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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 23 > New Series > Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part One

Doomsday Rider III: Zing-Lau's Revenge - Part One

by yugo149

Hello, let me just start off by saying, this time, although me and my friends have defeated the evil Prince Zing-Lau and his army, we did not destroy them like we did Scorpio, Armos, and Orbiknaught. Plus, we have a few new characters in this one, and I hope that you enjoy it.

Me, Boomdogg, and Tical were at the Bloodsport XV Tournament, watching Anubis_III kick some Techo butt. Although, his opponent, Mutantè, began to gain the upper hand, Anubis and Mutantè were pushing each other around wildly. Out of nowhere, though, in a blur of dark blue, Mutantè slammed Anubis in the face with his spiked tail. Anubis was hit so hard, he launched right out of the ring.

"Ring out!" the referee shouted. "Mutantè advances to the semifinals!" he shouted, raising Mutantè's arm, Mutantè jumped out of the ring, and walked back to the locker area calmly.

"You saw it here, folks! Anubis, after winning the past three tournaments has suffered his first loss in over a year, give both competitors a round of applause!" The announcer said, and the entire crowd began to applaud. "Now our next fight features an extremely talented young Kyrii going by the name of Kentan, against our runner-up from the last tournament, Gemini."

Chao and Evanda came and sat down next to us a little bit after the announcement of the next fight, but they were giving the fighters a little time to prepare for the next round, the semifinals. "Hey guys, how have you all been doing?" Chao asked us, while Evanda was shouting for the company to get the fight going.

"Fine," We all said in unison.

"Well, anyway, Chao, how much have you trained Kentan lately?" I asked him.

"Not much more than when I had a week ago," Chao replied.

"Hey, Chao, what is Kentan's strength level right now?" Boomdogg asked.

"I think it's about 13," Chao replied.

"For real? What's Kenta--" Boomdogg began.

"Boomdogg," I said, covering his mouth. "You already asked that."

"For real?" Boomdogg asked. I still say Pale Elixir affects the memory.

"We've really got to get you off of Pale Elixir," I said, shaking my head in embarrassment.

"Gemini just head-butted Kentan, and Kentan just retaliated with a defensive Spin move!" The announcer shouted, and the crowd roared a little bit. "Now it looks like Kentan is trying to ram Gemini out of the ring. But Gemini... oh my! Gemini has countered the ram manoeuvre with a powerful shoulder block, and Kentan is down!"

The referee counted to ten. "Knock out! The winner of the match is Gemini."

"Our next fight is Mutantè Vs Gemini, because MagnaShoyru18 got a by, because the second fight result was a double disqualification," the announcer said, the fight began, and Gemini flipped Mutantè just so that his spiked tail got stuck in the ring. Gemini began rapidly punching, and overall hammering Mutantè with his fists.

"Oh my god! His tail is stuck in the ring!" Chao said, surprised. "Well, he's probably pretty bashed up.

"I know how that feels," I said. "He's a really good fighter, though. There's no denying that."

Everybody nodded. "I wonder if he could beat me?" Boomdogg asked.

"Probably," we all said, and laughed a little bit.

"T.K.O.!" The referee shouted after a while. "The winner is Gemini!" Gemini walked to a corner of the ring, and a silver Shoyru walked toward the ring with his arms folded behind his back.

"Our next fight is MagnaShoyru18 versus the fast, and powerful Gemini. Who will be this year's champion? We'll have to see the fight and find out," the announcer said into his microphone, and then he began to step back, because he knew this fight was going to be intense. The final fight in Bloodsport Tournaments always are.

MagnaShoyru18 began gathering some energy, we could all see this because light was gathering around him. Although, Gemini could gather much more energy much faster, and immediately gathered every ounce of energy he needed for his attack. Gemini did a forward flip, into a half-split, hit Magna in the forehand, and pulled himself up by pulling his legs together.

"I think that's the end!" The announcer said into his microphone. "I've never seen anybody get up from the Spin Guillotine!" Magna struggled to get up, but when he was standing up, Gemini would kick him in the ribs, toppling him over. "Well, MagnaShoyru18 is definitely a true contender!" While Magna was lying on the ground, he was secretly gathering energy for his attack, the shots from Gemini weren't really doing much damage to Magna. When he'd gathered enough energy, he jumped up, and immediately fired a Spark at Gemini, and it wrapped around him.

"How does he know the Wrap Spark?" I asked Boomdogg.

"I dunno," he replied, shrugging.

"MagnaShoyru18 has trapped Gemini in his Wrap Spark, and this could get ugly," the announcer said. MagnaShoyru18 began rapidly kicking, punching, and head-butting Gemini,and knocked him down. "Gemini is down!" The referee began the count.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight--" The referee stopped the count when Gemini sprang up. Gemini then rushed at Magna, and the two locked fists, and began a grapple. They slowly pushed one another back a little, but then they forced the other back, and they were pretty evenly matched in the grapple. But then, Gemini slammed Magna in the chest with his knee, and head-butted him across the ring. Gemini slowly began walking toward the fallen silver Shoyru

"Boomdogg, can you tell what they're saying?" I quietly asked Boomdogg.

"Nope," Boomdogg whispered in reply.

Magna was struggling to get up, but kept slipping down. Gemini grabbed Magna with his foot, threw him up, and used his finishing move, the Spiral Inferno, which is him jumping up to his opponent's altitude, spinning around rapidly, and launching fireballs at light speed toward them. When Magna landed in the ring, the stone tiles cracked where he landed, and Gemini landed on his feet, kneeling, and stood up. Gemini closed his eyes and merely smirked while the referee made the final count.

"Eight, nine, ten!" The referee shouted.

"And the winner of the tournament, and the new Bloodsport champion by a knockout is Gemini!" The announcer said into his microphone. I saw MagnaShoyru18's owner pick him up, and gave him a Juicy Elixir. I decided to fly down and meet MagnaShoyru18 in person. I knew the back area of the arena well, because Boomdogg and Anubis III fought in the tournaments a lot, especially the first nine. When I entered the washing area, I saw MagnaShoyru18 washing his face, and trying to clean off the scuff marks that were left on him after the fight.

"Hi," I said, walking up to him.

"Hi, who are you?" he asked, briefly looking up.

"My name is Doomsday_Rider," I told him.

"You know, that name sounds awfully familiar. Hey, you're yugo149's Shoyru, aren't you?" he asked me.

"Yeah," I answered. "How did you know that?"

"I have my ways," he replied.

"You had a great fight out there," I told him.

"Thanks, but I was nowhere near strong enough to beat Gemini," he told me.

The ground rumbled, and somewhere in Neopia, something evil was arising.


Zing-Lau struggled to get up, he was not going to be destroyed in the tundra of Happy Valley.

"This can't be," Zing-Lau said, looking at his stained glove. "I am the Phoenician prince, I cannot be defeated by a few mere NeoPets," he said, standing up. He looked down at an unconscious Mechanicore. "I am the only Phoenician that knows how to awaken the Dead Beasts. Neopia must be mine! I will not lose again!" he shouted, cackling evilly.

To be continued...

When Prince Zing-Lau strikes Neopia Central again, he begins to hatch an evil plan of reviving another Dead Beast named Achinarak. Although, to awaken Achinarak, he needs 900 HP in abundant energy. Without this extreme amount of HP, Achinarak will be a mere Kyrii. In reality, Achinarak is many times more powerful than Vipor!

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