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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 16 > Continuing Series > The Strength Within: Part Four

The Strength Within: Part Four

by linnG7G

An evil sounding voice said, “I've got you now, Tamora. When my Tornado comes, you will be sucked up, just like your parents, just like… Devin.

“What are you talking about? Devin is safe, sleeping in the motel,” she said, “and so am I, this is just a dream!”

An evil chuckle, and then, “Are you sure little Tamora, who knows what can happen while you are asleep. Oh and let me tell you, a little tip from me, love is one of your few weaknesses, and I will take advantage of that.”

“Who are you?” she cried, “What do you want?

“You will find out soon enough, now go check on Devin, my Tornado should have started by now.”


“Tamora wake up, wake up!” Devin was yelling at her.

“Devin, Devin I had an awful dream, I think another Tornado is coming that we have got to get out of....”

Tamora was cut off by the sound of roaring wind.

“Run,” they screamed, waking up anyone who had not been woken up while Tamora was yelling in her dream.

They dashed down to the first floor of the Motel, screaming the whole time that there was a tornado. They knew they had to get underneath the stairs, in a closet, or someplace with something strong above them, or they would be crushed if the tornado went into the building. A lot of the people from the Motel were on the first floor, looking for a place to hide.

“Devin, the tornado is after us, if we stay here, it'll probably come after us, and then some beast will get hurt, or be destroyed,” Tamora told him, “we have to do something!”

“You're right,” he told her, “we're going to have get out of here, or innocent people might be harmed."

With that, they ran outside to the back of the building. Then they ran to the front, were the tornado was, so it would know they had left the building. Then the tornado began to move toward them.

“This is it Tamora,” Devin said, “we are going to have to get sucked up if we don't want people to die because of us.”

With a grim nod Tamora replied softly, “I know, let's get it over with.”

Then they took off at full speed, headed straight for the tornado. Suddenly they were rising in they air. They spun around faster and faster, then darkness and everything was still.

“So I guess this it what it is like to be destroyed,” Tamora thought.

“Yep I guess so," said a voice inside her head.

“Hey, who is that?” she asked through her mind.

“It's me Devin," he said.

“But how are we talking through our minds?” Tamora asked him.

“I guess the tornado spun our magic together, so we can speak to each other with our minds. This is cool. It's a shame we're goners, though,” thought Devin.

“I think we're still alive; my legs hurt too bad,” Tamora thought back.

“Same here.”

Then their conversation was cut short by a bright light, and the same evil sounding voice that Tamora had heard in her dream saying, “I’ve got you now little ones!”

“Hey who’s there?” Devin called.

For they could see nobody. But they could see they were in a small square room. It was completely white on three sides, and had a bard gate, separating them from some hallway.

“Not good, it looks like we’re in a cell,” Tamora thought.

“I hear you,” Devin replied.

The evil voice then said, “It is not just me, it my friends too.”

Tamora and Devin then saw nasty creatures begin to fill the hallway outside their cell. There were Monocerous, Swamp Ghouls, Monoceraptors, Pant Devils and many other evil things. But the most frightening of all was Dr. Sloth. And to make matters worse, the Dark Faerie stood next to him.

“This just isn’t our day,” Tamora thought.

“Nope,” Devin thought back.

“Now you see, we can't have you staying here. This is where our tornado, or should I say… vortex, brings our victims. So we’re going to have to move you to another, slightly more run down cell,” Dr. Sloth announced.

The Dark Faerie smirked, and said, “So don't just stand there, we haven’t got all day.”

With that, two guards (a Rock Beast and a Grundo Commander) came into the cell and grabbed them. Tamora and Devin struggled a bit, but there was really no point. The evil beasts were so much stronger. They were then dragged down a maze of hallways, until they reached a long hallway, made up of cells. Most cells were filled with starving NeoPets. When the prisoners saw that more NeoPets were coming, they began screaming and yelling at Dr. Sloth, who had been following close behind Tamora and Devin.

“How dare ya bring more honest folk to this place.”

“They’re only young ones too.”

“I’d like terr see ya bring more kind beasts terr this place if I wasn't chained to this here wall!”

“SILENCE!” bellowed Dr. Sloth, “Next beast who says a words gets their ear twisted off!”

Not a sound could be heard from the frightened creatures.

“Now you little brats, I suppose you want to know why you’re here?” Dr. Sloth asked.

When Tamora and Devin nodded, he continued, “Now you see, I'm a very evil person, and I pride myself in that. Well as you might know, I want to take over Neopia, and have all pets as slaves. But the last time I tried, I was stopped by the Space Faerie. Then it hit me. If I team up with a faerie, then I will be invincible. Well what better faerie to team up with, than the Dark Faerie herself! We both want slaves to do our biding, so we decided to work together. Then the Dark Faerie looked into the future, to see who would be the most trouble to us later on. You two were on the top ten list. Well see, we had to capture you before you could damage our plan in any way, so we created these vortexes that would take you to our secret hide out. But we couldn't have vortexes popping up right and left, because other wise people might get suspicious, so we made them look like tornadoes. But there were a few problems. When we first tried to capture Devin, the Faerie Queen had made him ill, so he couldn't go flying with his parents, and the tornado got them instead.

At this point he was interrupted by Devin who cried, “Are they still alive, let me see them, please!”

“Shut up brat,” yelled Dr. Sloth, “I don't like to be interrupted! As I was saying, then we came after Tamora. Her magic was already beginning to show, and she managed to us her powers to force the tornado to go to her left. Now whether or not I have your friends and family is for me to know, and you to stay up all night boohooing about. Guards, take them to separate cells.”

Tamora and Devin jumped for each other, but the guards were faster. They snatched them up, and began carrying them to separate cells.

“I’ve had enough of this,” Devin thought.

“Me too,” Tamora agreed.

“If I really have magic this would be a great time for it to start working!” he thought back.

With that they broke away from the guards and a huge ball of light issued from one of Devin’s hands. The ball flew from him and hit Dr. Sloth on his back. Dr. Sloth screeched and fell to the ground. Then the Dark Faerie appeared. Tamora tried to hit her with the same thing Devin had used for Dr. Sloth, but she dodged it. Then the Dark Faerie created some sort of magic net, which flew in the air and captured Devin and Tamora.

To be continued…

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