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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Continuing Series > The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Eleven

The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Eleven

by gundamblaze

XII: The Final Battle
"Let me show you what true power is!" Sakari yelled out. She held out her rod, releasing a massive blast of forceful energy that only Orichalkon and I were prepared for. The others went flying about 20 feet back, while me and Orichalkon stood our ground and were only knocked back a few feet. She then created a dome that encased Orichalkon and I in with her. We were the only ones there to fight!

"Brad!" Ryo yelled out to me. At least, that's what I think he said. I couldn't hear a word of it. All I knew is that I was in for the toughest fight of my life. Just then I looked at my NeoP0rt. Weaponize was unlocked.

"Okay Orichalkon, let's try this! Weaponize activate!" A beam of light soon surrounded Orichalkon. When it vanished, he was totally different. His wings were covered in metal feathers, he wore a metal helm and metal set of claws with guns on them and a metal set of shoes. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen.


Then I noticed that the Level 4 NeoWeapon had been activated. We were strong now, really strong. "Okay, now let's beat this thing! Level 4 NeoWeapon Activate!"

Orichalkon put his claws out, and panels in them opened up to reveal rockets. He called out, "Rensha Noroshi!" and blasted Sakari with a barrage of bullets and rockets. But Sakari responded by casting a spell she referred to as, "Zokunen Denpa". It was a wave of pure darkness that struck Orichalkon to the ground. But Orichalkon recovered quickly.

"Come on Orichalkon! We can win this!"

"Ha, you really think you can beat me? Kokushibyou Kusari!" A dozen or black chains shot out and restrained Orichalkon, and started draining his energy. She made the chains bring Orichalkon to her face.

"Foolish Orichalkon... trying to beat me, it's in futility! Look at you, you're so pathetic, standing there, without a hope." He had a hope. I still had the dagger. And so I threw it as hard as I could, and it cut through every chain, releasing Orichalkon. He backed away, flew into the air, and resumed firing the guns....


"I can't stand this!" Ryo said as he pounded on the dome. "Brad's in there fighting and we can't do a thing!" Kage walked over to him.

"Yes, we can do something. We can believe that he can do this." The NeoPets were sitting on the ground with their eyes closed. "That's exactly what they're doing."

"I'd rather watch this," said Willie. "How often to you get to see something like this?" They all sighed.


Sakari repeatedly tried to get Orichalkon with the chains, but he wasn't going to fall for it twice. Then, she grabbed my wrist, but I quickly cut myself free. Just as she withdrew the chain, I grabbed onto it, and she pulled me right up to her. I took this opportunity to grab her rod. I then gave her a quick slice in the arm before withdrawing.

"Okay, let's see if this works... Kokushibyou Kusari!" Okay, so the chains came out, but I had no idea how to control them! Sakari simply laughed at me, and that made me really angry. It made me want to attack her... and then the chains flew after her.

It seemed that the way to use the chains was to really want to attack the person you wanted the chains to go after. So I kept that anger in my mind, and eventually the chains restrained her. I brought her over to me, but kept her at a distance so that she wouldn't be able to hit me. "Give me one reason to let you go on," I said.

"I will never let you show me mercy," she spitefully replied. When she said that, I swung the chains so that she was pounded into the side of the dome. She forced some words out of her mouth. "Why is what I am doing so wrong!? I just want people to enjoy this world!" I replied as I kept hitting her against the side of the dome.

"Imagine over a hundred Emperors of Shadows! That's what would happen if you let people come here! This whole place would be destroyed! NeoPets would be locked up as curiosities! Is that what you want!?"

"I just... want people to be happy...." At that moment she returned to her normal self, and a black shadow erupted out of her body. It was then that I realised she had been a host for something else. A demon. I then saw a body form from the shadow, the most horrible thing I had ever seen. She was a sorceress, but had the type of body of a wolf.

"No way!" I yelled as I saw the beast. She recalled the rod to her own possession. She then started telepathically communicating with me.

"I am Kisei, the sorceress of west Neopia. I want nothing more than to destroy this world and bring the humans here to turn into hybrids like myself. Sakari was simply a pawn in my doings, a cover up. And now that you know, you will be next... I will not let anyone, human or NeoPet, stop me! I will not be alone in my suffering anymore!"

"Wait! Was everything she told us about the NeoPets site and NeoP0rts true?"

"Yes. She said that of her own will. She did intend to bring people here using the NeoP0rts, but only a few, not the entire world. Now, we will fight!" About 100 chains erupted from the rod. Orichalkon and I knew that the first thing to do was take out every chain. Otherwise we wouldn't stand a chance. Orichalkon started shooting at the chains, while I sliced every one I saw. Every so often I had to go and block Sakari's unconscious body while fighting off the chains at the same time. At one moment she shot a chain straight at me, and with amazing rage I grabbed it and pulled Kisei right into the dome wall. She quickly recovered, but it was one more point for us.

After several minutes, all the chains had been cut off. But that left Kisei open to attack us head on. And that's exactly what she did, going after Orichalkon first....


"Okay, this is getting really weird!" Ryo ranted as he furiously banged on the dome. Kage tried to calm him down.

"Hey, ease up man. Brad's gonna be okay! I'm sure of it."

"Yeah, but I can't say the same for Sakari. She's a sitting duck just laying there," said Willie.

"Wait, let me get this straight," Ryo said. "Sakari wasn't the real bad guy, it was the weird wolf woman that came out of her?" The others nodded. "Man this world is messed up."

Kage said, "You know, we can leave any time we want. We have the ability to go back to Neopia on our NeoP0rts too."

"No way," said Willie. "We've got to be here for Brad. Besides, this fight is awesome!" They all sighed again.


"Finaru Sakaime!" roared Kisei mentally. She must have still been using the same dialogue as Sakari. A thousand tiny rays of light shot at us, and I was brutally hurt, while Orichalkon, being a NeoPet, took the blows but kept on fighting. Then, I looked at the dagger that Kage had given me. It was glowing. It must've absorbed some of the rays! I drew it out, and waited for her to attack again. And she did. In fact, she attacked three more times. I took a lot of hits, so I stood in front of Sakari, since I was going to be hit anyway. The dagger was overflowing with power now, and was ready to slice.

"Okay Orichalkon, let's finish this! Level 4 NeoWeapon activate!" Orichalkon used the Rensha Noroshi ability, and bombarded Kisei with dozens of rockets and bullets. Then, I took the dagger, and charged at Kisei, and slashed her full across, releasing all her energy back at her with one powerful blow. And that was just enough to finish it.

"NO! It can't be! I can't... lose!!!" But she did. After a few seconds, she just vanished into blue light. And the dome... merely vanished. All the others came running in.

"That was awesome, Brad!" Ryo yelled.

"I'd pay to see that again," commented Willie.

"Seems you made good use of my dagger," said Kage. Orichalkon had reverted to it's normal state, and all the NeoPets were cheering.

"Save the celebrations for later," I said. "We have to take care of Sakari." I went over and put my hand on her forehead. "Her fever is getting bad. If we don't do something soon she won't wake up... ever." I picked her up, and had Kage use his NeoP0rt to transport us back to Neopia.

To be continued…

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