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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Short Stories > Confessions of a Floud

Confessions of a Floud

by musgrave

I have long since been under the impression that, if not for the mediocrity of my puffy, marshmallow-like form, I could easily become grand-master of all the universe. Although you might not have guessed it, PetPets can have dreams too. In fact, I think that in their hearts all PetPets really want is to become something bigger than themselves, although many will not admit this is the case.

While I will admit that such daring ambition is not common in PetPets, I found that in the company of equally minded creatures in the Faerieland PetPet Shop my resentment could only flourish. Shunned by my fellow Flouds, I found the Flossets to be worthwhile companions. Unlike the others who appeared contented to be second-rate Safety Deposit Box stuffers, they shared my vision of a glorious new life as a true NeoPet. What wonderful days! We would plot, plan and scheme for hours, wondering how it could be done. It was a beautiful idea, but we had little hope that such a miracle was possible. At the time, there was no indication that it was even possible for the transformation to occur! Gradually, reality sunk in and the Flossets would cluster together and whisper amongst themselves about all the wonderful things that should have been as they quietly accepted the futility of the situation.

So life continued, until one magical day when a creature, rare and strange, walked into our quiet little PetPet Shop. It was unlike any NeoPet I had ever seen! My little heart pounding, I watched as it strolled towards us, swishing its reptilian tail as it went. This giant lizard (or so it appeared to be) was a fantastic green in colour and had wide brown eyes. It also seemed rather pleased with itself, now that I thought about it. This smug expression did not last, though. It was apparently looking for a Flosset--a common choice amongst these wealthy types--and those were rarely in stock. It muttered unhappily and turned a scornful eye to whatever stock remained.

The stock, including a Meekins, Cirrus, Pikis and myself, viewed the new arrival with a strange mix of curiosity and concern. While to see a new NeoPet was a thrill for any PetPet, the ever-looming threat of being eaten was never to be entirely ignored, either. In his usual fashion, the Meekins started to screech as the creature moved in his direction. I still don't know what that PetPet tries to accomplish with that horrible cry of his! Perhaps there are NeoPets that that find such awful behaviour to be "cute".

Obviously not happy with the screaming, the animal lumbered straight towards me! This was my chance! "Excuse me," I asked in a tiny voice. "What kind of NeoPet are you?" The NeoPet looked surprised, but that was the response I expected. We Flouds are not known for our intelligence. For the most part, my kind floats around until we bump into something interesting. That's what the tag says, anyhow.

"I'm a Krawk." It blinked, a confused look on its face.

"Forgive me, I had thought that Krawks were PetPets..." I said, staring at it intently.

The Krawk cracked a smile. "We are! You see, my owner fed me some magical fungus which turned me into a real NeoPet!"

My eyes widened. Magical fungus! Could this be true? My heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my little puffy chest. A PetPet that has become a true NeoPet! "Oh, please! You must make me into a real NeoPet! For so long I had hoped, but I didn't dream that it was even possible!" I floated towards the bemused Krawk. "You are my hero!"

"I am afraid, little one, that this magical fungus only works on Krawks."

My heart sank at the words, but there was still one thing left I had to try. "So, you ate some magical fungus and became a real NeoPet?" The Krawk nodded, entertained by my enthusiasm. "It says on my tag that I should not be fed carrots. Maybe if I eat a carrot, I will become a real NeoPet too!"

Although I could see he doubted it would work, I think the Krawk, having spent a great deal of time wondering such things in his PetPet days, could understand my situation. Despite my horrible resale value, the Krawk bought me and took me home with him. The owner was surprised at the choice, but didn't complain. Although overpriced, I was cheaper than a Flosset, after all.

Disappearing into the nether regions of the Safety Deposit Box, the Krawk produced the most beautiful thing I had ever seen--one carrot! I was so happy, I felt like I would burst like a balloon. There it was, the key to my glorious transformation! I could wait no longer!

I ate that carrot. The label told me it was a bad idea, but I did it anyhow. The end result was unimpressive, but interesting nonetheless. It was true that I had changed, although not in the way I had originally expected.

"I'm ORANGE?" I cried, unhappy at this turn of events.

"Yes," the Krawk sighed, "and your fins have gone green. In fact, you look like--"

"--a floating carrot." All of my hopes lay in pieces on the ground. This was not fair! Why was this happening to me? Tiny tears filled my eyes as I floated to the ground. "I'm so sorry I'm not a real NeoPet and you tried so hard to help me. Now, I'm just orange and worthless..."

The Krawk grinned. "Are you kidding? My Floud is the best in all of Neopia! I've never seen an orange and green one before, and I'm sure that no one else has, either! Think about how popular you're going to be!"

I imagined a room full of thousands of Flouds chanting my name and cheering as I accepted the award for Best Dressed PetPet of the Year. What a thrill. While I may not be a NeoPet, I think I can be happy enough with that.

The End

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