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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Articles > Are Clubs Gold Sinks?

Are Clubs Gold Sinks?

by onugu

I thought I'd take a bit of a break from my more paranoid ramblings, to talk about clubs.

Recently I have noticed more specialised "Gold Sinks" or "Neopoint Sinks" appearing in Neopia.

What is a "Gold Sink"?
Basically anything that allows Neopoints to be removed from circulation amongst players.

Some of you may be outraged by this idea, but take a moment to consider this: There are thousands of Gold Sinks in Neopia already! Every official Neopian Shop is a gold sink, the Scratchcards, the Hidden Tower, the Smugglers Cove, the Igloo--they all count too. Your NeoHome is a gold sink, so are the Noticeboards, and expanding things like your NeoDeck, or Shop.

Yet now we are starting to see the beginning of a new Era--CLUBS! Exciting things that may earn you fame and fortune, and a nice shiny trophy! Examples of these are the Gourmet Club, and the Book Club.

Why have Gold Sinks at all, why not just allow people to get really rich?
Well, this can be a complicated answer, open to may different opinions. Some people may say it's to make us all poorer, or to make it harder for us to compete with the "Fat Cats" of Neopia's rich. Maybe.

I prefer to think that by introducing things like the Gourmet Club and Book Club, and we are adding a new element to NeoPets, another thing to strive to be the best at. Don't forget, not everyone is brilliant at games, but this allows other ways to spice up your trophy cabinet!

But what about the Neopoint cost!
There have been several articles recently detailing the Neopoint value of membership to these clubs, it can cost you up to 5 million Neopoints to earn a place in the book clubs elite ranks. OK, so there is a cost in Neopoints, sometimes quite high. That's why we play games, and run shops, to earn our spending money! Also there is the knock-on effect that items qualifying for the Gourmet Club or Book Club will increase in value, making it harder for Newbies to buy them. But eventually, the price will come down again and, with many gold sinks in place, people will have less Neopoints, and so be unable to afford these items, and slowly the price will drop. This will happen with many items in NeoPets, especially if people are spending all their Neopoints on expensive books, they will have less money to spend on basic food or toys for their Pets. The price of a lot of these items will come down, enabling Newbies, or the less well off, to be able to afford better and more stuff for their pets. Also, there is always that chance that you may be able to get your hands on one of these much sort after items, and make yourself a bit of money!

If everyone in Neopia was rich, there would be no challenge, you could own any item, feed your pets any food, create the most fabulous NeoHome….

With the introduction of new clubs and trophies, which, yes, you do need to be fairly wealthy to stand a chance at, it gives the richer among us the chance to have a go at getting something new, something not very many people have. A similar example would be the new Krawk pet!

But other people are so far ahead of me!
True. It can seem very daunting to start at nothing, while others have read several hundred books, or eaten great feasts of rare foods, but even they had to start somewhere, and the chances are, they have been playing NeoPets a lot longer than you!

Don't forget the Turtle who plodded along slowly through the dust clouds of the disappearing Hare, only to win the race in the end!

But why would you want to join in?
I would guess that the main reason is to get that rare and costly trophy, or maybe to be the top of the score board and receive that recognition. Or maybe just because you can. I'm sure everyone has their own reasons!

So Gold Sinks are mainly the domains of the rich. But after having shown commitment to NeoPets form many months, maybe years, isn't it fair to allow a little loyalty reward! Don't forget there are many things to help the poor and new, such as the Soup Kitchen, the Money Tree, the Wishing Well, etc.…

However, though these glittering prizes may seem distant and unobtainable for many, if not most of us, it is still something we can aim for.

And if you don't want to, then you don't have to! It's not my main ambition in Neopia!

Ideas for New Gold Sinks - Or "Clubs" if you prefer!

The Chef's Club
How many of you have experimented with creating weird and wonderful recipes at the Cooking Pot? How about a club that gives you recognition for each different item you create?

The Toy Club
How many different toys has your pet played with, do you rush to the toy shop the moment a new plushie is announced? How about a club showing off how much you love playing with your pets?

The Generosity Club
You've heard of the Money Tree, but do you ever donate items to it, or Neopoints? How about a club that will boast your heart of gold?

The Most Painted Pet Club
Can't decide between Lost Desert and Tyrannia? Fire one week? Faerie the next? How about a club that show which pets (or even PetPets) have been painted the most times?

The Best Stocked Shop Club
Do you lurk around the Neopian shops waiting for restock time, to grab cool items for sale in your own shop, do you pride yourself on having a huge diverse selection of items for sale? How about a club for people who have sold the most different items in their shops?

The Antique Collectors Club
Is your safety deposit box bulging and fit to burst, or are you constantly upgrading your shop to add more and more space for gallery items? How about a club that shows Neopia's largest Retired Items collection?

The Prettiest Pet Club
Have you spent hours grooming your pet, parting its fur in just the right way, making sure its teeth, claws, spines and spikes gleam brightly in the Neopian Sunlight? How about a club for the most pampered pets?

The NeoDeck Club
OK, so you've got these cards, and put them in your NeoDeck, but now what do you do with them, most people probably don't realise you have every holographic card ever made! How about a club that draws attention to those lovingly created NeoDecks?

The Sweet-Tooth Club
So, some pets prefer to dine on Crystal food, or Expensive Neggs, but what about those pets with the sweet tooth and craving for chocolate? How about a Candy Club for your little sweets?

The Scratchcard Winners Club
Have you got your one Dubloon coin well worn on one edge from scratching the silver off those scratchcards, do you lay in wait at the Kiosk and follow other players home to quickly snap up scratchcards from their shops for your chance of winning that jackpot? How about a club showing the world your winnings?

The Music Club
Do you camp outside the Concert Hall for days before a Jazzmosis Concert? Has your pet seen more Stinks N Stones concerts then you've spun the Wheel of Excitement? How about a club for those die-hard concert fans?

As you can see, these are just a few ideas I came up with once I had put my mind to it for a few minutes. There must be thousands of other things in Neopia that could also gain "Club" status. How about clubs for the most of one item type held, or most items bought from the Hidden Tower, Smugglers cove, or any one particular shop. How about a club for the most games of Meerca Chase, or Kiko Match played, maybe a trophy for the most games that points have been scored in, or a trophy for the most trophies! Maybe even eventually a Club for Clubs! The list is endless!

Whether you choose to participate in "clubs" or not, the very fact that they exist will affect you, and most of it in a positive way! You'll see! *winks*

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