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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Short Stories > The Missing Owner Mystery

The Missing Owner Mystery

by Roseygirl36

Sary the Shoyru looked sadly out the window and then checked her watch. Her three other sisters, an Acara named Mini, a Peophin named Beauty and a Uni named Mystique were asleep already but she hadn't been able to. Sary48 was worried. "It's 10:00 pm, where is she?" she asked herself. It was getting late and their owner had not come home yet. In fact, she had been missing all day.

Life had been good in their family. They had all been created at the same time. Roseygirl36, or Rosey, had set to work playing games and making a lot of money so she could paint Sary and her sisters. She always had time to play with them and feed them, though. Lately she had been acting strangely and spent little time with them. She kept them fed and all, but she never played with them anymore, claiming to be too tired and was often missing for hours.

Lost in thoughts, Sary didn't hear Mini creeping up behind her. "Still not back?" Mini asked.

Sary jumped. "Not yet but I'm sure she'll be back soon."

Mini sat quietly beside her for a few minutes. "I'm starting to get worried, Sary. What if she's in trouble?"

Sary sighed. "I just don't know what to do."

Mini replied, "We could always follow her..."

Sary glared at her. "No way! If we were caught do you know how much trouble we'd be in? Rosey would be angry with us!" Mini glared right back."And what if SHE is in trouble? We have to help her! I would never be able too forgive either of us if Rosey got hurt because you didn't want to get in trouble!" Sary was startled. She hadn't realised how much Mini had been thinking about this.

"Maybe you're right. Got any ideas on how to avoid Mystique and Beauty?" Mini smiled sweetly.

"Of course! here's what we'll do..."

The two of them stayed up pretty late discussing Mini's plan. As they headed back to bed Sary wondered what she had gotten herself into?

The next morning as they were eating breakfast while Rosey prepared to leave had left, explaining her absence the night before by giving some excuse about work, Sary said to Beauty and Mystique, "Mini and I are going out to meet some friends. We'll be back in a while, OK?"

They reluctantly agreed and Sary and Mini dashed out the door. Spotting Rosey, they slowed down, staying out of sight but never losing her. They walked for a very long time, all the way to the other side of Neopia City. Eventually, they came to another NeoHome. Rosey glanced around but Sary and Mini were well hidden. She then signed into the NeoHome using the name Sweet_angel_girl160.

"She has another account?" Mini whispered in shock.

"Ssshhhh," warned Sary as Rosey came out again. The four pets stood at the door waving good-bye. This time it was Sary's turn to be shocked.

"She has four more pets! No wonder she's always tired!" Mini whispered back.

"Look! Those pets are all adopted!" That wasn't all though. That day Sary and Mini followed Rosey to FIVE other accounts, each with four pets waiting, except for the last one which had only three. Each pet in every account was adopted.

Sary and Mini were so shocked that they weren't quite as careful as they should have been. Heading back from the last account Rosey saw them. They tried to duck but it was too late.

"Sary! Mini! what are you doing here?" Her eyes narrowed. "Have you been following me?" The sisters broke down in tears.

"We're sorry but you were gone so much we were worried. We thought you might be in trouble!" they cried.

Rosey smiled. "OK, OK stop crying... I'm not mad."

Sary looked up.

"You're not?"

"No, I expected you find out someday only not so soon. I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to you guys. Let's go home and I'll explain everything."

The three of them headed home in silence....


The four sisters sat in the living room. "You all know of the Neopian pound, right?"

They nodded.

"Well, so do I and I have never agreed with it. Some time ago, while I was visiting the pets there, I saw a Meerca whose tail was being pulled so that it would give the bullies its food. I was so angry that I created another account and adopted it. When I saw how happy it made that Meerca, whose name is Coke and some numbers I don't remember, I began adopting more pets and creating more accounts. I didn't want you to worry so I didn't tell you. I guess I should have because it just made matters worse. I will try to spend more time with you from now on, OK?"

The sisters sat in silence for a moment. Then Sary spoke up. "I think what you're doing is wonderful. How about instead of you stretching yourself thinner than water, we help you? Then we can spend time together and help those poor pets." The others quickly agreed.

"Really? thank you so much!" Rosey cried.

From that day on they were closer than ever and Rosey and her nineteen pets lived happily ever after.

The End

This story is based on my accounts and the names of the pets in this story are Sary48, Minithecutest, Beauty4K and Mystique246.

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