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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Short Stories > Caiie and Charm in: The Chopstick Dilemma

Caiie and Charm in: The Chopstick Dilemma

by _smoothcriminal

The door flew open. "Caiiedawg!" A trim golden Gelert cried out to her buddy wagging her tail furiously. Her friend who had been stationed at the computer bounded over.

"Charmeh!" The cloud Gelert cried in response and they exchanged a whopping high-four. The duo had met at Caiie's section of her NeoHome. The best friends visited each other so regularly they would often barge in on each other without two seconds notice.

"Wassap my girl?" Charm, the bright golden Gelert said with a bounce.

"SUPAHMAN!" Caiie ran around in circles after her tail. Charm giggled.

"Tim's on vay-cay, so I have the house to myself, till you came a-course!" Caiiemis finished and sat back on her haunches, her golden paw winking.

"Cool!" said Charm and flopped over on Caiie's couch.

"I'll get the Neocola!" The clouded Gelert danced off to the kitchen. Charm sighed happily and flopped over backwards on the old couch. Suddenly there was a thump of running paws and two young Gelerts launched themselves at Charm.

"AUNTIE CHARM!" A strawberry male, Drumi landed in her lap. He waved in her face happily.

"Oi Cha'my!" A golden Gelert with goggles around his neck touched down on the couch beside her. Charm noogie attacked them both.

"Heyo Drumi an' Gami!" she greeted Caiie's sons.

"Dow' forgeddabout meee!" chirped a high voice. A chubby rainbow puppy tripped over her ear and rolled into the couch. It was the infamous Lyra, Caiie's annoying niece. Charm chuckled good-naturedly and picked up the tiny Gelert.

"And hello to you too little Lyra!" The puppy nodded her head enthusiastically with her tongue hanging out of her mouth throwing slobber everywhere.

"SPIT SHOWER!" Gami roared gleefully.

"Eeeeww!" wailed Drumi as he covered his eyes. At about that time Caiie padded back in with the Neocolas. She put a paw to her face when she saw Charm covered in youngsters and slobber.

"I see the kids discovered you," she chuckled to her friend. "As you can see I got stuck playing baby-sitter!"

"Alas!" Charm laughed and put a paw to her forehead. Caiie tramped over to the couch and shooed the children out of her seat of honour with her large paws, then slumped down next to Charm.

"Well, Jupu's not here, as ya know, he's off with Janu," the two older Gelerts giggled.

"Puppy love."

"Yucky stuff," Muttered Gami.

"Cool," Gurgled Lyra.

"Luckily they took The Official UN-Evil Fry Cook of Charm and Caiie Forever with them too." The cloud Gelert looked very relieved she didn't have to baby-sit the evil spatula as well. Drumi began tugging on Caiie's ears.

"Moo-om! Will you play with me?" he asked with his brown eyes huge.

"No you little devil!" cried Caiiemis with a cackle. "Why don't you all go watch TV?"

"OK!" Gami and Drumi chorused and left the room.

"I'll stay hewe," Lyra decided and flopped over, but she was so small neither Charm nor Caiie minded too much.

"So, Charm! How's life treating y--" Caiie was interrupted by sounds of an argument from the next room.

"WRESTLING!" Gami's voice bellowed.

"No! I was watching the LATIN channel!" Drumi shrieked and there were various crashes as the two grappled for the controller.

"No one can unnastan' it but yew!" Gami cried in his outlandish accent.

"Well -I- can't understand wrestling!" The intellectual nut screeched back. Caiie face palmed and Charm sweat dropped.

"Kewrl!" Lyra gurgled. Then the fighting noises stopped. Caiie and Charm shrugged.

"As I was saying," Caiie indignantly began again, but suddenly Gami and Drumi burst back into the living room. Caiie and Charm tilted their heads, for the boys' eyes had turned into swirly spirals and their tongues were hanging out of their mouth stupidly. They made their way towards the door, and it looked like the two were hovering. Caiie stood up and stepped into their path.

"Uhm, kids? Is everything all right?"

"Out of zee way!" cried Drumi in a thick Chinese accent.

"Myesh! Leave us h'alone!" Gami's voice sounded exactly like Drumi's.

"Errr?" Caiie blinked. Suddenly the two Gelerts in front of her spun around. When they stopped spinning each one was wearing a white karate suit and a black belt. They had their ears tied back in black headbands and their eyes were still that freaky swirl.

"ATTAACKK!" they screeched in their accents and leaped into the air at the same time aiming a Samurai Kick at their mother. Caiie shrieked and barely dodged, but the brothers kept going and knocked over the wall of the house. When the rubble cleared Charm and Caiie ran over to the hole in the NeoHome and looked out. Gami and Drumi were screeching gibberish at each other and running off into the horizon.

"What in the world?" Charm rubbed her eyes as if she wasn't sure she had just seen what she had.

"This isn't normal." Caiie scratched the back of her head. "Even for them!"

"But why… how... what?" Charm mumbled.

"Kewrl," Gurgled Lyra, She had also toddled over to the rubble.

"If you ask me... they looked… hypnotised! Dun dun DUN!" Caiie commented giving herself a dramatic score.

Charm nodded, a paw to her chin and a perplexing look on her face.

"But by who… or… what?!"

"Dun dun DUN!" Caiie supplied her buddy with a dramatic score as well.

"Kewrl," Lyra gurgled tilting her harlequin head to one side. Just then a light bulb appeared over the cloud Gelert's head.

"What if it was the TV?!" She cried and the light bulb shattered. Charm nodded wisely as glass rained down by her feet.

"Could be… how can we find out?" the golden Gelert thought.

"We'll have to look at the TV to see," said Caiie. "But then WE might get hypnotised!"

"Dun dun DUN!" cried Charm "What can we do?"

"Gedda MIRROR!" cried Lyra in a sudden moment of genius. The two older Gelerts gasped.

"Lyra said something intelligent!" Caiie gawked.

"She's right!" Charm said. And shortly after that, the two had removed the large bathroom mirror and were standing just outside the TV room.

"Here goes," said Caiie and she angled it at the TV. By looking in the mirror the two Gelerts could see the screen of the TV and they gasped. Little chopsticks danced across the screen, they were singing gibberish and frolicking around a bowl of rice. Luckily, since Charm and Caiie were not looking directly at the TV they avoided its hypnotic power.

"They've been.. HYPNOTISED BY THE DANCING CHOPSTICKS!" the two Gelerts said in unison.

"Durm durm DURM!" gurgled Lyra.

"My thoughts exactly." Caiie put down the mirror and put a paw to her sweaty forehead. "What are we gonna do?!"

"Well, they went off into the horizon. I bet if we follow them we'll get to the secret base of who ever is controlling them!" The golden Gelert smiled "And you know how good we are at finding secret bases…" Caiiemis nodded and got to her feet.

"It's a done deal!"

"I COMING TOO!" squealed Lyra. Caiie nodded.

"Sure Lyra! We'll FOLLOW THE TRAIL!" She jabbed a fist in the air.

"Of what?" asked Charm.

"Destruction!" Caiie cried and sweat dropped. Charm nodded.

"All righty then! Let's go!" The two friends and Lyra set off.

A criminal desert Aisha was pacing around in circles in a large cave. He had been pacing so long that he was wearing a hole in the ground. A hypnotised Drumi and Gami were sitting beside him with stupid expressions on their face. They were still wearing their Karate uniforms.

"Let's try this again," the Aisha was saying in an accent of its own as it flipped its tail and adjusted its head dress. Actually, this Aisha was a very big crook, the crème of the crème as bad guys go. He was on a search for the object that would increase his evil power to world domination… "VvvrrWHERE IS ZEE GOLDEN CHOPSTICK OF POWER?!" The feline screeched. He liked screeching. He believed it improved his evil image.

"VrrWe durnt know Zir," the two Gelerts said blankly in their acquired Chinese drawl.

"Garrff! HOW MA-NY TIMES MAST VE GO THROUGH ZIS?!" The Aisha screamed to itself. It was very verbal. "Vvvrwell, vvvrwhat do you know?" the two Gelerts thought.

"Vrrwell--" they started.

"Ahoy, Charm!" Caiie called to her friend as thick snowflakes fell to the ground. They had followed her sons' trail all the way to Terror Mountain. Charm bounded up through the snow to see what Caiie was pointed at, and Lyra tumbled after her.

"What is it Caiiebuddy?"

"Found anything yet?" Caiiemis asked wearily.

"Nope," Charm said dejectedly.

"Well look," Caiie held a paw out and was pointing. "Why don't we ask the garage sale Chias?"

Charm perked up.

"Yeah! Let's gooo!" Caiie grabbed Lyra by the ruff of her neck and she and Charm ran forward. They hit slope and sped down the hill like bobsleds. A few seconds later Caiie smashed into the house of the garage sale Chias.

"Ooohh... head," she said amusedly as little stars floated around her in circles.

"Kewrl," Lyra gurgled at the stars floating around her own head. Charm helped them up.

"Let's go inside!" And they did.

"CUSTOMERS!" Screeched the pair of Chias and burst forth.

"DAHLINK!" cried the female Chia to Charm. "Wouldn't you just LOVE LOVE LOOOVE a new BACKSCRATCHER?!" the Eskimo Chia squealed.

"Oooooh!" Lyra said excitedly, amused to no end. The male Chia immediately hounded Caiie.

"How bout you Bucko?" He sidled up to her. "BOY! Do I have a false beard that suits you PERFECTLY!" He brandished a Santa Claus beard and shook it in her face. Caiie snapped her teeth at the Chia angrily. "Or maybe a muzzle would be better," the Chia thought to himself.

"Look!" Charm cried exasperated. "We just wanna know if you've seen any Chinese looking Gelerts lately!"

"Ahh yes! The scary karate brothers with swirly eyes!" the female Chia said gleefully. "They passed by just last hour and bought a sticky snowball!"

"And beat us up," the Chia's husband muttered bitterly.

"That's all!" said Caiie, gathering up Lyra, and much to the Chias' horror they ran out of the shop.

"NOOO! COME BACK CUSTOMERS!" The Chias cried woefully out the door at the top of their lungs. There was a rumbling in the mountains and an avalanche started. Caiie paused and clapped at the sight of the snow plowing down the mountain ripping up trees.

"Oooh!" Lyra said impressed.

"Annoying folk, silly imps! I thought we'd never get out of there."

"They picked the wrong place to live too…" Caiie noted thoughtfully as the avalanche plowed into the Chias cottage demolishing it. Charm nodded.

"Whelp, back on the trail!" Charm said and pointed to a boulder that had been split in two by Drumi and Gami.

"The trail goes right down the crack to Tyrannia," Caiie said looking at the damage with a sweat drop.

"Let's go then!" Charm leaped boldly into the crevasse. Caiie gulped, nudged Lyra off the side and leapt in after her. The three Gelerts fell into a cave..

Gami was talking. "And zen... and Zen Mufasa is gone!" he cried. Drumi nodded, his swirly eyes were almost at the point of tears.

"I felt zo zorry for Simba!"


Suddenly Charm fell on top of him.

"Ooof!" The golden Gelert cried.

"Ow," said the Aisha. Caiie fell down and landed on Charm, and Lyra landed on top of Caiie.

"H'Oooo… my cranium," wailed the flattened evil Aisha.

The Gelerts stood up and shook themselves. Then they ran over to Drumi and Gami and waved their paws in front of their swirly eyes.

"Gami! Drumi! Can you hear me?" asked Caiie

"Zey cannot!" The Aisha got to his feet. "Aye have hypnotised zem! HWAHAHA!"

"Who the heck are you?"

"Ah am LDA, zee great! Zee spectacular! Zee evil! Zee supreme ruler! And zee VERY VERY Humble!" cackled the Aisha.

"Riight..." Charm rolled her eyes.

"You do not believe me?! Check your local Police Station! THEN YOU'LL SEE!"

Caiie and Charm still didn't look scared. Even Lyra was bored. LDA looked angry.

"And when... ah, find the golden chopsteek of power, ah, will RULE THE WORLD!"

Suddenly from the ceiling there was a tiny rumbling noise, and a glowing golden rod fell down from above and hit LDA on his head dress. The Aisha blinked and then scooped it up dextrously. A golden glow encompassed his body as he crouched over the object of power.

"How convenient… Zee golden chopstick of power…" he hissed to himself and grinned evilly at the Gelerts in front of them, but his glory was short lived because just then a huge bolder detached itself from the roof of the cave and fell on top of the Aisha.

"Eeww... carrion," Caiie gagged. She looked at her sons and was relieved to see that their eyes had turned back to their normal colour.

"What just happened?" asked Drumi.

"Ded we get kidnapped ahgain?" Gami had his regular accent back now.

"No, you got hypnotised by an evil Siamese Aisha."

"Oh," the two shrugged to themselves. Charm sighed and laughed lightly.

"Wull where is 'e naow?" asked Gami

"Under that rock," said Caiie.

"Kewrl," Lyra gurgled. Everyone rolled their eyes. Charm grabbed Lyra up by the nape of her neck.

"Looks like it's time to head back to the ranch," she said and motioned for the others to follow.

"You know it!" said Caiie, dragging her sons behind her.

"Oi call TV when we get home!" cried Gami

"No! I get dibs on the Latin Channel!" Drumi yelled.

"Neva'!" Gami broke out of Caiie's grip and ran, Drumi galloped after him.

"Not if I get there first!!"

"Kewrl!" Lyra leapt out of Charm's grasp and toddled clumsily after them. Charm looked at Caiie and they both face vaulted.

"Kids," sighed Caiie

"Oi," Charm giggled.

"Well, another adventure over!" Caiie grinned.

"We rule!" Charm nodded and the pair high-foured each other.

The End

But you don't really think that LDA died do you? He's gonna come back! I'm sure of it! And great flying wads of Bamboo! We still haven't found out Tim's favourite word! Looks like there might be another adventure in store for our dynamic duo.

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