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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Articles > The NeoPets Newbie Survival Guide

The NeoPets Newbie Survival Guide

by alexgag

We all know that the first few weeks are brutal for beginner Neopians. We remember what it was like to have no money to buy food or a shelter for our pets. Well, for all you people who struggle everyday to find money to survive, this is the article for you! I like to call this the "NeoPets Survival Guide"! These six easy steps are designed to help poor and new Neopians off the ground and push them to their full potential!

If you follow these easy steps, NeoPets should and will be a better and more fun place!

1) Create a pet:
OK, so you have just signed in for the first time. What should you do? Well, first of all you should create a pet. You could in theory adopt one but why would you, if you have the choice to create one to your own liking? After all, you do only start with 200 Neopoints (NP) and it costs money to adopt a pet. When you create a pet you get to choose his or her name and you receive 50 NP! Even though I have four pets I would suggest that you start off with one and add one or more later on when you have acquired more money. In this early stage I suggest you also open up a bank account where you can store your money.

2) Play Games:
So you now have your new pet along for the ride with you. Take a short trip to your item inventory and you should see a message that tells you that you qualify for a Newbie pack. Press OK and collect it. Keep these items and put them in your safety deposit box for now. You should now have 250 NP. I strongly suggest that once you have collected your Newbie pack, you should head down to the games room. Here you will find many games of various difficulties. I have put up a list of games that do not cost a whole bunch or nothing at all to play and they are a good way to make money and have fun.

The Wheel of Excitement: This game only costs 100 NP to play. The disadvantage is that the outcome of your 100 NP initial investment is not always necessarily great. However you may occasionally win up to 10,000 NP in one spin so keep trying!

Coltzan's Shrine: This game is absolutely free and is a great way to train your pet! The shrine will never give negative things like making the pant devil appear and steel your items although sometimes you will receive a message like " The sand beneath your feet feels unusually warmer than usual" but nothing happens. The shrine can give food, Neopoints or can upgrade your NeoPet's stats.

Fruit Machine: This game is also free like the shrine but your chances of winning are pretty low. You do sometimes get, however, small sums of Neopoints

Healing Springs: Here the Water Faerie could increase your pet's health, cure your pet's disease or she could give you a healing potion. The best part is it's free! If you get a healing potion I suggest you keep it in your safety deposit box until you get to step 3.

Tombola: This is also a free game that you can play once a day! You always win an item when you play this game although they aren't always necessarily good. Sometimes you can win some pretty rare items like faeries, paintbrushes or codestones, which could definitely improve your financial situation at this point.

Other games: You can also try out all the different games offered by NeoPets such as Scorchy Slots, Deck Swabber, etc. These games are also good ways to bring in money. Remember at this point you don't need to buy any food for your pet, all you have to do is take him along for a ride to Tyrannia and grab a piece of omelette.

3) Open up a shop:
Ah, the shop! No Neopian is complete without his or her own personal boutique or shop. Now that you have made some money by playing games, you should have enough money to start your own shop! Once you have created the shop, upgrade it's size a couple of times so you can fit more items. Now, the items that you had previously put in your safety deposit box should come in handy! Although these items might not be worth a lot do not be discouraged! You will find that by selling the items you get for free your revenue will increase slowly but surely!

4) Build a portfolio:
This option might not be for everyone but I find it is a good way to make money if you know how to find bargains. I suggest you start your portfolio only when you feel financially secure. Start off small and slowly increase the number of shares you buy and sell every day! Everyone has there own method of using the stock market, you will find your way too. Know the stocks and you will soon be a stock market super giant!

5) Join a guild:
Finding a good guild is also essential in order to survive the competitive world of Neopia. Try and find a guild that offers many contests that are easy to win. Being active in a good guild is a very good way to make some pretty easy money.

6) The final step:
Now you have done pretty good for your first day. You made money by playing games, opened up a shop and sold some items you got for free and you may have started a portfolio. All you have to do is repeat these steps daily and you should find your self swimming in cash!

Once you have over 100,000 NP you could start offering your self some luxuries such as painting your pet, training your pet with codestones, buying a house, etc. Before that though, you should concentrate on the previous 6 easy steps. Even if you don't succeed, the point of NeoPets is not to make money but to enjoy your Neopian experience!

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