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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Three

Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Three

by yugo149

Previously, on Doomsday Rider III, Rider met Usul2cuteforU, a blue Usul, whom he has a crush on. Also, Gemini, Zing-Lau's minion, was mutilated at the Bloodsport arena. Zing-Lau's plan might be falling apart, which means he might be more vulnerable.

"How can this be?!" Zing-Lau shouted, gripping his head. "My plan is perfect! Arrgh!"

"Master Zing-Lau, calm down," Mechanicore said. "Everybody is defeated some time."

"I suppose you're right, Mechanicore. Besides, Gemini was a weakling compared to Achinarak. He is the perfect choice for any conquest. After all, he's had so much experience. My father was not able to control him, but I will be able to," Zing-Lau said, as he walked over to a window, and stared out of it. "I will not be defeated again."

Back at Neopia Central...

I sat up in my bed, got up, and looked out my window. I was ready to storm Zing-Lau's base, but I couldn't do much without my friends. They'd always helped defeat the bad guy. They helped defeat Scorpio, Armos, Orbiknaught, Spectre, Toro, Skull Ptero, Mechanicore, ShenDogg, The Unborn Beast, and even Zing-Lau himself. There was now way i'd be able to even defend myself against Zing-Lau, whose stats had returned to normal after we defeated him.

"Rider, is something wrong?" Yugo asked as he stepped into my room.

"Nothing's wrong, Yugo. Except the fact that Zing-Lau is still alive," I told him. He always listened to me, no matter what I had to say.

"Well, Rider, I know how you can get to Zing-Lau's base without being found until you get there," Yugo said, sitting down on my bed.

"How?" I asked him.

"Have you ever heard of the Cloud Temple?" Yugo asked me.

"Uh... I think so. Isn't that the place where Scorpio and Armos' base was positioned when we beat them?" I asked.

"Yes, that's the Cloud Temple. You might want to watch out though, I heard that the Cloud Temple has been overrun with warlocks lately," Yugo told me.

"I'll watch out," I told him. "So how do I get there?"

"There should be a whirlwind somewhere in Sakhmet Palace, it should lift you high enough to glide to the Cloud Temple," Yugo told me.

"Thanks, Yugo. I'll get the others, and we'll go to the Cloud Temple," I said, running out the door carrying the Jadestone and my Million Degree Sword with me.

At Sakhmet Palace...

"Okay guys, this is it," I said, grabbing on to Kentan. Anubis shape-shifted into a copy of Skull Ptero, and grabbed Chao, Evanda, and Boomdogg. Tical was going to carry the Jadestone. I stepped into the whirlwind with Kentan in my hand, and we started to go up. The whirlwind shot me out, and I began to glide. Tical did the same, and Anubis just flew there.

When we got to the Cloud Temple, Anubis dropped everybody off, and returned to his standard form. When I landed, I set Kentan down. When Tical landed, she handed me the Jadestone.

"Is everybody here?" I asked.

"Yes," everybody answered.

"Okay," I said.

"Rider, look out!" Anubis shouted. I wheeled around only to meet a fireball slamming into my face.

"So, you thought you could storm my base? Well, I'm afraid not," Zing-Lau said, picking up the Jadestone. "This is just what I need for my sceptre." Zing-Lau snapped his fingers, and his floating chair shot out of nowhere. "You fools will have to do much better in order to defeat me again." He sat down in the chair, and it began to float up. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a planet to conquer." Zing-Lau and his chair vanished, and none of us could follow him.

"Great. Now he's got the Jadestone. I think we've lost now," I said, staring down at the ground.

"Rider," Boomdogg said, walking toward me. "You've always done your best, you've always helped us out when we needed you, and I'm not going to let you give up. Not when we're so close to Zing-Lau we could practically spit on him. I don't care if you drop out of the fight, but you're going with us, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, I'm going to make sure you don't give up."

"You're right," I said, looking up. "I'm staying in this struggle, even if it kills me."

"That's the spirit!" Chao said, swatting me on the back. I glared up at him and smiled.

"Now let's go destroy Zing-Lau!" I shouted.

Inside Zing-Lau's base...

"Well, ShenDogg, they're drawing nearer. It's almost time for the final rush. Once they get here, I'm going to awaken Achinarak. And then, Neopia will be ours!"

"Well, master, here they come," ShenDogg said, turning to face the doorway. He jumped into the ring, and prepared for a fight. "If you're going to battle us, you have to defeat me first," ShenDogg told us. Boomdogg decided he was going to be the first one to step up, and he did. Immediately, the two Lupes fought just as ferociously as they did before. But Boomdogg had been training again, and had the upper hand, because ShenDogg's stats weren't fully recovered.

"Give it up, ShenDogg!" Boomdogg said, punching ShenDogg in the nose. Some of ShenDogg's cuts started to flow. They both threw a punch, and their fists collided. Then they started a grapple with their other hands, and tried to push each other back. Boomdogg started to push ShenDogg back, and then vice versa. The two couldn't push each other very far back. I could tell they were both trying their hardest to win the grapple, and then Boomdogg slammed his knee into ShenDogg's chest. ShenDogg left the grapple, and took a few steps back. There was a little bit of gore flowing from his mouth. ShenDogg's HP was really low, and I think he was becoming afraid of what Boomdogg could do now.

"Impossible!" ShenDogg shouted. "There's no way you could be stronger than me now!" ShenDogg said, wiping the gore away from his mouth and nose. Boomdogg rushed ShenDogg, and slammed his knee into ShenDogg's forehead. The collision was so extreme, ShenDogg was launched out of the ring, and into the surrounding lava, where he sank until he was completely enveloped, and we all knew he was finished.

Nobody knew what to say. All Boomdogg could do was stare in utter disbelief of how easy it was for him to destroy ShenDogg.

Inside the main chamber...

"What?! That's impossible! My precious ShenDogg, defeated by somebody weaker than him! Mechanicore, take the fights downstairs, it's time to awaken Achinarak," Zing-Lau said.

"Yes, master," Mechanicore said, turning around and walking down a hallway that led to the arena. When he got there, he stopped at the edge of the hallway.

"You fools may have destroyed ShenDogg, but you won't defeat me again," he said, as he jumped into the arena. Then, he slammed his fist down, and the stone ring cracked, and began to shatter under Boomdogg's feet. Mechanicore began to float up, and waited for Boomdogg to drop like a stone. Boomdogg had learned a new trick recently. He had learned how to fly, too. He smirked, and then began to float. Mechanicore and Boomdogg began an aerial battle. They went into a grapple like when Boomdogg fought ShenDogg, and since they were floating, there was no stronger warrior.

"Go Boomdogg!" Kentan shouted. He had never before seen Zing-Lau, Mechanicore or ShenDogg, and since we destroyed Spectre, Toro, Skull Ptero, Vipor, and destroyed The_Unborn_Beast, he had never seen them, either. But I'm sure Chao and Evanda told him about them. Boomdogg and Mechanicore left the grapple, and started throwing rapid punches at each other. Mechanicore hit Boomdogg in the head, and axe-handled him down to the next floor, which was where a steel ring was waiting. Boomdogg was being mutilated, but we all knew he wasn't doing his best. I turned around. I couldn't stand to watch the fight anymore. I looked out the doorway, and saw MagnaShoyru18 as he came in the open doorway to Zing-Lau's lair.

"Magna, what are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I came here to battle Zing-Lau," He told me.

"You're a little early," I said.

I turned back around, and saw Boomdogg come flying up from the ring one floor down.

"It's your turn," Chao said, trying to get Boomdogg to drink some Pale Elixir. Boomdogg was unconscious, and he had landed on our little ledge.

"Erm... I don't think I'll win," I said, looking down at the ring. Mechanicore was staring up at us with his arms crossed.

"Rider, if you go down there and fight, I'll help you by throwing down powered up energy vials. But, you'll need 3 vials for a full attack charge. If the third one you get is red, you'll be able to throw fireballs for a few seconds, if it's green, your punches will explode for a few seconds, and if it's blue, you'll get super speed for a few seconds. Good luck," Magna said to me. I must admit, the idea of my attacks being supercharged did boost my confidence, so I jumped down into the ring.

"Mechanicore, you'll be feeling a lot of pain in a little while," I told him. His straight face cracked into a smirk, and he let his arms fall to his waist.

"You fool! Didn't you see how easily I defeated Boomdogg?" he asked me. Magna had just thrown down at least seven vials, and Mechanicore had no idea. I ran behind him and grabbed two green ones, and a blue one. I charged at Mechanicore and rammed him while I had the blue energy flowing through me. He shot across the arena, and into the wall. He bounced off, and landed on one foot back in the ring.

"Did you really think it would be that easy to defeat me?" he asked. His mouth was bleeding, but he didn't bother to wipe it off. I tried to rush him again, but he disappeared when I was just about to ram him. I turned around, and there he was, holding three red vials. He tossed them all into his mouth, and began to punch the ground. Every time he did, a fiery shockwave would go in all directions away from him. Magna threw me two blue vials, and one red one. I took the blue energy first, and then the red. I threw fireballs at Mechanicore as fast as I could, and the only one that hit him was one I threw just as he had stopped running from them. It had just barely managed to clip him in the arm. He grabbed three blue vials that were on the way down. When he took in the energy, spiked balls started zipping around him, and he chased me around until his power-up was gone.

"That was too close," I said to myself, trying to keep my distance from Mechanicore's attacks. Magna threw me three green vials, and I took in every ounces of energy that was in them, ran up to Mechanicore, and punched him in the face. The explosion the power-up had caused was so powerful, we both went reeling, but Mechanicore shot out of the ring, and into the surrounding lava. He was flailing helplessly as he sank to his demise. And when he was enveloped by the lava, we all knew he was a goner just like ShenDogg.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider III, Zing-Lau finally awakens Achinarak, and unleashes him upon our heroes, and just when Achinarak is thought to be down and out, Zing-Lau restores his strength! And when Achinarak finally is defeated again, Zing-Lau launches the final rush, and our heroes must all fight Achinarak and Zing-Lau at once in order to save Neopia.
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