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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Short Stories > PetPets Save the Day (Kinda)

PetPets Save the Day (Kinda)

by phyco_dragon

Darkness concealed every room, the small NeoHome was completely absent of life, unless you counted the four small PetPets. Sprinter was perched comfortably on one of the kitchen cabinets, a large smirk plastered on his face. The bright yellow Doglefox had been sitting there for the better part of the day watching Mickey pace throughout the NeoHome. Without her owner there she was in charge and was taking it very seriously.

The small Babaa charged from one room to another checking for all possible danger. As she marched past the kitchen Sprinter clasped his paw over his mouth to keep from laughing, she glared at him coldly. "What are you doing up there? You'd better not fall off. I'm sure I'll get blamed for it!" she shouted up him.

Sprinter rolled his eyes playfully and said, "Oh please, take a chill pill, Mick." Laughing, Sprinter continued, "What's with the whole boot camp thing anyway?"

Mickey shot a look at him but decided not to answer instead charging down the hallway, leaving him giggling to himself.

Halfway down the hall Mickey passed Alex's room--it was dark and scary, painted black and full of Sticks N Stones' merchandise. Mickey was terrified to even walk in; she never couldn't understand how Sprinter managed to actually SLEEP in it. Suddenly something deep inside the bowels of Alex's room caught Mickey's eye, something was moving. Mickey gasped and spun around to inspect her surroundings. Across the living room Spinx was curled up on the windowsill while Plinky gnawed relentlessly on the coffee table. Nothing unusual in here she thought, but what could be in that room? Mickey blinked hard in hopes to get a better look but it was just too dark, with a long heavy sigh she took a shaky step into the dark.

She walked carefully and slowly, manoeuvring around dirty laundry and multiple things that Sprinter had ripped to shreds. Nearing the other side of the room her foot got caught on Alex's Sticks N Stones jacket and was sent flying face first into the bedside table. A dark form leap out from behind the table and let out a loud screech. Mickey blinked in surprise as it rushed out the door into the living room, still stunned she clumsily jumped up and rushed after the intruder.

Spinx looked up sleepily. "What the?" he yawned as he saw Mickey charging after a small purple creature. Plinky let go of the coffee table long enough to watch the purple blur smack straight into him. The tiny Meep-it flew through the air, landing right on the oncoming Babaa.

"PPEEPP!!" Plinky wailed as he and Mickey tumble across the floor knocking into the coffee table and sending everything on it flying. Spinx, smiling to himself l, watched sleepily as the unknown creature waddled quickly into Leafves' bedroom.

Sprinter walked in and surveyed the mess. The table was knocked over, everything that was on it was scattered everywhere, the rug was all wrinkled and out of place, while Mickey and Plinky lay on the floor in what could only be described as a freak twister accident.

Sprinter stepped over the two PetPets and looked up at Spinx. "Hey Spinx… uh... what happened?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Spinx blinked slowly and pointed a paw to Leafves' room. Confused Sprinter crept up to the door, inside the room was complete mess. Well, more than usual. The desk was knocked over and all the stuff on it was now everywhere, the blankets on the bed where hanging over the side of the mattress and the full length mirror was knocked over and shattered. Sprinters eyes were wide as he scanned the room then he focused on the small creature swinging from the ceiling.

"Hey Spinx, you do know there's a… whatever in here?" he shouted nervously, "and it trashed Mick and Leafves' room."

"It's a Snarhook," Spinx shouted back calmly. The Snarhook leapt from the ceiling and sailed over Sprinters head, Sprinter's hair stood up on his back as the little creature ran into the kitchen. "Great…."

It had been over an hour and the Snarhook wouldn't leave, it had been running all over the house, knocking over anything that it came across. Sprinter had abandoned his tough guy attitude a long time ago and was now whimpering behind Spinx on the couch, and as usually Spinx was sleeping. Mickey had dragged out a white board and was drawing out a complex plan to remove the intruder before their owners got back from school, and Plinky was still lying unconscious on the floor. After a while Mickey finally spoke, "Okay, me gots a plan!" Sprinter looked up hopefully, wiping tears from his face. "Okay, all we have to do is get a bag, put the Snarhook in it, and put the bag in the discard bin!!" Mickey cheered looking quite proud of herself.

Sprinter simply raised an eyebrow, "That's the dumbest thing me has ever heard!!" he snapped. "I have a much better idea."

"Oh yeah, right…." Spinx muttered in his sleep.

Soon there was a box in the middle of the room. It was held up by a small stick and tied to the stick was a carrot. Behind the couch you could hear Sprinter giggling evilly, "This is the greatest idea me's ever had!" Sprinter exclaimed quietly as he could managed.

Mickey rolled her eyes, and said, "I liked my discard bin idea better." She pouted.

As the two PetPets argued Spinx peered out from behind the couch and watched Plinky walking uneasily toward the box. "Uh guys?" he said with a yawn, "are we trying to catch Plinky, or the Snara-whatever?"

Sprinter blinked. "The Snarhook, uh, why?"

"Oh well, does Plinky know that?"

Plinky was now gingerly nibbling on the carrot, smiling from freakishly small to ear freakishly small ear. "Plinky!!" Sprinter growled between clenched teeth, "What the heck are you DOING!?" Plinky blinked innocently and continued chewing.

Mickey, who was now completely bored with the whole box idea, rolled her eyes as Sprinter tried to coax Plinky any from his 'great invention'. As she rolled her eyes she noticed something above her, the Snarhook was sitting on the back of the couch staring down at her. With a loud yelp she jumped back, smacking into the couch and sending it toppling over. The small Snarhook sailed through the air and once again managed to pick Plinky as a landing spot, two PetPets hit the back of the box causing it to slam to ground. Sprinter leapt up and barked a loud victory cry as Mickey glanced around nervously, Spinx wandered over lazily toward the box and began poking it with his paw. "Now what?"

"Well, uhh..." Sprinter began blinking, "now we uh… take it outside!!" Mickey sighed heavily. "But Plinky's inside it, we can't leave him there."

"Yea we can. No one liked him anyway…" Sprinter trailed off, his confidence had come back and he was now determined to recapture his lost pride. He promptly grasped the corner of the box in his mouth and pulled with all his might toward the door.

Mickey followed curiously. "Are you just gonna leave it on the lawn? Don't you think someone while see it?"

Sprinter sighed, "Duh that's the point!! You know how people around here take whatever they find on the ground, food Neopoints, Codestones, boxes full of annoying PetPets, that's the beauty of my plan."

Mickey scrunched up her nose as Sprinter dragged the box into the middle of the front lawn, he then bolted back toward the house and jumped through the small PetPet door. Mickey looked over to see him watching her and the box through the front window, giving her a thumbs up.

Mickey sat down beside Sprinter on the windowsill and they both watched the box. Within seconds, a large blue Lupe wandered past the box.

"All right!! Random Events rule!!"

He snatched up the box and rushed down the street. Sprinter said to himself, "Oh yea, I'M the greatest. Now onto phase two."

He hopped off the couch and rushed into the kitchen. Mickey followed close behind and watched as Sprinter struggled to pull the broom off its wall hook.

"If your planing to clean the house with that broom I think you'll need a much bigger one," she said casually.

Sprinter glared back at her. "Are you gonna help me or not?"

Mickey looked down the hall nervously as Sprinter gnawed on the broom handle.

"Sprinter it's not going to work…"

"We have to figure out another wa..."

"Hey guys, I'm home!!" boomed a voice from the front door.

"Hey guys, Mick did the Pant Devil come by for a rematch?" He laughed as he walked in, instantly tripping on the hat rack. He slammed to the ground , "Heyyyyyy, what's this doing on the ground?"

Flame peeked in and said, "My goodness every thing's all messy!!" He peeped and rushed over to Spinx, who purred loudly.

Alex glared down at Sprinter who whimpered and pointed a paw to Mickey, who was now hiding behind the broken coffee table.

Shoyryna screeched, "Where's my PLINKY!?!"

Sprinter snickered under his breathe. Leafves smiled over to Mickey who was timidly peeking over to him.

"Mick, what happened?" he asked with a calm but shaky voice.

Alex and Flame were attempting to move the coffee table when they heard someone outside. Alex looked up and was greeted with Plinky flying through the open window.

"Here take this stupid fluff ball back," the Lupe growled, taking off his ear muffs. "It's worse than a Kadoatie."

Shoyryna squealed happily, "EEEEEE!! Plinky you're back!!"

She tore the Meep-it from Alex's face and squeezed him till his creepy eyes bulged out. Flame rushed over to help his sister up who grumbled and glared at Plinky, glares seem to be a major form of communication in this family.

"OK everyone," Leafves called out, climbing on top of the coffee table. "I guess it's about time we did some good old fashioned house cleaning!!"

Everyone moaned as if on cue.

Mickey sighed lazily. All's well that ends well... I guess, she thought to herself, wiping the kitchen window clean.

The whole NeoHome had been under going cleaning for what seemed like forever now, and all Mickey could do was keep a stiff upper lip and listen to orders. Sprinter was finding this a hard pill to swallow and growled as he scrubbed the kitchen tiles. Mickey looked out the window sadly and noticed something in their neighbour's window. It was the Snarhook, ripping things off the neighbour's shelves and sending them all over the room. Sprinter wandered over to the window and watched the Snarhook take a large permanent marker and began scribbling vigorously on the walls. He and Mickey both sighed, looking at each other. With a quick flick the window blinds fell down with a pleasant click, Sprinter nodded his approval and went back to his cleaning. And that was the last anyone on 113871 Bread Street ever saw of the little pest. Or was it?

The End

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