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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Articles > Selling on NeoPets

Selling on NeoPets

by funky_town_angel

Hi! This guide is designed to help you make the most Neopoints when selling items. Hope you learn something! :)

When selling items you need to consider the following points:

- How much time you want to sell the item in
- What/If you originally paid for the item
- How much you would like/expect to get from it

First, when selling an item, you should consider how much time you have to sell it in. For example, you might be trying to raise money in a short amount of time for an offered trade. If you are short of time, the best thing to do is to lower the price slightly so that the item is quickly snapped up. An expensive item will generally sell... eventually! And not everyone is prepared to wait weeks to make some Neopoints.

If you are selling through the Auction House, an obvious ploy is to lower the time in the auction as well as the price. With a low price you are sure to get bidders, and in the short length of time, though you probably won't make as many Neopoints, you will soon be away with a heavier wallet... erm, account.

How many times have you bought an item thinking you were getting a good deal, only to find out you could have gotten it considerably cheaper? Or perhaps bought an item, and then found that the price had dropped over night? I think most people would agree this has happened to them at least once, and, if you're like me, you've probably wanted revenge... or at least your money back!

If you were fortunate enough to win, find or be given the item at no cost to yourself, then you probably won't be worried how much you sell it for, as long as you get a good deal. Of course, if you don't feel you'll get enough for the item, it's a good idea to simply leave it in your safety deposit box until the price goes up again.

Unfortunately, not all your items will you have won. As I mentioned, if you don't think you'll make enough off the item, simply deposit it, and save it for a rainy day. Or, if you're intent on selling you could try putting it at a higher price and waiting for it to sell.

We all have our standards, and not everyone is as flexible as the market, just remember that usually there is no amount of time in which you have to sell an item. Neopets will always be here, and often, if you wait and hunt about for a bit, you will get a better deal then if you had sold an item straight away. Remember, there's no need to rush! You might make more in the long run if you go slow and explore!

Here is a list of ways to sell items on Neopets: - Your Shop/The Shop Wizard - The Auction House - The Trading Post

The Shop Wizard is a personal favourite of mine, and the most commonly used method of selling. I believe that the 250 NP it takes to start a shop will be the best investment you ever make. With your own shop, you need only name the price, and buyers will come to you.

However, never put a price on an item without first checking the Shop Wizard! This gives you an idea of the price range of an item, and an effective way of finding 'the right price' to make a sale. My advice is to price your item at neither the top, nor the bottom of the Shop Wizards' price range, too low and you're ripped off, too high and you won't make a sale.

Frequently you can make more off an item that you sell through the Auction House than one on the Shop Wizard, and you'll make more if you make the auction a long time. However, this method is time consuming, as you must first wait for the auction to close, and then for the bids to be processed, and not everyone has the patience to do that.

Because the selling price of an item in the auction house can always rise, I prefer to use this for sales of expensive items.

If it's not Neopoints that you want, but other items, the Trading Post is the way to go. With the ability to make your own wishlist, and choose which offers you accept, you'll be living it up. But it could take a while before you find a suitable trade, so watch out!

Here's a table:

Location Description
The Shop Wizard Quick sales and good with all items, but for a reasonable profit you must price in accordance with the other shop keepers on the shop wizard
The Auction House Best for expensive items, but slow, however, you may make more than you expected
The Trading Post Good of you want to receive items instead of Neopoints, allows you to choose which offers you accept, but can be time consuming

If you looked at this article hoping that I would say that there is a right way to sell, you're probably disappointed. All the methods of selling have their pros and cons and everyone has their preferences when it comes to making Neopoints.

Sadly, with the market constantly changing, there is no way to guarantee a good deal, but with a little patience and few tricks up your sleeve, hopefully you'll get paid for what you got!

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for their responses to my previous article, "Buying on NeoPets". One question I was frequently asked is 'Where is the Garage Sale?' Well, you can find the Garage Sale at the Top of Terror Mountain, right next to the Snow Faerie Quests.

See ya later, and good luck in the hunt for riches!

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