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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Continuing Series > The PetPets Strike Back: Part Seven

The PetPets Strike Back: Part Seven

by deadly_dreamer

As the PetPets and Capara started to encircle them, Jackabenze tried to send a Psychic message to Sunni. Sunni come on, we need your help! he thought. Unfortunately, Jackabenze wasn't psychic.

"What are you doing?" asked Kamedaki, looking at Jackabenze.

"I'm praying for a miracle," muttered Jackabenze. Suddenly, the roof crashed open, and the Faeries of Neopia burst in.

"Karooka, we meet again," said the Faerie Queen.

"Sunni!" shouted Jackabenze, as the Light Faerie came towards them. "I knew you could do it."

Sky looked furious. "Minions, destroy them," said the Airax. "Do not listen to the Faeries!"

"You know Airax, you have got to come up with better battle techniques," said the Water Faerie. "PetPets, SLEEP!" she shouted.

At that moment, all the PetPets rushing towards the faeries started to fall, and landed on the ground, asleep.

Sky was furious. "No!"

"Now let's finish this," said the Fire Faerie as she let loose flames from her hand.

The flames hit Sky, and it flew across the room. As the Airax landed, the Battle Faerie kicked it, and Sky went Airborne again. It landed on the ground, motionless.

The Earth Faerie looked at the Faerie Queen. "We have to destroy the evil, and to do that, we must destroy the Airax."

The Faerie Queen nodded. "You're right, everyone, aim at the Airax."

As the Faeries aimed at Sky, Jackabenze could only look in shock. Okay, the Faeries were right about destroying the evil, but…but…but this was his pet. The only creature on earth that knew all his secrets. His first pet. He wouldn't let them destroy Sky.

"No!" he cried, and ran out to block the blast.

"Jackabenze!" cried Siquero. "What are you doing?"

As the blast neared Sky, Jackabenze ran in front of the blast, and the Faeries, his friends, and Sky could only look on in shock.

When the dust cleared, Peopatra, Leonot, and the others were shocked to see that Jackabenze was still standing. Near fainting, but standing. But then again, the blast was made to destroy a PetPet, not a NeoPet.

Sky looked at the beaten Fire Lupe. "Why did you save me?" it asked. "After all I've done, I would have thought you would have been all for my destruction."

"I did it because you're my pet," Jackabenze replied, turning round to face Sky. "You can rob the Neopian Bank, steal from the Lost Desert Pyramids, and rig the Lottery, and I'll still care for you."

Sky's eyes began to fill up with tears. "You mean it?" it asked.

Jackabenze nodded. "Yes."

Sky began to cry, but them cried out in pain. "Ahhhhh!" it cried.

"Karooka's soul, it's leaving my body."

The Faerie Queen turned to the Water Faerie. "What's going on?" she asked. The Water Faerie looked at the Faerie Queen. "My guess is Karooka wasn't able to stand all that positive energy, and the Airax is repelling Karooka," she answered.

The Faeries, Jackabenze, and the others could only watch as Sky started to shrink back to its original size. The dark glowing stopped, and its feather went back to its original dull brown. Finally, a huge dark cloud was released from Sky, and the bird collapsed onto the ground.

The dark cloud flew into the air, and hovered by the Faeries. They didn't waste any time in destroying it. When they did, Siquero felt a tingling sensation. Looking down at her fur, she saw it was changing back to its original blue. "All right!" she said.

Jackabenze walked over to Sky, and picked it up. "Caww," it said weakly.

Jackabenze smiled and looked up at the Faeries.

The Faerie Queen smiled at him. "That was a brave thing you did, Jackabenze," she said, pointing to the sleeping PetPets and Capara.

"Awaken!" she shouted.

All of the pets started waking up. One of them, a little Floud, squealed and flew up to the Faerie Queen, along with a few other Faerie PetPets. Then the Faeries flew up through the hole in the ceiling, back to Faerieland. Down in the chamber though, Sky was fully awake and resting on Jackabenze's shoulder. Some of the pets, including the Hornsby that fell in love with Kamedaki, were looking around, and leaving through the tunnel that took you to the Wishing Well. And others were…

"Scrap!" Siquero squealed. "Come here you silly little PetPet.

Jackabenze watched Kamedaki, Leonot and Siquero be reunited with their pets, and walked over to Peopatra and Capara.

"…And three Apis. Yes, that's them all Capara, thank you," said Peopatra. "I was so worried I wouldn't get them all back."

Capara noticed Jackabenze coming towards them. "Can someone please tell me what's going on?" she shouted. "What happened to karooka's soul?"

"It's gone," answered Jackabenze. "And we should be too." Turning round to the others, he shouted, "Hey guys, lets go home."

"Well, Jackabenze, it's been great, but I've really got to go," said Sunni. "I have to stop by the Space Faerie's place. She has a bottling spell I really want to get hold of."

"Why on earth do you want a bottling spell?" asked Jackabenze, confused.

Sunni smiled. "Oh, let's just say I'm going to give Balthazar a taste of his own medicine. Bye!" As the Faerie fluttered away, Leonot asked, "I wonder if that Huggy will be happy with Capara?"

The three of them pondered on that for a moment. They had given the Huggy that led them to the Wishing Well to pet-less Capara. It seemed to have taken a real shine to her. Jackabenze smiled. "I'm sure it'll be all right," he said. "I'm just glad that this is all over."

Suddenly, Leonot stopped. "Uh, guys, I think the biggest challenge is yet to come" he said.

Puzzled, they looked in Leonot's direction, and gasped.

"Jackabenze, Siquero, Kamedaki, Leonot!" Dazzlemint shouted. "Get over here now!"

The Green Kacheek opened his eyes and looked at his grandson. He and his Warf had been spellbound from the start.

"So what happened then?" asked Rookie.

"Well, after Dazzlemint forgave them, the four pets, and their new friends set out to find the other potions. They found and destroyed forty-eight of them.

Rookie nodded, then frowned. "But if there were fifty, and only one was used, that means there's still one left" he said.

The Green Kacheek nodded. "That's right, they never found the last one." He stood up. Well, that's enough storytelling for one night. Let's go to bed already."

Rookie nodded. "Okay."

As he reached his bedroom door, Rookie muttered, "Evil potions, yeah right, g'night Brandy."

As Rookie turned off his light, the Warf stood in the living room... and slowly but surely, its eyes started to glow red….

The End

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