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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Short Stories > Your Average Citizens

Your Average Citizens

by terri332

For weeks I have been wanting to write a story for The Neopian Times. But, I can never decide what to write about...

Quickly, I run home from my shopping to hopefully gather some ideas at my NeoHome. First, I had to retrieve my notepad from my bedroom on the top floor to help me take notes and brainstorm the ideas.

As I walk in through my front door and practically run down the hall, I stumble over something and *BOOM* fell face first onto the floor. Jumping up, I noticed that it was Roy's robo Kiko racing round and round all over the place. Roy is my starry Shoyru. Actually, his full name is Roy1990neo, but we gave him a nickname. Feeling dizzy and bruised, I limped to his bedroom door. I had told him over and over again to never leave things right in the middle of the hall. Pushing open the door, a red flash blinded my eyes, and a loud speaker boomed, "INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT!" Next thing I knew, I felt extremely cold water being poured onto my head. Finally, the flashing and noise stopped.

"Sorry Mum," a quiet little voice whimpered. "I-I-I had to build some kind of security system to keep Maafy and Sugar out." Maafy was my desert Kau, and Sugar was my purple Aisha.

"Roy, how many times have I told you not to leave things in the middle of the hall, and you were actually going to dump freezing water on your sisters!? And- OOOHHHHH! What are you working on here?" I said walking to the middle of his bedroom which had all sort of potions, papers with calculations on them, and piles of JUNK. Roy was, however, relieved that the lecturing had stopped.

"Oh, I am working on my newest invention, my RoboRoy2000! I am programing it to do chores for you, and I am even planning on installing a television and computer!" he replied with excitement. Santa_Paws, his Christmas Doglefox, barked loudly in agreement.

"Um, yeah, okay, you do that," I mentioned as I walked out the door.

Now, back to get that notepad! Walking into the dining room/kitchen, I heard my stomach rumble for food. Stopping to think about it, I guess I am sort of hungry. As I reached for the Bacon Dog Delux, I heard someone's voice coming from Maafy's and Sugar's room. However, I could tell it was Sugar's right away. Perhaps the girls might be hungry. Without hesitation, I walked over to the door and opened it.

"I know, that was soooooo last year. Now the fashion is scarfs! Totally scarfs!" Sugar was talking on the phone getting awfully tangled in the cord. She is the youngest of all my pets and the most talkative. I, personally, think she is too picky about everything.

"Sugar, how long have you been on that thing?" I asked.

"Mum, shhhhhh! I am talking on the phone!" she hissed.

"I can see that! But you need to answer my questi--"

"She has been on it for at least an hour or so," Maafy explained as she looked up from her diary.

"Sugar! Get off that thing!" I yelled! "The phone bill is going to to be too expensive!"

"But Mum!" Sugar complained.

"No buts!"



Sugar rolled her eyes and said goodbye to her friend and hung up the phone. I had totally forgot to ask if they were hungry. Instead, I looked at Maafy, who was rapidly scribbling in her precious diary. Beside her, on her bed, was her Khamette. It's name was Mini_Tut. It was sleeping silently while Miracle the Mongmong, Sugar's PetPet, was playfully nudging at it.

"So, what are you writing Maafy?" I politely asked. At first she didn't answer. Her tongue was half sticking out in a corner of her mouth. Her eyes were completely focused in her writing. Finally she looked up at me.

"I'm just writing a poem called 'In Between,' but since pets can't send in poems, could you send it in for me in the poetry contest, but just in your point of view instead?"


Just then Roy came bursting into the room.

"Hey Mum! I was just looking through this catalogue that you guys threw away, and I was wondering... IF I COULD GET THIS NEW HIGH-TECH TELESCOPE!!!!" he said with a pleading look in his eyes.

One thing everybody knew about Roy was that he loved astronomy just as much as he loved building things. I also remember the time when he almost blew the roof off the top of this house with his experiments. But before I could answer, Sugar interrupted our conversation.

"Oh, and could I go shopping with my friends tomorrow? Huh? HUH? I mean, I am in desperate need of grooming tools! All my friends have the best stuff, and all you get me is a toothbrush!"

"Um, Mum, I kind of need new books to read because I am getting kind of bored these days and all my friends are really busy." Maafy cut in.

"Mum, could you lend me about 500 NP tomorrow?" Sugar says as she grabs my attention back to her.




"COULD YOU ALL JUST ASK ME ONE AT A TIME?!" I screamed. "I'm not an answering machine, so I can't just record all your wanting wishes! Roy, you already have a telescope that's gathering dust in the corner of your room."

"But that one isn't as good as this--" he whined

"Maafy, you can earn more money to buy more books, and Sugar, no I am not giving you 500 NP. You can go, but spend your own money that you got for your birthday. That's final." All of them groaned and went back into their rooms.

I went upstairs to retrieve my notepad. Once I did, I still didn't have a topic. Unless, I could talk about the different personalities of my pets, which I think I already did.

The End

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