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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Short Stories > KiwiBonk and the Fire Faerie

KiwiBonk and the Fire Faerie

by slack_jawd_yokel

Last night, while I was getting ready for bed, KiwiBonk, my pet Aisha, bounced into my room and announced: "Alison! I got a paint brush!"

"You found it?" I asked.

KiwiBonk was hopping all over the place in her excitement. "No, I bought it!"

"KiwiBonk, you know you're not supposed to buy things without my permission," I scolded. "How much was it?"

"100,000 Neopoints!" she shrieked.

"What! We don't have that much money! We only have 3,000 in the bank!"

"Well, I got rid of a few things," she admitted.

I took my portable NeoLog (which lets you see your current statistics in Neopia) out of my book bag, and hastily logged in. "KiwiBonk, you sold our Eo Codestone!? I was going to trade it to somebody to get some Sporkle Syrup!"

"Oh well, I don't have Ugga-Ugga any more, anyway." KiwiBonk had sold all of our belongings, including all her battle gear. The only thing in our NeoHome was a Lost Desert Paint Brush.

"Yay!!!!!!! Let's paint me now." KiwiBonk took the sparkly, sand coloured paint brush in her mouth and painted the tip of her tail. Several drops landed on my carpet. "Ooooo, cool. Looks kinda like a sandstorm."

"Wha... Where d-did you get this?" I stammered.

"The paint brush stall in the Lost Desert. Don't you think it's cool that the paint brushes are always wet.... Hey, where are you going?"

I had taken my book bag off the sandy floor and dumped the belongings on my bed. A math book, an apple, and several paper airplanes fell out. I crammed one of my sweaters and KiwiBonk's Neoboy 2003 into it.

"We're going to get our stuff back."

"I can't help but notice that you put slightly more stress on the word 'we're'. Hey, careful of the ears!" I grabbed my massively spending pet and dragged her through the porthole in my room, onward to Neopia.

We found ourselves right outside the Smoothie Shop. Since it was night, not too many people were around. I saw a guild having a secret meeting, crouched around a Fire Faerie in a garbage can, giving them warmth and light. A really rich citizen walked by with her four NeoPets, each with an armful of Neggs. KiwiBonk spotted one of her pet friends, Capadoo, exiting the Usukiland store, clutching a Hawaiian Usuki doll.

"Hey, KiwiBonk!" the blue Nimmo said. "Look what Niva bought me!"

As the two NeoPets admired the grass skirt-clad doll, Niva Simonova came to me and sighed.

"The others are going to be so jealous. But I just bought the boys a painting set, and I spent nearly 10, 000 Neopoints to get Aiera enrolled in the Mystery Island Training Camp."

"Well, KiwiBonk just sold all our stuff to buy a Lost Desert paint brush."

Niva shook her head. "If you need some help, I'll give you some food and toys. And can't you get a Newbie Pack?"

"I'm not a Newbie anymore."

"Gee, Alison. I really gotta go. I left my pets alone in the house, and chances are they've broken something."

"See ya. Come on, KiwiBonk. Show me where you sold all our earthly possessions."

Capadoo and Niva started off in the direction of their NeoHome. As I was about to ask KiwiBonk to lead the way, an ear-splitting screech rent the air. A mushy, white ball, came rolling along the sidewalk, straight towards us.

"Snuffs!" KiwiBonk called. The ball suddenly stopped, and turned out to be a tiny snow man wearing a Tuque and a scarf. He was KiwiBonk's PetPet, and all he seemed to do was screech, make icy puddles on the floor, and basically waste our oxygen.

KiwiBonk and Snuffs were hugging and kissing like they haven't seen each other for decades. Snuffs bit KiwiBonk on the nose, and KiwiBonk gave him a noogee that sent wet snow flying everywhere.

"Okay, come on, you guys," I said, ruining the happy moment.

"Too bad Snuffs can't come out of Neopia with us." KiwiBonk said, Snuffs bouncing behind her.

"We'd have to keep him in a freezer all the time at my house," I replied. "It beats me why the danged thing ain't melted 'ere."

"Stop talking like a yokel," KiwiBonk murmured. Uh-oh. She's getting sleepy. I glanced at my watch. It read 11:36. KiwiBonk's bedtime was two hours ago.

"KiwiBonk, where did you sell our belongings?" I demanded.

"In our shop. Duh."

"So, that means that all different people bought our items. We'll never track them down! KiwiBonk, how could you be so stupid!"

"I just wanted a paint brush. Didn't you say that's what you always wanted!" she whispered. Her eyes, which always remained shut, began to overflow with tears. Two passing NeoPets traveling on their own stared at KiwiBonk. Snuffs shrieked at them, and they scurried away.

"KiwiBonk, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. It's not your fault. It's just that it's so late, and I'm tired and cranky and I just want our stuff back, so I can get you something to eat, and tuck you into bed." I gave her a big hug, and she sniffed and wiped her tears on my shirt. Snuffs had somehow gotten into my book bag, and located KiwiBonk's Neoboy 2003. The theme song of Super Faerieland eerily came from within my Mountain Equipment Co-op book bag

"The same person bought all of your stuff," KiwiBonk said quietly. "But I can't remember her username...." She started to hiccough.

"Come, on KiwiBonk.... Try and remember... try...." I coaxed.

After several minutes of pondering and increasingly annoying Faerieland music, KiwiBonk suddenly gasped and said: "It started with a F."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." It was starting to get cold, so I put my sweater on. "And it had something to do with an angel... no, a faerie."

"Flower faerie?" I guessed.

"No..." she breathed.

"Forest faerie?"


"Fire Faerie?"

"...yes! Yes, that's it! Fire Faerie! Her username was Fire Faerie! Let's look her up, and make her give her back our stuff!"

"That won't be necessary," a dark voice said. We turned around, and felt a intense heat against our faces. Snuffs melted into a puddle of water. There was a girl standing there, with orange wings coming out of her back. Her hair appeared to consist of red flames. Her eyes were big and yellow, and there was an aura of light all around her.

"Cool Halloween costume," KiwiBonk said approvingly.

"It's not a costume, young NeoPet," the faerie said, "I am a Fire Faerie. I am, in fact, THE Fire Faerie."

"Woah...." breathed KiwiBonk, "The Uber Fire Faerie."

"I have purchased these things in your store as a test to see how you would react to such a situation," she told me.

"Did she pass?" KiwiBonk asked.

The Fire Faerie chuckled. "With flying colours."

"What?" I said, "What test? I don't get it. How do I know that you're not one of those ghosts trying to trick me?"

"Every time we play Gormball, I root for you!" KiwiBonk yipped.

The Fire Faerie floated over to a nearby bench, and told us to sit down. We couldn't get too close, or we'd singe our skin. "I bought the items in your store to see what you, Alison, would do to your pet when you got really, really mad at her. Instead of flying into a rage and disciplining KiwiBonk, you forgave your pet, and talked out her problem patiently."

"She did yell," corrected KiwiBonk.

"Will you give us back our stuff?" I asked.

The Fire Faerie grinned. "I will give you back all your items."

"Thank you! Thank you!" KiwiBonk yelled.

"However, KiwiBonk, I never want to see you buying or selling without your owners permission, again." The Aisha nodded solemnly. "And, Alison, KiwiBonk isn't very old. It's your responsibility to watch what she, and her PetPet is doing."

KiwiBonk gasped. Being a safe distance from the Fire Faerie for a short time, Snuffs had somehow rebuilt himself and gotten a hold of KiwiBonk's Lost Desert paint brush. The result was well, sandy. He had painted the sidewalk between the Smoothie shop and the Toy store, all the way on the end of the block. The cement was now sparkly sand, with cactuses spouting up now and then.

KiwiBonk's face turned purple. "SNUFFS!!!!!! M-M-My paint brush! It's-It's ruined!"

Snuffs shrieked. The paint brush disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I thought you could only paint pets with the paint brushes," the Fire Faerie said. She put her hand on KiwiBonk's shoulder. The Aisha yelped. "Oh, sorry, KiwiBonk. My child, you look much better without that silly paint brush. I have no idea why someone would want themselves to look like sand and cactuses."

"Nooo, it paints you like an Egyptian princess." KiwiBonk sniffed. "Snuffs, why did you... why?"

"He's just a lump of snow," I said. "He didn't know."

"Well, you two better go home," the Faerie said kindly.

"Yeah, KiwiBonk, it's after midnight."

The Fire Faerie gave us a ride home on her huge Kougra. KiwiBonk was asleep in my arms when we arrived at our NeoHome. The Fire Faerie thanked us, (I have no idea why) and invited us to come visit her in her volcano.

The next morning, life was back to normal. Snuffs had left a huge puddle on the kitchen floor, and KiwiBonk burnt the toast. As I looked around the room, at the blue Aisha skidding on the slippery floor, the tiny snowman playing a purple Neoboy 2003, munching on my burnt toast, I thought, There's no place like home.

The End

Author's note: I wrote this story when I first started playing NeoPets. Now KiwiBonk has two brothers and a sister named ChinoGod, Rumples_Skin_Skin, and MinxJade, and Snuffs is now Snuffs II. The Rainbow Fountain opened up, and I was able to grant KiwiBonk's wish to be painted with a Desert Paint Brush.

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