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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Short Stories > Junk Collecting 4: The Dark Faerie's Wishing Stick

Junk Collecting 4: The Dark Faerie's Wishing Stick

by jimmy_91754

Long ago...

A Dark Faerie named Jalsavra stole a wishing stick from the Tiki Tack Man. This wasn't just an ordinary wishing stick, it was a wishing stick gone bad. The stick had the power to put a kind of disease in pets. There was no found cure for the disease until Jalsavra made one. Since Jalsavra had the only cure she decided to have some fun by giving the disease to other pets. There was one pet named Matt12132344554567 ( nicknamed Matt... in this story ) that had the disease. Matt... restlessly looked for the cure until he met Nite_jjj and Feezifriend...

Matt... was in the Haunted Woods trying to search for a cure. "Got to find a cure," said Matt... tired. He tried to keep searching but got too tired and fell asleep.

When he woke up he found himself in Jimmy_91754's NeoHome. Matt... was very confused and scared at the same time. He got more scared when Nite_jjj and Feezifriend walked in the room he woke up in.

"Hello," said Nite_jjj. "Don't run away, we shall explain all soon."

"Why are you talking like that?" said Matt...

"I don't know," replied Nite_jjj. "But come here."

Nite_jjj and Feezifriend lead Matt... into a room with nothing but a bed inside.

"Okay," said Nite_jjj. "Me and Feezifriend were listening to my favourite band, Chomby and the Fungusballs. After the performance Chomby gave us an autographed picture of himself and the Fungusballs. We thanked them and started to return to my owner's NeoHome. While walking, we heard a voice. At first we thought it was a ghost since we couldn't see it sleeping. We were afraid at first but then we decided to find out what it was. We got closer to the body and found out well... it was you! We took you back to this NeoHome and here you are listening to us talk to you."

"I must thank you for saving me from the night but I must go," said Matt.

"Hold it," said Feezifriend. "What were you doing out there in the middle of nowhere?"

"It is a long story and I will tell you even though I really need to go, said Matt. "Long ago a Dark Faerie named Jalsavra stole a wishing stick gone bad from the Tiki Tack Man. The wishing stick had the power to make anyone or any pet in this case sick. There is no found cure for this disease yet. Anyway, Jalsavra got out of control by "diseasing" everyone she sees with the stick. She did that for her own amusement. One day I decided to help some of the people that Jalsavra cursed. I saw a Jubjub crawling helplessly to the hospital hoping that they have a cure. I went to help the Jubjub and that's when SHE got me. Jalsavra took me by surprise. And now I seek a cure like that Jubjub.

"Wow," said Feezifriend silently. "We will help you find a cure."

"Thank you, but it's quite impossible," said Matt.

"Well, you said Jalsavra used a wishing stick, didn't you," said Nite_jjj.

"Yes," said Matt.

"Then I can help," said Nite_jjj. "You see, Feezifriend and I have a book on useless junk, and it's quite magical."

"Let me see it," said Matt...

"Okay," said Feezifriend. "The book is in here." Nite_jjj and Feezifriend lead Matt... to another room. Feezifriend went to a wall of the room and then said "DODO." A secret compartment in the wall opened up and there laid the book. Feezifriend took it out and showed Matt... the book.

"Amazing," Matt said. He opened the book then studied it slowly. "Where is the part about wishing sticks."

"Let me take a look," said Nite_jjj. He grabbed the book and flipped to a page near the back. "Here it is," said Nite_jjj excitedly.

Matt... took the book from Nite_jjj and began to read the page. Just then there was a knock on the door. Knock knock knock. Feezifriend and Nite_jjj answered the door as Matt... read the page. Nite_jjj opened the door and there was Jalsavra.

"Surprise," said Jalsavra. "Where is Matt?"

"What ever you do," said Feezifriend not worried. "Don't look in the "book room."

"Where is the book room?" said Jalsavra.

"Next to the bathroom," said Feezifriend.

Jalsavra sped to the book room. "Where is Matt," said Jalsavra.

"Counter surprise," said Nite_jjj pressing a button on a remote control. The room suddenly started closing up and soon it became a dungeon for Jalsavra.

"Fools," said Jalsavra from inside the dungeon. "You have to try a lot harder than that to contain me." Jalsavra shoot a dark ball of energy and escaped from the dungeon

Nite_jjj, not looking worried, pressed another button on the remote control. Then suddenly the roof opened and a flat machine that produced light shot out rays of light. Jalsavra was weakened by the light but she still had to do an energy attack. Jalsavra quickly threw an energy ball and flat the machine.

"Is that all you have," said Jalsavra.

Again Nite_jjj pressed another button on the remote control. Another trap was set. A dozen of laser cannons surrounded Jalsavra. The laser cannons fired. Jalsavra then dodged all the blast and said, "Enough of this foolishness." She then fired an energy blast at the remote control.

"Self-destruct activated," said the remote control. "10, 9, 8, 7..."

Nite_jjj quickly tossed the self-destructing item to Jalsavra.

3, 2, 1. BOOM.

Jalsavra flew out of the NeoHome and was wounded badly because of the explosion. Just then Fyora the Queen Faerie flew by an saw Jalsavra. She came down looking very angry at Jalsavra.

"Time to take you back to Faerieland," said the Queen Faerie to Jalsavra. The Queen Faerie then looked at Nite_jjj and Feezifriend. "Thank you," she said. "Take this." The Queen Faerie gave her a holographic collectible card then she flew.

When Matt... was reading... he found a cure for the disease. He just had to take the wish stick and put a spell on it. And so he did and cured all the people sick because of the Dark Faerie's disease. One more thing, please Neomail me if you like this story.

The End

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