered, then ran towards her and led her back to Yellow_Belt "I think we should adopt him…" I said, and looked up at her, as she looked at Yellow_Belt.

"You know what, I think you're right. If you like him, then we'll take him."

The three of us walked out of the agency, and Yellow_Belt was really happy, and thankful for what we did for him. We found out that he was 25 days old at the time, and he can run real fast. He seemed like the perfect older brother for any NeoPet.

"So, do you have a NeoHome to go back to?" Yellow_Belt asked, walking alongside us.

"Actually, no, I'm new to Neopia; but I do have connections…" Katchi_K smiled down at us.

"Katchi_K! Over here!" A girl slightly shorter then Katchi_K called to us. She had long light brown hair, while Katchi_K had long dark brown hair; but they were both pretty tall.

"Ravenclaw113! How've you been?" Katchi_K asked, running up to her; Yellow_Belt and I ran after her. The two girls hugged, then she replied.

"Fine, and who are these two?" She asked, looking down at us.

"I'm Satashi2000, and this is my adopted brother, Yellow_Belt."

Yellow_Belt stared ahead at Ravenclaw113's yellow Gelert, while I talked to Ravenclaw113. Yellow_Belt gulped and walked up to the yellow Gelert, "Hi…" He said, then blushed under his yellow fur.

"Hi, I'm Kalila140. You're going to come and live with us and Stephanie_M_K in her NeoHome; since your owner is just starting off here in a new area," she explained to him.

Katchi_K got down the address to Stephanie_M_K's NeoHome, then left Ravenclaw113, who I found out to be her sister, behind and headed towards the Rainbow Fountain.

She turned to Yellow_Belt, "How would you like to appear painted? I have two passes left, if you wish." She smiled.

"Would I? That would be the best!" He smiled. I smiled at him, because he did tell me that it was cool to be painted, and it seemed as if he wanted to be as well.

"Okay then." She smiled and got him to choose which to be painted. He chose Gold, since his name was Yellow_Belt. His coat of fur glowed in the light of the sun; or at least what showed though the snow storm we were having that day, anyway…

The three of us walked towards Stephanie_M_K's house; and warmed up by the fire she had going. Stephanie_M_K was a friend of Katchi_K's and Ravenclaw113's. While the three were catching up on old times, when they all used to live in Terror Mountain; me and the rest of their pets were in the bedroom talking, and introducing ourselves.

We met Ravenclaw113's pets before; Balfore the blue Shoyru, Cronoo the yellow Aisha, Kalila140 the yellow Gelert and Sabera_2000 the red Kacheek. Then we got to meet Stephanie_M_K's painted pets; Crystal_Water7000 the Christmas Kougra and Night_Dream2000 the Starry Shoyru. At the time, she only had the two. I was happy to meet all of them, especially Cronoo--I don't know what it was, but something just clicked when I saw him…

It was obvious by the way Sabera_2000 acted around Balfore that she was madly in love with the guy. Balfore was kind to her, but seemed to be annoyed after awhile. She was always hanging off him and begging him to let her fly around the room--I was just happy she wasn't acting like that around Cronoo. I also found out that Cronoo was one of those goof-off kinds of guys, and was a (human) year older then me, since he was adopted by Ravenclaw113. Kalila140 seemed really kind too, and she thought it was cute that Yellow_Belt had a crush on her, which was also obvious. Crystal_Water7000 seemed quiet and didn't talk much; while Night_Dream2000 the complete opposite. Night_Dream2000 got mad (publicly) every time Balfore was kind towards Sabera_2000, and this made it a really entertaining first night!

The next morning, Katchi_K woke me up early and brought me into an empty room. I looked at her and she smiled at me, so I knew I wasn't in any trouble.

"What's up?" I yawned.

"I found this while I was out walking in the snow, no one could have seen it because it blended in so well; but I have a good sense when I'm outside during winter…" She smiled and pulled out a white paintbrush.

"Ohh cool! But who are we going to paint? Yellow_Belt and I are already painted, and Ravenclaw113's pets don't want to be painted, and Stephanie_M_K's pets are painted too…" I said, thinking.

"Well, I was down by the Rainbow Pool looking at the different pets that could be painted white, and I fell in love with the White Kougra… I was thinking maybe we can adopt another pet and paint him. Yellow_Belt was nervous about moving away because it would be two girls and one boy--he needs a male friend around the house for when we do move," she said, then Yellow_Belt walked into the room and nodded. He was already awake.

We all walked through the continuing storm and into the Adoption Agency once again. We looked up and down the rows of NeoPets, looking for a Kougra; but we couldn't find any, until near the end.

"Hello…" I said, walking up to a Kougra's cage.

He looked up at me and smiled, "Hey, sup wit you?"

"Uhh…" I stuttered, I had no idea what he just said.

"He means, what's up? How are you? Or what's new? Something along those lines…" Yellow_Belt explained.

"Ohh, well, we're looking for a Kougra to adopt." I smiled, "So far you're the only one."

"What's your name?" Yellow_Belt asked.

"Name's Basher6973," he replied.

"How long have you been in here?" I asked.

"Lost count--no one wants a pet with attitude," Basher6973 replied, "All's I know is I'm 18 days old. Not'in more."

"Well, I think we do," I said, and looked at Yellow_Belt. He smiled at me and then left to get Katchi_K.

We brought him to the Rainbow Pool, got him painted up and then took him to the Soup Kitchen and the three of us pets were fed. I didn't argue with some of the soup they gave us, because I knew Katchi_K wasn't rich. Basher6973 didn't argue because he wasn't fed very well in the Adoption Agency, as well as Yellow_Belt.

The large windstorm turned into a huge blizzard, while we were in the Shop Wizard's tent looking for different affordable foods that others were selling. We spent three hours in the tent with a few other pets who were also trapped for the time being. Katchi_K was talking to the Shop Wizard and a girl named Satzuky, while I was talking to her nice NeoPet named Facul.

The Mutant Techo walked up to the three of us and said hi. I screamed at the sight of him and hid behind Yellow_Belt; while Basher6973 burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry if my appearance frightens you; but I personally like my spikes," Facul replied to my screams. "Did your owner do that to you?" Yellow_Belt said enthusiastically.

"Yes, as a mater of fact she did. And I'm glad, because I look individual; just like you three, only in a different way…" Facul smiled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Basher6973 burst out, and growled at Facul.

"It means you're painted," he said, backing up; since Basher6973 was 18 centimetres taller then him!

"Common, guys... the storm's cleared up enough to walk back home now. We'll go shopping another day," Katchi_K called to us, and we all headed out into the snow.

Days turned to weeks, and those weeks ended up being about a month. A month, it took that long until I got a younger sister. I was thirty-two days old when we went to Neopia Central and picked up one of the newborns there. She named the blue Bruce Inspiri_Steph and we all took good care of her for the first day.

Katchi_K left us all to be taken care of by her younger sister, Ravenclaw113. This was nothing out of the ordinary; she always left us with her for a while; but this time Katchi_K was holding two Code Stones in a small bag. She explained to Yellow_Belt, him being the oldest out of us all, that she would be going to the Trading Post on Mystery Island, and it was too far for any of us to come along with her.

She didn't arrive home until later that evening, when it was starting to get darker by the second. This is when we started to worry a little, and started to ask Ravenclaw113 what was taking her so long. She only replied in a few simple words:

"You'll have to wait and see," Ravenclaw113 said, after my sixth time asking her this.

I sighed, and walked from the living room to the bed room. There was only one pet in there, and it was Kaishow; Stephanie_M_K's newest pet--a Halloween painted Nimmo. I was older then him by 18 days, but he seemed wiser then me. Possibly because he was a Nimmo in the first place; Nimmo's were always wise. I've learned that much.

"Don't you worry any more, she'll be home soon," Kaishow said, knowing exactly why I was upset. So did everyone else.

I wanted to reply, I even opened my mouth too; but a voice coming from the living room made me stop.

To be continued...

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An Aisha

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