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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > Not Fair!

Not Fair!

by catie87

Lisa was a Faerie painted Kacheek. She seemed to have everything a young Kacheek needed. Many toys, Faeries, grooming supplies, a loving owner and three sisters. She also had a PetPet named Maria. The thing Lisa did not like or want was her baby sister, Minna the Faerie Poogle.

Minna was created last month and everyone ooed and awwed over her. Jackie (their owner) quickly painted her with a Faerie paint brush. Lisa's colour. Leigh the Kau was painted with a cloud brush and Felise (Aisha) the oldest of the four was painted striped. Minna should of gotten her own colour, was the first thought that came to Lisa's mind when Jackie and Minna came home from the Rainbow Pool.

The worst was that Lisa wasn't the baby anymore. She used to be the favourite of her two older sisters, they doted on her. Now all that energy was spent on Minna. It was "Minna this" or "Minna that" it was getting to be annoying. Minna even got to pick the family vacations or pick what the desert for dinner should be. That used to be Lisa's job.

Jackie even made Lisa watch Minna. Leigh or Felise couldn't do it cause they had jobs after school and Jackie had to tend to the shop. Lisa couldn't do anything without Minna tagging along behind her. Lisa couldn't even go to Phoebe the pink Kacheek's house (Lisa's best friend) with out Minna. Luckily Phoebe had a younger sister, Sunshine for Minna to play with.

"Jackie, their holding auditions for CutiePie in the training school auditorium," Leigh announced at breakfast.

"Why don't all of you guys audition?" Jackie said.

"Not me. I have soccer and cheerleading after school as it is," Felise said.

"Maybe I should," Lisa said shyly.

"Yea, Lisa would probably get the main role, CutiePie," Felise agreed.

"Me too!" Minna shouted.

"No, you're too little," Jackie said softly.

"C'mon Jackie. I'll keep a eye on Minna," Leigh assured Jackie.

"I don't really want her out there. She is only a baby," Jackie said.

"Yea Jackie. I mean I wouldn't want Minna to get kidnapped or hurt," Lisa said, hoping Minna couldn't go.

Leigh stared at Lisa and said, "Jackie maybe Minna would get a lead role too. That would go great for business."

"You promise to watch her and Lisa?" Jackie questioned.

"No problem," Leigh said.

Lisa sulked as she went upstairs to her room. "Why does Minna have to be everywhere?" she asked Maria the Fungree. Maria just bounced up and down."I mean, I can't even do a play audition without Minna. Its always Minna, I cant take it," she told Maria.

***After School***

"Auditions right here, hurry up kiddies," a Bruce who seemed to be the director yelled.

"OK first up, Kelly the green Kyrii auditioning as CutiePie," a red Uni with glasses said.

Kelly did her audition and by the look of the director she didn't make it.

"Next up, Lisa the Faerie Kacheek," the Uni said.

Lisa went up on stage and read her lines, "I don't care about the money. I just want all the pets to be happy, why do people think of only money and not the well being of a creature?" She did her acting perfectly.

The Bruce yelled, "OK, we have a CutiePie Lisa is the star!"

Everyone cheered but then suddenly a quiet voice echoed, "What about me?" It was Minna!

The director saw Minna and said, "Errm let's try you out little Poogle."

Minna did her role. She messed up like ten times but the director adored her. "OK," he said, "I was mistaken this Poogle who goes by Minna is the role. Lisa can be her stand-up."

Lisa ran home to her room crying. Jackie came up and said, "I heard the news."

"Jackie. I was the star but Minna had to open her mouth and he changed his mind. It's not fair," Lisa cried. "I hate Minna, I can't even play with Phoebe without Minna. I can't even do a smelly old play without Minna."

"Don't hate your sister," Jackie said softly.

"I want to be put in the pound," Lisa cried out.

"Honey, don't say such awful things. Too many people love you and who would be my precious angel?" Jackie said.

"Minna! She seems to have taken everything else that was mine!" Lisa yelled.

Jackie went downstairs to start dinner as Lisa secretly packed. She put all her clothes in a bag, and the rest of some stuff (3 Faeries, 3 Usuki dolls, and some grooming supplies) in a other bag. She then snuck to the pantry and packed some light food. (cheese crisps, crispies, 3 cans of Neocola and a tuna sub.). She then went to her piggy bank and took her savings (about 25,000 NPs) and added them to her purse. She took a leash and got Maria and left. As she was walking Leigh spotted her. "Hey sleeping over at Phoebes?" Leigh said.

"Ugh no," Lisa said angrily.

"Then where to?" Leigh questioned again.

"None of your business. And I hope I don't have to see your face again," Lisa hissed. It was Leigh's fault that Minna had gone to the audition.

"I'm telling Jackie. You will get grounded," Leigh hissed back.

"Sure go ahead UGLY, she will never find me nor will you," Lisa said and walked away.

"Get back here before I scream," yelled Leigh.


Lisa ran away to Faerieland and lived with the Light Faerie for awhile. When Jackie heard a rumor that Lisa might of gone to Faerieland she went too, happily finding Lisa. Lisa was happy except that Minna was there also. Eventually Lisa found out that Minna wanted to be like Lisa cause Lisa was her hero. She went home and lived happily ever after.

The End

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