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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Continuing Series > The Wings of the Dream: Part Two

The Wings of the Dream: Part Two

by stephy_stork

"Arooooooooooooooo," it howled.

"Ha Ha Ha very funny Tattan."

"How did you know it was me?" said Tattan.

"I can see your wings you goof," Celia while shaking her head.

Tattan looked over his shoulder and saw one of his medium sized Green wings popping out his Lupe disguise. His disguise was made from berries growing next to the great river. Tattan made a face, brushed past Celia and dove in to the pond, washing away his disguise. "Okay, I tried to fool you but you are way to smart for me," said Tattan sarcastically. "I hate these stupid wings."

"You never know Tattan," Celia said while flapping her own wings. She looked back at them and smiled, which made Tattan go very green with envy. "Your wings may come in handy someday."

"Yeah maybe," he said while rolling his eyes at her. A bug had landed on his wings and he tried to brush it off. "Can we just go explore the cave now?" Celia suggested that they make a torch. Tattan found a branch and two rocks and in about twenty seconds they had a nice bright torch so that they could see their way through the cave. Celia and Tattan went one by one into the cave. Which turned out to be a tunnel. They crawled through it for a long time.

"My wings are getting filthy," complained Celia. "How much longer do you think this will take?"

"I don't know," said Tattan with a smile. "Maybe days or week's or…"

"A light!" said Celia. "I wonder if it leads outside."

"Let's find out," said Tattan racing up through the hole. They wound up in a fairly small valley that was covered in sunlight. "We must be in Sunbreak Valley," said Tattan brushing some dirt off his wings.

"Wow, nobody's been here for a long time," said Celia. "We're way past the rocky hills then."

"How would you know that nobody's been here for a long time?" said Tattan struggling to brush more dirt from his wings.

"Well, I heard the Legend from Myra a while ago," she said. "This is supposed to be Moko's favourite spot. It's considered some what sacred."

"Sacred ground?" said Tattan with a laugh that made Celia scowl at him. "Come on, Celia the legends are just stories told to little Shoyrus to make them do what their parents say. Now let's go see if there's anything interesting."

Tattan walked around the small valley with Celia for fifteen minuets, when Celia announced that it was late and they should head home for dinner. They didn't find anything interesting except a few strings. Celia claimed that Moko loved to play the harp and that they were harp strings. Tattan however was not impressed.

"This tunnel was a big disappointment. We should have gone to…." said Tattan. He didn't finish his sentence though because his foot has brushed against something soft and golden. Which made him stop dead in his tracks. Tattan looked down at his foot and his eyes opened as wide as they could go. He was speechless.

"Ce-Ce-Celia!" he managed to croak.

"What is it?" she said looking down. She was rather irritated. She gasped and looked over at Tattan.

Tattan bent over and picked up a beautiful golden feather. "Oh my," Celia said.

Tattan pointed at the ground. "Look there's a trail of feathers," he said. "Let's follow them." Celia nodded and the two followed the trail of feathers until they found something that surprised them both. A pair of golden wings that looked exactly that shimmered in the sunset. Tattan and Celia looked at each other. They knew that they had found the Wings of the Dream.

Celia looked down at the wings and mumbled to Tattan. "Are these what I think they are?"

Tattan nodded and snapped out of his trance. "They have got to be. Wha-Wha-What should we do?"

"Nothing. They look like they're in perfect shape and we just had a bad storm." Celia said. "If you think that we have to do something, then let's tell somebody."

"Should we?" said Tattan.

"What do you mean?"

"Well the story says that Kondach needs the wings right?" said Tattan. "Why don't we bring them back to him."

"Oh so now you listen to the legends when it involves a perilous journey," said Celia. "Besides two little Shoyrus alone in a big world. We could get hurt, or worse... be destroyed."

"We can't just leave them. I think that we should take them back because we found them."

"Tattan I don't think we should," said Celia. "Why don't we get one of the explorers to take then back. Besides it's been hundreds of years and the wings are still glowing. Why don't we just leave them."

"Come one just think of it as the next great adventure!"

"Tattan I can't. We'd have to leave our mothers and the village…"

"Fine," snapped Tattan then I'll just take them back myself."

"No I won't let you go alone," said Celia. "Okay then I guess your coming with me?" asked Tattan.

The two friends nodded and headed back to the tunnel.

"Wow, I just can't believe it," said Tattan while looking back at the wings. Then he climbed into the tunnel. The two friends flew to Tattan's house. They agreed to meet up in the morning. They also agreed to only tell their parents and Myra.

To be continued…

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