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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Articles > The Neopian Adoption Agency: Is There Really a Problem?

The Neopian Adoption Agency: Is There Really a Problem?

by wishingstarr

I've heard a lot of fellow Neopians try to emphasise the point that pets need to be taken out of the pound. Many guilds flash a motto such as: "Don't create. Adopt!" When I was a Newbie I took this very seriously and tried to adopt pets instead of create them, but now look at me! I've got three beautiful pets, all my own creations, and I'm very happy with each of them. Now, is there really a problem with the number of pets in the Neopian Adoption Agency? Should we always adopt rather than create?

Let's look at some of the advantages of creating a pet. First of all, you can give your pet any name you want it to have. You can make it to suit you and your pet, and you can choose what species, colour, and gender your pet will be to match its name and your personality. Just think, you don't have to take some totally wacky name such as dkj18e273 for your pet! Wouldn't it be terribly embarrassing for a pet to sport a name like that? Think of your pet's first day at school: "Hi, my name is dkj18e273 and I come from Neopia Central..." Doesn't that sound a little strange to you? Besides the fact that you can choose what your pet looks like and what its name is, you can choose what kind of personality it has. The personality of a pet is a factor which decides what he or she likes and dislikes, and you can base your pet's description (on its lookup page) on the personality of it.

There are NP issues involved in creating and adopting pets. You have to pay NP to adopt a pet. For all the encouragement people get to adopt a pet, I'm not sure if its worth it! You get 50 NP for creating a new pet. You actually get paid to create your own pet! Those wheels turning up in your head yet?

When you adopt a pet, you just don't have that sense of accomplishment in your head when you feed or play with it, or even just look at it. I know that when I tried to adopt a pet I always felt so awkward when I was looking at it. It just didn't feel like mine. It felt wrong there with each of those perfectly made pets, each of which suited me well. It just didn't belong. Other people I have talked to feel that way about adopted pets too.

I know you're dying to go and click that Create-A-Pet button now, but wait! There's more! Neopia actually celebrates when more pets have been created. No, you never see on the news that there are only 30 pets in the Adoption Agency! But when there are some more new pets in Neopia, it hits the headlines!

And for those guilds that are dedicated to finding pets good homes - most aren't very active. They say they are going to change Neopia by finding every pet a good home... and then they sit and say how cute their own pets are. It's no use trying to change the nature of a human being; most people just want something they can call their own. A lot of those who adopt pets normally end up abandoning them soon anyway.

If you strongly believe in adopting instead of creating, and I know there are some of you out there, then you are doing the rest of Neopia a favour. While they are doing what they want, and you are doing what you want, Neopia stays balanced. I agree with one of your points, actually: don't create a pet if you're not planning on keeping it! For all you Neopians out there, if you see something cute, just remember to ask yourself this question: "Could I really keep this pet forever?" If your answer is yes, go on ahead and create. If your answer is no, look through the Adoption Agency. Something of the same species might be there if you look, and that way you won't be putting another unused pet into the world of Neopia.

I don't think there is a problem involving the Neopian Adoption Agency. Even if some people who are busy adopting now switch to the creation method, Neopia will stay pretty balanced because there are always newcomers to join the fight between creators and those that adopt. The number of pets in the Adoption Agency is lower than it used to be. Neopia is well-balanced at present. Remember, no pet will ever be in the Adoption Agency for very long, so there is no need to go out and start a campaign to save them all. My sources tell me the Adoption Agency is a pretty nice place for a pet to live anyway; it's not all soggy oatmeal and tiny cages! The reason you see pets crying there is because they long to be loved. Don't feel that you need to adopt one just because it is crying; somebody will come along and adopt it within the next day or so.

Don't forget that whether you create or adopt a pet is purely up to you and what you want to do. Don't let my ideas influence you too much if you have beliefs that you are already trying to stick to. Just have fun creating and adopting pets!

Note: This article is based on my opinion of Neopia and is supported by a few facts. I encourage you to stick to your beliefs and not complain about my personal opinion. Thank you!

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