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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Short Stories > Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods

by sweet_angel_girl160

"Yay! The class trip to Mystery Island is today!" I shrieked, jumping out of bed.

Angel (my owner otherwise known as sweet_angel_girl160) smiled at me and replied, "Calm down and eat something and then you had better hurry or you'll miss your bus."

I bolted down my apple juice and plain omelette, grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Halfway down the road, I met my friend Aryllin, a white Usul. Talking excitedly, we ran all the way to school. Ironic to be excited about going to school on a Saturday, I thought to myself. Oh well. Field trip!

We got on the bus, Aryllin sitting with me and two of my other friends, Sierra and Trista, behind us. All the way to the ferry, we talked about where we were going to go and the games we were going to play.

"So, what are you going to buy when we get there?" Trista asked me. I fidgeted nervously, mumbling something or othyoer. My friends didn't exactly know I wasn't really rich and spoiled. She looked at me curiously, but didn't pry. That's what I liked about my friends. You see, I am painted a very nice Faerie Aisha, but my family has next to no money but I keep that secret in case my friends find out and don't want to be my friends anymore. They are part of the "in" crowd after all.

The bus ride seemed to take forever but we arrived right on time. It was very busy, so I flew ahead to see what the lines to get in were like. I was so excited that I didn't watch where I was going, and I crashed into the side of a tall tree that I hadn't noticed. The last thing I thought before I blacked out was, hey, you really do see stars!

I woke some time later, feeling confused. My head was pounding so I sat still for a minute to get my thoughts together. I remembered crashing into the tree, but where was I now? I looked around. I was in the middle of the forest on a path, big surprise, but no one else was in sight. I stood up slowly, looking around. My right wing started to hurt, and I realised I must have twisted it.

"Oh, great. Now what am I supposed to do?" I asked the trees. I heard voices approaching. I ducked behind a bush because when injured and lost, it's always best to hide from strangers. A large group came up and I heard the leader saying, "And on your right are some lovely Tangle Trees. Don't worry, we are well protected"

Protected? Oh, right from the creatures living in the trees, I thought. Well, that makes sense. This must be a tour group. I stepped up and called out to the guide. The group turned to stare at me. I fidgeted nervously.

"Um, can you help me? My name is Sarthania and I got lost and I don't know where I am and I think my wing is sprained."

The guide smiled. "Of course, come here and we'll care for your wing. Then maybe we can find where you belong, but you will have to come with us because I am not allowed to halt the trip for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER." He smiled.

One of the members of the group brought out a first aid kit and tended carefully to my wing while I explained what had happened.

"Well, that makes sense," the guide said thoughtfully. I felt a little uncomfortable at that. Why was he giving me that strange look? He straightened up and said, "Well, introductions are in order now that we know who you are. I am Horace and I am leading these people through the forest so that they don't get lost." The other members introduced themselves as Cherry, Ravel and Mera.

They all seemed very nice. I started to relax a little and asked, "Where are we?"

Horace replied, "We are on the Lost Path, looking for a friend of ours. Sadly, she has been missing for some time now but we only got here recently to search for her. I am a guide so these people don't become lost as well and I am pointing out different plants and things."

I frowned a little. "I have never heard of the lost path before. Where is that?"

Horace smiled. "Well now, if I knew that it wouldn't be lost would it?"

I stared and then laughed. "OK, I was asking for that. I am feeling much better now, so why don't we get going?"

We continued on our way, and I started to enjoy myself. I felt a little guilty that my friends might be worried about me, but there was nothing I could do about that now. The air was very hot, and soon I found myself to be almost drowsing on my feet. The guides voice droned on, and I felt very peaceful.

A flash and sharp sound almost startled me into taking flight. A bright red creature looking sort of like a Uni without wings ran across the path. I screamed a little, and then felt foolish. Horace came back to me and reassured me, "Don't worry, that's just a Roe. You know, Roes are red?"

I stared at him sharply, suspecting a joke on his part, but he looked serious enough. I let it pass. We continued. I was more cautious now, not wanting to surprised like that again. We came upon a clearing after awhile. In the exact centre was a bright blue plant with strange leaves that looked like clubs and fists.

"What a strange plant," I remarked casually. Horace looked at it. "Oh, that's just a violent."

I stared at him. "Don't you mean Violet?" I asked.

Horace looked at me strangely and said, "No, that is a violent."

I shook my head and said, "Ah, I see, Roes are red and violents are blue, is that it?"

He smiled at me and said, "I think she's got it!"

"Who are you talking to?" I asked curiously.

"The trees of course. Weren't you paying attention?" Horace replied. I shook my head.

"Well, what is this violent or whatever doing here?"

Horace replied simply, "Well it was supposed to be planted on the median strip, but they don't want anymore violents on the media."

I glared at him. "That's it! I am going to throw you in those thorn bushes!"

He looked at me mildly and said, "Please don't, that would nettle me."

I advanced toward him threateningly and stopped when I heard Cherry's shout of laughter. I settled down at a tree some distance away, wanting to be alone. I was missing Angel, and my friends and people who were civilised. Mera came over to talk with me.

"Your family must be very rich to give you such beautiful wings," she said.

I blushed a little. "Not really, just very lucky. Sometimes I wish I didn't have any wings though."

Mera seemed nice, so I told her all about being poor and not wanting to tell my friends. "But it seems to me they aren't very good friends if they only like you for your money and beauty," She said. I thought about that

"But I would rather have false friends then no friends at all!" I protested.

She countered that easily. "With wings and beauty like that, I think you will find it hard to be a nobody." She left later to get settled, as it was almost night. I was left alone with my thoughts. I realised Mera was right. I vowed to talk to my friends as soon as I saw them again. I drifted off to sleep surprisingly fast.

I woke to someone shaking me. "Sarthania, SARTHANIA! Are you OK, please wake up!" I mumbled something and opened my eyes. Blinking a couple times, I saw… Trista!

I sat up slowly. "What's wrong?"

Trista glared at me. "Nothing, besides the fact that you disappeared and we found you looking half dead and we were scared out of our minds worrying about you!"

I thought about that. Then the strange path must have been a dream. That was a relief. I remembered something that was right, dream or not.

"Trista? I'm sorry you were worried. I think our group needs to have a little talk about something."

As I walked off, leaning on Trista, I noticed a bandage on my right wing. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all, I thought as we left Mystery Island.

The End

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