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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Four

Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Four

by yugo149

Previously on Doomsday Rider III, Boomdogg and ShenDogg locked horns for the final time, and ShenDogg was destroyed by Boomdogg. Then, it was a short bout between Boomdogg and Mechanicore, and Mechanicore had annihilated the powerhouse Lupe. Then, it was Doomsday_Rider and Mechanicore locking horns, and using powered up vials, our hero was able to dismantle the beast that had so easily defeated Boomdogg.

I stared in total disbelief at the spot Mechanicore had been standing. I couldn't believe it. I had defeated Mechanicore. I looked up to the rest of the group, and all of them were cheering.

Inside the main chamber...

"No! This is not happening!" Zing-Lau shouted as he gripped his head with one hand. "That does it! I am awakening Achinarak, and he's not going to fail!" He said, gathering energy in his magical sceptre. He began waving it back and forth, and chanted in ancient Phoenician. As he chanted, a shadow began forming on the floor, and a loud groan came from it. As the shadow began to take the form of a large spider, the lighting in the main arena went out. The only light was coming from the Cloud Temple. Out of the shadow came two dots of blood red light, and then it's legs took shape, and the figure stood up. It was just barely smaller than the shaft I was in. Apparently, this was the beast known as Achinarak.

"Now, my pet, go and destroy that meddling Shoyru!" Zing-Lau commanded, pointing down the shaft. Achinarak, obeying Zing-Lau's command, leapt into the shaft, and climbed down it using his incredibly long legs.

Back in the ring...

"Why did the lights go out?" I asked. I looked up toward where the torches had been moments ago. "I don't like this," I said, glaring straight up. Out of the darkness, I spotted two blood red eyes, and my eyes widened in horror. Achinarak had been awakened. We had failed one of our main missions, but we could still win the war. "Magna, how many vials do you have left?" I asked.

"I've still got a lot of vials, Rider. I think you may need them to defeat Achinarak," Magna replied. He threw a few vials down to me, and I grabbed them before Achinarak did. They were all blue, so I got the super charged speed, I ran as fast as I could, jumped onto the wall, and ran around on it as fast as I could, slowly moving up toward Achinarak. When I got as high as he was, I leapt off of the wall, and hit Achinarak as hard as I could. It didn't do much damage, but the collision knocked Achinarak down a little bit. After I'd rammed Achinarak, his body exploded, and darkness shot throughout the shaft.

"K.O.!" I shouted, raising my fist in triumph. I looked up at Zing-Lau, and he was smirking cockily down at me. I looked down, and there was nothing but darkness on the floor. My legs were covered by the blackness, and I saw two fiery red eyes open in the shadows. Achinarak was still alive, and was nowhere near defeated! "Oh great," I said to myself. "Now what?" The shadow began taking form, but this time into what looked like a shadow of Toro. "This is not good," I told myself, unsheathing my Million Degree Sword. Magna threw me three more blue vials. I drank the liquid energy in them, and gathered enough charged energy for a super speed headbutt. I got ready for my attack, charged at Achinarak, and slammed the sword right into his forehead. The sword dropped when Achinarak broke apart again. I raced over and picked it up.

"This is going to be the hardest fight of my life," I said, searching for Achinarak. As I was searching for him, I heard a high-pitched screech from above. I looked up, and there was Achinarak, in the form of Spectre. "I can't believe this. He's nothing but a shadow!" I told myself, and as I was watching Achinarak, he began charging down the shaft, and I ran to the very edge of the ring. When he hit the floor, the entire Cloud Temple rumbled.

At the edge of the Cloud Temple...

"What was that?!" A Shoyru said, looking around for a cause for the rumble. He saw nothing. His name was Shoyru200097, but we always called him Shoru. He began racing through the Cloud Temple, toward Zing-Lau's lair, and unknown to him, Achinarak.

Back in the shaft...

Magna threw me three more blue energy vials. He was beginning to run low. I drank the energy in them, and began to run up the shaft again, and I slammed my sword back into Achinarak's forehead. I landed back in the ring, and Achinarak broke apart again. The darkness that was his body began swirling around at the top of the shaft, and the Million Degree Sword that I'd jammed into his forehead fell to the ring. Slowly, Achinarak's next form began to take shape. He was becoming the shadow of Skull Ptero. Just as Magna was ready to throw me his last vials, I saw a gold blur launch through the doorway, and slam into Achinarak just as he was finishing his transformation. Achinarak was paralysed in mid-air, and when Shoru landed next to me, he used his magic to trap Achinarak in a green orb.

"Shoru, you defeated Achinarak! You saved my butt!" I told him.

"Doomsday Rider, Achinarak is still alive, all I've done is K.O.'d him. The spell will be easily overridden by Zing-Lau's magic," Shoru told me.

Up in the main chamber...

Zing-Lau began spinning his sceptre in his hand, and began chanting in Phoenician again. When he finished the chant, the framework of the orb shattered, and then the jade that had trapped Achinarak shattered, but he was K.O.'d, and so Zing-Lau waved his sceptre so that some mist came from the Jadestone, and sprinkled on Achinarak. His fiery red eyes opened, and the fight was back on. Needless to say, Achinarak was extremely mad now. He began taking the form of Mechanicore, and he floated down to us. He went straight for me first, and instantly started firing away with punches and kicks at a blinding speed. I was lucky I could even dodge them.

Shoru jammed his Attack Fork through Achinarak's torso. His body separated again, and regathered at the top of the shaft, then it began to take the form of ShenDogg. He dropped down, and charged at Shoru. Shoru clenched his Attack Fork, and jammed it through Achinarak's forehead when he was close enough. Achinarak's body separated once again, and began taking the form of The Unborn Beast at the top of the shaft. He dropped down to battle us again. His fiery gaze was aimed straight at me, and I clenched my Million Degree Sword. Shoru clenched his Attack Fork, and we were both ready to attack.

Achinarak rushed me, and I slammed my sword into his forehead, and Shoru jammed his Attack Fork through his waist. We tore our weapons out of Achinarak, and he was clenching his waist, and his fiery eyes began to turn white, and then he fell over. His body separated, and shot up toward Zing-Lau. The darkness wrapped around him, and he dropped his sceptre Now Achinarak was taking the form of the evil Zing-Lau himself. The only difference was Achinarak was much more powerful, and Zing-Lau's form was enlarged and altered a bit. But still, we were facing off against an opponent that could destroy the universe.

"How many vials do you have left?" I asked Magna.

"Two," Magna replied. He threw down a golden vial to me, and one to Shoru. I drank the energy in the vial, and I felt an amount of strength, speed, and stamina that I'd never felt before. Shoru drank the energy in his vial, and I could see it had a similar effect. We were both pumped up, and ready to fight Achinarak again. Achinarak's fiery gaze pierced the darkness in the shaft, and he floated down to me and Shoru. Achinarak was not a force to be reckoned with, and now that he's fused with Zing-Lau, we had a mere sliver of a chance of winning. But just because we would most likely lose didn't mean we'd give up.

We both took shots at Achinarak, but we both missed. Shoru and me created a plan. He would rush Achinarak, and fake an attack. Then when Achinarak stopped in front of me, I'd jam my sword through his torso. Shoru rushed Achinarak, and slammed his Attack Fork forward. Achinarak blazed out of the way and stopped in front of me. I jammed my Million Degree Sword through Achinarak's chest, and something odd happened when I pierced Achinarak. Blue light began emitting from his dark body. He turned to face me, rushed me, and slammed his fist into my throat. I was thrown across the shaft, and to the very edge of the ring. Achinarak began moving toward me again, and Shoru rushed him from behind, and jammed his Attack Fork through his stomach. The blackness that was Achinarak's body scattered and disappeared on the walls of the shaft. But there was something left over. A body formed from water! Apparently this was the real Achinarak.

"You fools!" Achinarak shouted to us. "Look what you've done to me! I'm going to destroy both of you for that!" He rushed me, but I managed to slash him with my sword. He splattered all over the ring, and began reforming in the centre.

"This is not good," I said, realising the true power of Achinarak. Shoru and Achinarak went into a grapple, and neither of them was receding an inch. I ran over, kicked Achinarak's foot out from under him, and Shoru sent him reeling. He regained his footing at the edge of the ring. Shoru and I rushed him, and rammed him into the lava. He began glowing fire red, and a blazing inferno was blasting up from the lava.

"No! This cannot be! I am Achinarak, I am indestructible!" Achinarak shouted as he began to sink into the lava. Achinarak's hand was the last thing to go under. After Achinarak was completely submerged in the lava, the torches at the top of the shaft re-lit. Although we had destroyed Achinarak, Zing-Lau, Mechanicore and ShenDogg, we were still in mortal danger.

"The self-destruct is set! You've all got to get out of here!" I shouted to the others. They all got out, but I was going to stay and try to turn off the main computer. I flew up to the main chamber that Zing-Lau had been hiding in. The ran up the passageway, and into the computer room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zing-Lau's sceptre I picked it up, and put a barrier around myself. I typed in as many 7-digit numbers as I could think of, but none of them worked. I stared in horror as the timer hit zero. The shaft and everything else in the lair began to collapse, and the computer room began to explode. Before I knew what had just happened, the entire lair exploded, and I had been caught in it.

At the edge of the Cloud Temple...

"He gave his life, to save us," Shoru said, staring in horror as Zing-Lau's lair went up in flames. Unknown to them, the explosions forced the barrier I was in out of the lair, and over toward the edge of the Cloud Temple.

"He always had more heart than brains," Boomdogg said. When the barrier landed where the others were, it shattered, and nobody noticed. I lay on the grass, bleeding a little from my mouth.

"Could I get a little help here?" I asked, struggling to get up. Everybody wheeled around, and rushed over to me. Both Boomdogg and Shoru tried to help me up. Kentan just tried to give me a Healing Potion X. I drank it, and felt really refreshed. I knelt down, and patted Kentan on the head. "Thank you, Kentan," I told him.

"You're welcome," Kentan said, holding what was left of the potion. We went our separate ways again, because peace had been restored to Neopia once again.

The End

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