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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Short Stories > Rosetta Fontaine

Rosetta Fontaine

by breizh_constance

Rosetta Fontaine, a sixteen-month-old (16 years old for a human) green Aisha, woke up early on Saturday morning and checked her calendar. She frowned instantly when she saw the date; it was her sister's birthday. Loretta Fontaine, a pink Aisha, was the prettiest Aisha in all Neopia. Unfortunately for Rosetta, everyone thought so. Rosetta was jealous of her sister's popularity. Today would be the worst. Every year since her sister turned eleven months old, she has been getting admirers by the dozen.

Loretta was turning fourteen and Rosetta knew that from now on, admirers would pile by the hundreds to see her. Rosetta got up and took a cold shower. She then combed her orange hair and dried it. She put on her work dress and went down stairs. Her parents owned the Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island. Loretta and Rosetta were the two main waitresses. There were other waitresses, like Kathy, a blue Kacheek, and Ursula, a yellow Usul. Kathy was Rosetta's best friend and Ursula was Loretta's.

Rosetta rejoined Kathy in the kitchen and they both put on their aprons.

"Aye! Look at all the men! There is Alstaf Poogle, Wesley Clearheart, Wild Berry, Rhan Tyr, and, oh my God, the Velvet Pimpernel!" Kathy exclaimed as she looked around the pub.

"Don't remind me," Rosetta said, sighing.

Suddenly, Mrs. Fontaine popped up and asked Loretta to go get some more frosting for the cake.

"Fine," she replied, "I'll go." Rosetta grabbed a basket and exited the Golden Dubloon.

As she walked down the street, she heard someone call her name. Rosetta turned around to face a handsome, young, Lupe looking to be around eighteen.

"Loretta is not up yet. She will be down very soon, so wait ye turn like all the other love-sick men on the island." Rosetta snapped before continuing her trip to the bakery.

"But I wasn't looking for Loretta," the Lupe explained. The young Aisha stopped.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"I was looking for you," he replied. "My father told me a lot about you. He said you really wanted to become a captain and have your own ship someday. He also said you were a great co-captain." Rosetta was stunned.

"Yeah, father is Admiral Arvakis?" she managed to get a few words out.

"Yeah, he is. I am his son, Alexander," he said as he extended his paw for a handshake. Rosetta shook it.

"How come I haven't seen you around?" she asked, curiously.

"My parents are divorced. My mother moved to Terror Mountain with me and married Hagar Mountbane," Alexander explained.

"Wow! Yeh father is Mountbane? Did he take you exploring?

"Only once."


The bakery was on the main island of Krawk Island so Rosetta and Alexander had to take a boat to cross the water. Fortunately, there was a boat that made the crossings every half-hour for only one Dubloon. The two NeoPets boarded the boat and reached the other side. They talked all the way to the bakery. Once there, Rosetta paid for the frosting and when she was done, Alexander was no where to be seen.

She searched for him all over the island. Rosetta even went to Smuggler's Cove. Maybe the smugglers had taken him there, she thought. But she did not find him. She continued to Fungus Cave. She dropped her basket, which contained the frosting, at the entrance and took a deep breath. She stepped inside and felt a cold breeze touch her hair and flesh. Rosetta trembled, but continued in. "ALEXANDER?" she cried out. Only her echo answered her. Rosetta was determined. She continued into the cave and tripped. In front of her was a green baby Krawk. The Krawk ran in the other direction and Rosetta followed. It was soon out of sight. Rosetta was frightened and cold. It was dark and she could not see anything. She walked deeper and deeper into the cave and suddenly, out of no where, she fell into a crevasse. She hung by her hands. "HELP ME!" she cried. "PLEASE... SOMEBODY HELP!"

Rosetta heard footsteps. "ROSETTA? ARE YOU THERE? ROSETTA?" a male voice called out. Rosetta recognised the voice instantly.

"ALEXANDER! HELP! OVER HERE!" Alexander ran over to the crevasse. He looked down and saw Rosetta's silhouette. Alexander kneeled down quickly and grabbed Rosetta's hands. She let out a little scream. With all his might, Alexander pulled her up safe and sound. He took her into his arms and could feel her trembling. They walked out of the cave, peacefully and slowly. At the exit, Rosetta turned to him.

"I wanted to thank ye," she finally said. He smiled and turned around. He grabbed something. Rosetta didn't see what it was; he had hid it too well.

"You're welcome," Alexander said simply, when he had turned around.

"How did ye find me?" she asked. "And why did ye leave me at the bakery?"

"Well... I had an errand to run. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. When I noticed you were gone, I asked people on the way if they had seen you, an old red Kyrii told me she had seen you go to Fungus Cave, so I went there. I saw your basket, so I figured you were in there. A green baby Krawk told me he had seen a young green Aisha. He led me to you."

"Aye! My basket, I forgot!" Rosetta grabbed the basket and checked to see if the frosting was still there. It was. "What was that errand you had to run?"

Alexander smiled and took out a small brown Weewoo from behind his back.

"I got this for you," he said, blushing. Rosetta took the little Weewoo into her arms and hugged it.

"Aye! It's so cute! I'll name it Alex," she said, blushing as well. Something suddenly hit her. "But... but today is Loretta's birthday, not mine." Alexander smiled at her.

"Yeah, but I felt like giving this to you. I bought your sister a pair of earrings."

"Aye! Thank you so much!" Rosetta hugged Alexander. She had never felt so happy in her entire life.

The End

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