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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Short Stories > Adopting the Outcasts

Adopting the Outcasts

by snowfox176

"Remember, this was your idea, Genesis," I said to the tiny, quivering creature clinging to my leg. I bent down and picked him up. The Kacheek wasn't bigger than my hand, the runt of his mother's litter. Having a heart for outcasts, I took him in and called him Genesis, and not because I liked the band. I just liked the name. I'd had him only a few weeks when I noticed he was lonely. Finally he came to me and flat out told me that he wanted a brother. Naturally, I'd been saving up for a pet. Like I said, I have a heart for outcasts. So, the next day, Genesis and I found ourselves walking into the brightly lit waiting room of the adoption agency.

The plush, functional red chairs were quite comfy, but not as good as the ones in my little NeoHome. Finally, after about half an hour, the Techo known as Dr_Death came up and signaled to us. Truthfully we had been expecting the kindly Uni to lead us around. As Genesis and I were led into the back where the cages were, everything got darker, louder, and scarier until Genesis was clinging to me like a timid little Cybunny, which is what I was hoping to adopt. Either that or a Meerca.

Dr_Death stopped at each cage as we passed them. In each there were three pets, starved, mad, and/or fighting. Genesis dove behind my neck when we stopped at a cage with a Gelert gnashing at the bars and a Skeith and Shoyru fighting in the back. We passed cage after cage, nothing with a Cybunny or a pet that pulled at my heartstrings like Genesis had when I first looked into the litter. Dr_Death came to another row of cages, and walked right by one of the cages. There was something in it, something hidden in the back. I stopped.

"What's in there?" I asked, walking up to the sign. The stats were all Unknown.

"Oh, you don't want that thing. Nobody ever wants it. It's a Techo and they all say it's ugly."

"Well, why don't you adopt it then?"

"Because I think it's ugly too."

"Can I see it?"

Dr_Death shrugged, pulled out a set of keys, unlocked the door, and walked inside. The Techo squealed and bolted for the open door. Dr_Death grabbed it before it got past him. The Techo was tiny, and I gasped as Dr_Death brought him to the front and set him down. It didn't look like any Techo I had seen before! Its tail was like a club with spikes all around it, spikes on its knees, and large eyes partially hidden by the sockets. It was horrifying, but it did look kinda cool. I knelt down so that Genesis and I were face to face with it. It looked up at me and met my eyes. In those eyes I could see such sorrow and sadness. I saw it, being hatched, a normal Techo, then a potion was poured on it. It changed until I saw what was in front of me. I saw two hands pick it up and then drop it on the ground in front of the building. I saw Dr_Death come pick it up, look at it, then toss it into a cage. I saw the creature's whole life in those eyes. I guess Genesis did too. He hopped down and walked over to the cage and poked his hand through. The Techo looked at the little creature, reached out his own hand, and touched Genesis'. Then my precious Kacheek withdrew his hand, looked at me and said, "Mommy, can we adopt him?" with all the innocence of a young child. I turned to Dr_Death.

"What's his name and how much is he?"

"He doesn't have a name and he's 50 NP." He opened the door and I picked up the mutant Techo.

"Then how about… Mystical_dragon? I think that's nice for a dragon like this." Both Genesis and the Techo agreed.

Dr_Death wrote this down on a paper, then looked up at me and asked, "Is that gonna be it or do you want to adopt another?"

Well, I still wanted that Cybunny or Meerca, so I said I wanted to look around some more. Not much changed as we passed the cages. Violence, pain, and no Cybunny or Meerca. I was just about to give up when I looked into the last cage in the building. It was a Peophin, a gorgeous, blood-red Peophin! My eyes glanced around the cage and I was horrified to see that not a drop of water was in the cage except what was in it's bowl.

"This is insane! That poor thing needs water to swim in!" I told the Doctor.

He looked up at me and replied, "It's my job to feed them and give them a drink and keep their cages halfway decent. I'm not in charge of creating a good environment for them. Besides, that one's vicious. I have to put it down tomorrow. I need the cage."

I neared the cage to read its stats. The water horse whinnied at me, showing more teeth than necessary. I felt a challenge facing me, and I loved challenges.

"Let me in. I want to get a better look at this creature."

Dr_Death looked at me like I was insane, then unlocked the door. I stepped in while Genesis and Mystic stayed outside. I smiled at the Peophin.

"Hey there big guy… aren't you a gorgeous one?" Slowly I reached out my hand to touch him. The Peophin couldn't move well without water, but he did snap at me. Quickly I withdrew my hand. The water horse just sat there, his eyes piercing me like a thousand daggers. But I've never been one to give up easily. I tried again, and ended up doing to same.

It's scared of me… it's scared of humans. This creature's been abused, I thought to myself. I'd have to show it that I wasn't going to hurt him. Again, I reached out my hand, muttering kind words to it. It struck at me again, grabbing my hand in its teeth. Man it had a hard bite, but I wasn't budging, just flinching a bit. With my other hand, I reached out quickly and patted the Peophin gently. I guess it had been expecting to be hit, as it tightened its grip on my hand.

"It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you," I whispered to the Peophin.

Its eyes were still piercing me. Suddenly, it dropped my hand. That's when I noticed how badly it was throbbing. I ignored the pain as best I could. Then the Peophin stretched it's head forwards and rested it on my shoulder. Now I knew it trusted me. I wrapped my arms around it's soft neck and hugged it. I could almost feel its trust for me flowing through its hair and skin. Dr_Death was staring at me with amazement, as were my little ones. That's when I told them that I would be taking him as well.

"Her name's WaveRacer. She's 56 days old. She likes hunting for treasure and when meeting new people, she'll most likely act dangerous or attack if weaker. She's got average stats everywhere except speed. This is a fast Peophin."

Well, I walked out of the adoption agency feeling quite proud of myself. Mystical_dragon and Genesis rode on my shoulders, chatting in their own private language, and I walked alongside WaveRacer, encouraging her to be nice to passing pets, telling her she wasn't going to be hurt anymore. But it took a while getting to my home. WaveRacer looked ecstatic to see the large waves that ran in front of my house on coconut road.

"Go on and have a swim WaveRacer. I've also got a pool out in the back where you can sleep at night. You're not going to be hurt or abandoned anymore. This is your home."

WaveRacer looked at me again, grinned, then bolted out to the ocean to play in the waves. I led Dragon and Genesis inside to show Dragon around while Genesis made the top bed on his bunk. Dragon's club tail was waving around like mad. That's when I got my idea.

"Hey Dragon, how would you like to train for Battledome? Be my fighting pet?" Dragon's eyes nearly popped out at the suggestion before he started nodding vigorously. I grinned. My new family was going to work out just fine. Just fine after all.

The End

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