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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Short Stories > The Noodles and... The Noodles

The Noodles and... The Noodles

by yaboofernoodle

We thought if we could handle a Spyder invasion, we could handle anything. We've defeated everything…but ourselves.

*Somewhere on the Space Station…*

"Ris! Ris! S'ti ydaer!" a Grundo cried out. He still spoke the Grundo's old language.

"Quiet, you! Speak Neopian, for once!" a voice shouted.

"Um, it's ready, sir. The project," the Grundo whined.

"Good. Muahahahahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAAA!" The voice laughed maniacally. The shadows stirred and out of the darkness stepped Dr. Sloth.

"RoboClone Project #8... I assume you had it right this time?" Dr. Sloth questioned.

"Yes, sir. Would you like to see their disguises?" the Grundo asked.

"I would indeed. They had better be good disguises, or I'll be having Grundo Stix for dinner tonight…" the Grundo gulped, and lead him to the Cloning Chamber.

"Just wait, sir. You just wait!"

Soon, one glass chamber filled with smoke cracked. It cracked a bit more, and then the glass shattered. Then the other four followed, and when the smoke cleared, five familiar figures appeared.

"WHAT?!" Dr. Sloth boomed. "I ASK FOR GOOD DISGUISES, AND YOU GIVE ME THIS GROUP OF SCUM?! THIS IS THE END OF YOU, SLAVE, THE--" Dr. Sloth didn't finish his sentence.

A Faerie Nimmo walked forward and picked him up by the collar, pinning him against a wall. "Gaak… glgmph… ark…" he stammered. The Nimmo dropped him. The Grundo began an explanation. "Meet the Noodles. They are a famous band in Neopia. They are known by everyone, trusted by everyone, have VIP access to anywhere, and…we altered the disguise DNA so the RoboClones would have super strength. The girl is a Neopian Knight, as well." Dr. Sloth smiled an evil grin. "Perfect. Beam them down immediately."

Bhubuh looked over at his brother in the sandbox. "Hey, Firey_Sac, could you grab me a NeoCola?"

"Sure thing!" Firey_Sac replied. He got up out of the sandbox and ran into the house. A few seconds later, there was a rustle in the bushes. "Huh?" Bhuhbuh said. The rustle stopped. "Hmm… I guess it was just my imagination," Bhuhbuh whispered. The rustling started again, and a Wocky stepped out of the bush. "Firey_Sac? Didn't you just go to get me a--AAAGH!" The Fire Wocky punched Bhuhbuh hard, sending him flying into the air. "Whoaaaaaaaaah!" he cried out.

"Hmph," the strange Wocky said, marching out of the yard.

"Stop RIGHT THERE!" a Chia policeman shouted. "I order you to STOP!" A Gold Shoyru, a Faerie Nimmo, and a Desert Pteri were robbing the Neopian Bank. The Nimmo ran over to him and picked him up, then chucked the Chia into the Bank wall. "Hey! You're KN! Can I have your autograph?" a young Meerca asked hopefully, pulling out a pen and some paper. The Shoyru walked over and grabbed the pen. "Yeah, right." they said, crushing the pen and throwing it into the sewer. The Shoyru slapped the Meerca back 10 feet, stunning him.

"Ugh…" he grumbled.

*A couple hours later…*

"Hey, KN! Didja see this headline? It's fresh off the press!" I handed KoochieNoobus the newspaper. It read: "NOODLES ON CRIME SPREE! MUSICIANS GONE CRIMINALS."

She looked at me, surprised. "Is this… a joke?" she whispered.

"No. I couldn't believe it either. And look on the next page!"


Below it, there was a picture of me. There was something different, though. The eyes… they were glowing a light shade of red! "These aren't us!" I cried out. KN looked up. I stepped back slowly and ran. Her eyes… they had started glowing.

"So you see, there are these pets running around posing as us, and doing awful things!" I whispered to my real pets. "I think they're clones because there is one of me, too." We were all armed with household items. Lamps, chair legs, kitchen utensils, all sorts of things! "Is everyone ready?" I whispered. All four pets nodded. "Then let's GO!" I shouted. We leaped around the corner to face the enemy, our hearts pounding.

"They're… gone!" Number Nimmo said.

"OOMPH!" Firey_Sac exclaimed. He tumbled across the room with another Wocky on him.

"Get OFF, fiend!" he shouted.

Firey_Sac whacked the other Wocky with a steel rod. It went soaring across the room… sort of. There was still some of it there! I looked at the Wocky that was on Firey_Sac, and there were wires sticking out of the top, with sparks flying everywhere.

"Robots!" KN said. Four others jumped down off our ceiling. While my pets fought our attackers, figure stepped up in front of me. "You look just like me… I'm afraid I can't allow that." They slashed at me with a Neopian Knight's sword, and I hopped back, pulling out mine.

"You! You're me!"

"No, I'M me!"

"But how is that possible?"

"How can you be me?"

"No, you're me!"

"This is confusing!"

"No, YOU'RE confusing!"

The argument went on forever while we swung at each other. I finally got a clear shot and smacked the other me in half. It clanked on the floor and did the same thing as the robotic Wocky. "Warning! Warning! Malfunction! Krrzt! Abblaboofafum! Eerrrrgg!" The robot me exploded. At the same time, the other three robots exploded.

*Back in the Space Station…*

"I t'nac od ti, ris! I tsuj t'nac!" a Grundo shouted. "WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT BLASTED LANGUAGE?!" Dr. Sloth boomed.

"Sorry sir, I can't control the RoboClones anymore! I'm not getting a signal! I must have hit a wrong button or something…" He looked down at the controller and read the button label. It said: "SELF DESTRUCT. DO NOT PUSH." The Grundo began to sweat.


The End

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