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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > New Series > Faerie Tales, Vol. I The Negg Faerie: Part One

Faerie Tales, Vol. I The Negg Faerie: Part One

by taffychic

The Negg Faerie groaned as her alarm clock beeped at her for the fourth time that morning. She knew that as much as she might like to hit the "sleep" button again, she really had to get up. She savagely beat the alarm clock into silence, tossed the bedcovers away, and shoved her feet into her slippers, tripping over Cool Negg-shaped pillows on the way to the bathroom. She paused to look in the mirror and reflect. "How much longer can I keep this job?" She wondered out loud.

Ever since she was a faerie-child, (a Water Faerie, she had been, at that point) she had been fascinated by the brown fruit that Neopians loved so much. She constantly plagued quest-seekers for rare Neggs to add to her collection. Finally, the Faerie Queen decided enough was enough. She summoned the young faerie to her quarters and eagerly awaited the time when she could put a stop to this nonsense.

"What can I do for you, my Queen?" asked the young Water Faerie.

"I am granting you a favour, dear. You are, ahem, quite obviously not cut out to be a Water Faerie, I'm afraid. Your quests are ridiculously difficult, and you don't even enjoy swimming or sunbathing as you used to before that fateful day when your dear Guardian gave you some purple Negg-flavoured baby food. You need a new title. From now on, you will be known as the Negg Faerie. You will be in charge of the discovery, care, and distribution of rare and, I'm sure, very useful new Neggs"

The new Negg Faerie couldn't have been more delighted. She barely kept an acceptably serene face as she bowed to the Faerie Queen. "Thank you, my Queen. I will do my best to please you."

The queen smiled warmly. "Furthermore, I am going to alter your appearance. Since you no longer have the responsibilities that come with being a Water Faerie, I am going to release you from their looks as well. From now on you will be one-of-a-kind. I certainly hope you'll be happy, dear." The queen gestured with her sceptre and a tinkling music filled the air.

The Negg Faerie looked down. Her clothes seemed to be twisting, and she gasped as they warped into an outfit the likes of which she had never seen before. She absently put her hand to her tingling scalp, and a handful of her curly golden tresses came out in her hand. She was beginning to feel rather queasy when the tinkling music finally stopped. The Queen gestured again and a full-length mirror appeared in front of her.

She gasped at her reflection. The tiny wings that graced all water-faeries were gone, and large green dragonfly wings had sprouted in their place. She wore a scanty top and skirt with polka dots of every colour Negg you could imagine. Her tights were pale green and she wore comfortable furry green boots.

Yet most shocking was her hair. Instead of the long brownish-yellow locks she once had, now her hair was short and springy… and green! She sighed sadly. She had really loved her hair. On the whole though, she was willing to give it up for her precious Neggs

The Faerie Queen was not finished. "Go to the Ice Caves, dear. You may set up your Neggery there. As soon as you can, find an assistant to mind the shop, and go out to search for new strange and rare Neggs Good luck!"


"Well, it had seemed like fun at first, but I don't know if I like it any more," mused the faerie as she ran a brush through her green hair. "If only I could do something that really made a difference. After all, all the hype about Neggs is beginning to die out. I don't even feel important anymore."

The Negg Faerie considered this as she collected Negg tokens and restocked the shelves with newly picked Sneggs. For the fifth day that week they had less than a dozen visitors, which only confirmed her fears. Finally she made a decision.

"Cairynn! Come here please!" Her pretty assistant, Cairynn, pranced into the room almost as soon as she was called, followed by her pet Wocky, Laylenna. "I need you and Laylenna to watch the Neggery for a few weeks. I've got some business to attend to."

Cairynn knew better than to question the strange Faerie, knowing she probably wouldn't get an answer anyway. "I would be happy to, mistress. You don't happen to know how long you will be gone this time, do you?"

The faerie thought for a moment. "No," she said finally. "I'll be gone as long as it takes. I'm afraid that's the only answer I can give you."

She started out the next day, after making sure that Cairynn knew what to do and had everything she needed. She was well trained, of course (the Negg Faerie trained all her assistants herself) but she hated leaving her produce in any hands but her own. She shrugged that fear off. "After all," she told herself, "I have more important things to worry about. I don't know where I'm going. I don't even know why I left in the first place. Oh, Uber-Faeries! I'm so confused!"

By dusk she had reached the base of Terror Mountain. She came to a small village, mostly made up of Grundos, Bruces, and Gelerts. A kind Bruce housewife invited her in for dinner, although she seemed to have no idea who her strange visitor was.

"What did you say your name was, my dear?" she asked for the tenth time.

"Tacy," the Negg Faerie repeated the name she had given herself. For some reason, she felt compelled to remain anonymous.

"Well, Tacy, could you do me a favour an help out with this casserole? There's a dear," she said absently. The faerie picked up the casserole, then paused and looked at it with distaste.

"Um, what is in this?" She eyed the purplish concoction with distaste.

"Oh, that's my famous Ummagine Casserole! Imported all the way from Mystery Island, they are. They're all the rage now. They go wonderful in casseroles, I can tell you that, mm-hmm." Her kind host babbled on about Ummagines, and then Peachpas and Tcheas and many other strange fruits that the Negg Faerie had never heard of. Finally she couldn't restrain herself. "I'm very sorry, but don't you people eat Neggs?"

Sellyo, the Brucewife, looked at her blankly. "Neggs? Oh yes! I heard they stopped growing those years ago. We don't have those around here anymore, except for the occasional wild Ice Negg. I hear there's a dreadful black market for them, though." She frowned darkly into the salad she was making.

"Black market?" The faerie looked up sharply. This sounded serious. "Tell me everything you know about this!"

"Well, I certainly don't get involved in that kind of thing," Sellyo said placidly, "but it sounds to me as someone has bought all the Negg farms in Neopia and is controlling the market. My, but there must be quite a profit in it too. He can just drive the prices through the ceiling and there's nothing we plain folk can do."

"Oh. Well that's a pity, isn't it? Here, let me pour that burdock juice for you." She quickly changed the subject, still avoiding telling anyone who she was for some cryptic reason. Even though, she went to bed that night with a plan…

To be continued...

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