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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Short Stories > Junk Collecting 5: Bottle of Black Evil

Junk Collecting 5: Bottle of Black Evil

by jimmy_91754

Bottles of Black sand were very valuable in Mystery Island. One day a poor NeoPet searched for black sand. His search was over when he met an evil spirit. It had a Bottle of Black Sand. The poor NeoPet knew that he shouldn't be talking to the evil spirit but he really wanted the Bottle of Black Sand. The evil spirit gave the poor NeoPet the Bottle of Black Sand then left. The poor NeoPet then walked happily back to his cardboard NeoHome not knowing how much destruction and misery it will cause until the next day.

The next day the poor NeoPet woke up he checked if anyone had stolen his Bottle of Black Sand. He went to where he kept the black sand and checked. The black sand was still there safe and sound. He happily walked to the Trading Post at the island. When he got there he saw no NeoPet having a Bottle of Black Sand. This was a good opportunity for him to get plenty of Neopoints if he auctioned it. He quickly got on a table and yelled I got a Bottle of Black Sand. As soon as the NeoPets at the Trading Post heard Bottle of Black Sand they rushed to the poor NeoPet All the NeoPet were yelling bids to the poor NeoPet Then the richest NeoPet at the Trading Post bid it for the highest price. All of a sudden the Bottle of Black Sand uncorked and sucked the poor NeoPet in.

The poor NeoPet was now in a world where there was darkness everywhere. The poor NeoPet walked until he saw a figure. He ran toward him and saw that it was the evil spirit that had given him the black sand. The evil spirit commanded for the poor NeoPet to be his slave in this world or it shall destroy him. And so the poor NeoPet became a slave for all eternity, or so he thought until the day Nite_jjj and Feezifriend stumbled over the black sand, and too, was sucked into the dark world ruled by the evil spirit...

Nite_jjj and Feezifriend were surfing in the ocean of Mystery Island. When Nite_jjj wiped out while surfing he saw something at the bottom of the ocean. Nite_jjj really wanted to find out what was down there so he told Feezifriend to come and search with him. Feezifriend said yes and they were off.

Nite_jjj and Feezifriend went deep into the ocean and then finally reached the ocean floor. There they saw a bottle of sand. Feezifriend quickly grabbed the bottle and went back to shore. Nite_jjj saw Feezifriend going back to shore. That made him think Feezifriend ran out of breath. Nite_jjj quickly went back to shore to see if Feezifriend was okay.

"Are you okay?" shouted Nite_jjj to Feezifriend as he swam toward him.

"Hey, Nite_jjj, look what I found," Feezifriend shouted back.

Nite_jjj was very amazed with the item Feezifriend had in his hand. It was a Bottle of Black Sand. But it wasn't just an ordinary Bottle of Black Sand, it was the Bottle of Black Sand owned by the poor NeoPet long ago. Of course Nite_jjj and Feezifriend didn't know the poor NeoPet.

Nite_jjj and Feezifriend stared at it for a while. They saw something that didn't even look like sand in that bottle. It was like the bottle was empty but full at the same time. When they very close to it felt like if they could sense an evil presence near them.

"Want to see what's inside," said Nite_jjj.

"Okay," replied Feezifriend.

Feezifriend then slowly uncorked the Bottle of Black Sand. Suddenly some kind of black hole came out of the bottle and sucked the two NeoPets in. Inside the bottle of sand was a whole world of darkness. Nite_jjj and Feezifriend decided to look for NeoPets or people or whatever who lived here for some help. They kept walking and walking hoping to find some kind of assistance.

Suddenly they saw a light in the world of darkness, the world inside the Black Bottle of Sand. The two NeoPets ran toward the light not caring if there was danger waiting for them there. They ran and ran and then something came into view. It was a NeoPet in dirty and worn out clothes. It was the poor NeoPet.

"Help me," said the poor NeoPet. "Do you know the exit to this place?"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SLAVE?" asked a loud, evil voice.

Something with pure evil energy came closer. Even ordinary NeoPets, like Nite_jjj and Feezifriend can sense the energy. Then the evil spirit rose high into the dark sky and revealed itself to Nite_jjj and Feezifriend.


"What are you talking about," said Feezifriend. "You're not going to make us your slaves are you?"

The evil spirit laughed loud then said, "Be my slave or I shall destroy you two NeoPets."

So Nite_jjj and Feezifriend became slaves, but everything was about to change when an unsuspected Tiki Tack Man would also get sucked into the bottle of sand.

The next day (on the outside world)...

Tiki Tack Man was walking and looking for junk on the beach islanders might have thrown out. While he was looking he found the Black Bottle of Sand Nite_jjj, Feezifriend, and the poor NeoPet The moment he picked up the bottle he was sucked into it and transported to the dark world.

"Where am I," said the Tiki Tack Man. "Where is everybody."


"No way, mon," said the Tiki Tack Man. Then he ran toward the evil spirit and tried to fight him. But the evil spirit was too strong and defeated the Tiki Tack Man.

The evil spirit brought Tiki Tack Man to the other slaves he had. That is where he once again, met up with Nite_jjj and Feezifriend.

That night, after the evil spirit had fallen asleep, the slaves were talking about how to escape from the dark world.

"I have a plan," said Feezifriend. "It goes like this...."

"We should wake up very early tomorrow," said the poor NeoPet.


The slaves woke up before the evil spirit woke up. They ran very far away from the evil spirit in order to do Feezifriend's plan. When the about-to-be-free slaves finally stopped the attacked the ground of the dark world. They hoped that part of the Bottle of Black Sand that they are in will crack open and make them all former slaves. They attacked the ground for a very long time but nothing happened.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING MY SLAVES," said the evil spirit surprising them. YOU GUYS WEREN'T TRYING TO ESCAPE WERE YOU?"

The slaves didn't reply and that made the evil spirit mad and think the slaves were trying to escape. That thought about the slaves trying to escape made the evil spirit blast a ball of energy at the slaves. All the slaves dodged the orb then saw freedom. The ball of energy was strong enough to crack open part of the Bottle of Black Sand. All the about-to-be-free slaves ran quickly toward the exit.

All the former slaves got out and became their original size again. Tiki Tack Man then quickly destroyed the Bottle of Black Sand. The dark world and evil spirit was destroyed along with the black sand.

The End

If you like this story, please Neomail me.

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