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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 24 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Two

Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part Two

by yugo149

Neopia had been a peaceful place after the evil Prince Zing-Lau was defeated, but now that peace is over! Prince Zing-Lau has returned, along with ShenDogg, and Mechanicore. Things sure are going down hill, and Doomsday_Rider and his friends must once again foil the evil prince's plot!

"Mechanicore, wake up," Zing-Lau said, shaking Mechanicore. "Where are we? Well, at least that wretched Shoyru isn't here. I'm not going to forget what he did to Vipor and my plan to conquer Neopia. I think Achinarak would be a better choice this time, don't you agree, Mechanicore?"

"Oh, I very much agree, sire. But wouldn't that be kamikaze? I mean, nobody could have ever controlled Achinarak, not even your father, and he created him," Mechanicore replied.

"Yes, my father was a fool. He created things he couldn't handle. One of those things being Achinarak," Zing-Lau said. His fist was clenching, and he had begun to create electricity from his pure rage at being defeated. "I wonder if the staff I was saving survived the explosion."

"Why?" Mechanicore and ShenDogg asked in unison.

"To create a sceptre," Zing-Lau replied, cackling evilly.


The arena that the tournament was held in was able to take the shockwave, but something began to feel wrong. Me and Magna rushed to Gemini's locker area. We don't know why. It was like some force had drawn us to it. When we opened the door, Gemini was clutching his head and screaming loudly. "Why won't you leave me alone?!" he shouted. "My debt to you is over!" About now, his hands dropped to his sides, and a mark in the form of Zing-Lau's emblem began forming on Gemini's forehead.

"Why is Zing-Lau's symbol on Gemini's head?" I asked. During our talk in his dressing room, he told me that he was trying to chase down Zing-Lau.

"It's because Zing-Lau conquered Gemini's mind," Magna answered.

"What?! Zing-Lau survived?! No way!" I shouted.

"I'm afraid so, Rider," Magna told me.

"Arrgh! It's a deja vu," I said, my fists were clenched tightly. I had never before been so nervous. How could Zing-Lau have survived that explosion? Why was he taking over Gemini's mind? What was his plan now? Those questions and many more were racing through my head.

"What is your first command, Master Zing-Lau?" Gemini asked. He had been completely taken over by Zing-Lau. A few seconds later, we heard Zing-Lau's voice all around us. Me and Magna were confused, and our eyes were darting all around.

"I'm glad you asked, Gemini. Your first task is to get me the Jadestone, and then destroy Doomsday_Rider and MagnaShoyru18," Zing-Lau's voice answered. "And then come to the new base."

"Yes, sire," Gemini said, as he got into his fighting stance. He disappeared in a blur of green, and reappeared in front of us, holding the Jadestone.

"What the--?! How? Nobody's that fast!" I shouted.

"Rider, Zing-Lau's minor magic is much more powerful than anybody. You see, I'm afraid not even Vipor would stand a chance against Zing-Lau's minor magic, but if he gets the Jadestone, his ultimate magic will be unleashed," Magna said, glaring at Gemini. "Gemini, what has that stamp on your head done for you?" Magna asked, trying to grit every one of Gemini's nerves. I got behind Gemini as fast as I could, and axe-handled him in the back of his head, and he nearly dropped the Jadestone.

"What the?! I hit him in the back of the head! He should be out cold right now!" I shouted.

"Rider, Gemini is a much greater fighter than you," Magna said, I could see he was twitching from nervousness.

"Magna, I'll try and defeat Gemini, but you have to get the Jadestone from him." I began to throw rapid punches at Gemini, but he kept side stepping them.

"Is that the best you can do?" Gemini asked, smirking evilly. He side stepped me again, and thrust his knee up into my chest. I clenched it in pain. I felt like my entire body was about to explode. I fell down to the ground. "HA! And to think you were one of the Neopians who defeated Prince Zing-Lau! One shot from me, and you're down on the ground, slowly falling unconscious. It's hard to imagine you had so much power."

"Gemini, you won't take me down that easy," I said, struggling to stand up. My legs felt like gelatine, and I had a scrape above my left eye. When I'd managed to gather enough strength to stand, I faked a punch, and sweep-kicked Gemini, and he crashed to the ground, letting go of the Jadestone. MagnaShoyru18 darted to it, and caught it before it hit the ground.

"I've lost the Jadestone! Master Zing-Lau, I beg you, grant me more power," Gemini said as his muscles bulged a little bit.

"Okay Gemini, but that's all the extra strength you're getting. I can't afford to give any more, I need to save a lot for Achinarak," Zing-Lau's voice said. "Now make sure they don't escape that arena!"

"Yes, master," Gemini said, bowing. He took a fighting stance, and charged at Magna. Magna managed to grab onto Gemini's shoulders, and so they began a grapple. They were pretty evenly matched until Gemini slammed his fist into Magna's heart. Magna lost his footing, and Gemini threw him across the room, and into a wall.

"One down, one to go," he said, turning to look at me. "Now you will suffer a worse fate." At that moment, Boomdogg came in looking for me. I was saved.

"Who are you?" Boomdogg asked, looking at Gemini.

"I am Gemini, soldier of Prince Zing-Lau," he said.

"WHAT?! Zing-Lau survived?! You've got to be kidding!" Boomdogg shouted. Gemini rushed him, and Boomdogg punched him in the side of the head as hard as he could. Gemini was thrown across the room, and into a table, and the collision was so immense, it snapped Gemini's back in half.

"I'll... get you, you..." Gemini fell forward, unconscious. He was badly hurt, and his leg was twitching.

"Boomdogg, I owe you big time. You got any Pale Elixir?" I asked him.

"Uh, yeah. I've got two more," Boomdogg answered. He handed me a bottle, and I drank some of it, and gave the rest to Magna.

"Gemini was really strong. But apparently you're stronger, Boomdogg," I said. He is my buddy, although sometimes we get on each other's nerves. Like one time when Boomdogg challenged me to a race, and even though he's way faster than me, I won because he ran into a light post. That whole episode still makes me laugh. But, back to the story.

"Apparently so," Boomdogg said. "Erm... do you know where Anubis is? I can't find him anywhere," he said, looking around the room.

"Uhh... last time I saw him was when he was leaving the ringside area," I said. "By the way, Boomdogg, this is MagnaShoyru18, Magna, this is Boomdogg." They both bowed to each other, and then shook hands, which in Boomdogg's case it would be paws.

*** Later that night***

I was sleeping in my bed, peacefully. SuperContra snuck up next to my bed. He started to pour some Lime Elixir in my ear. I didn't know it was him at the time, but I do now.

"Aaah! What the? What'd you do that for?!" I shouted and SuperContra, Jungalizard, and Final_Boss. Jungalizard and Final_Boss both pointed at SuperContra.

"He did it," they both said.

"Rider, the reason I did that is because you've got company downstairs. It's some Usul, I don't remember her name," Contra said. "Yugo's keeping her entertained with his card tricks."

"Figures," we all said, rolling our eyes. I jumped out of my bed, and started to go downstairs. Since it's a girl, I figured, maybe she has a crush on me.

"I'm glad I'm not going out with Tical anymore," I said to myself. When I got downstairs, I saw the cutest Usul I've ever seen. "Hi," I said to her.

"Hi," she replied. "You're Doomsday_Rider, right?"

"Uhh... yeah," I answered.

"Okay. I thought so. My name is Usul2cuteforU. I realise it's really long, but just call me forU, okay?" She told me.

"Um... okay, and how about you just call me Rider like everybody else?" I asked her.

"Okay. I've heard about how you and your friends defeated Scorpio, Armos, and Zing-Lau," she told me.

"Um... ust one correction to that sentence, me and my friends have yet to finish off Zing-Lau, he managed to survive, and he's running rampant again," I told her.

"Oh," she said, looking at the floor.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Nothing," she said, standing up, ready to leave. "I'll see you later, Rider."

"Bye, forU," I said. We smiled at each other, and she opened the door and left.

"Ooh, Rider's got a crush on Usul2cuteforU," SuperContra said, leaning against the banister.

"I DO NOT!" I shouted.

"Admit it," Contra said, smirking like he always does when he knows something.

"All right I do, but don't you say a word," I told him. "I won't," he said. "But I think she has a crush on you, too."

"Really? YES!" I shouted.

"Rider, I'm not for sure, so don't hold me to that, okay?" Contra asked me.

"I won't," I said. Needless to say, I was happy. I walked back upstairs, jumped into my bed, and went back to sleep.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider III, Boomdogg and ShenDogg lock horns again when our heroes storm Zing-Lau's new base. And when the dust clears, one will come out on top. Then, it's Rider against Mechanicore. Who will come out on top? Will Achinarak be revived? All this and more on the next Doomsday Rider III.

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