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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Short Stories > Just Like the Faerie Tales

Just Like the Faerie Tales

by stickycattabby

Deep in the clouds of Faerieland, there was a majestic Faerie Aisha named Flora. Her tail was soft as cotton, her fur swayed and sparkled, and her eyes were like two bright stars. She could walk into any world, and people would recognise her. Dozens of anticipating fans would run up to Flora screaming, asking for her autograph. She had been in many movies, so everyone knew her as the Faerie Tale Aisha.

"I can't wait to get some sleep!" she said in an exasperated voice, entering her penthouse. She locked the door behind her, and jumped into bed without bothering to remove the makeup from her glistening eyes. "What a hassle that movie shoot was…we didn't even get three scenes today!" Within a few minutes, her fluttering eyelids shut, sending her right to sleep.

"Beep, Beep, Beep," sounded her limited edition NeoQuest alarm clock. She pounded down on it, missing the first time. She grumbled to herself, "It seems like I've only been sleeping for an hour. I'm so exhausted! They've got to put snooze on these things!" The truth was, she had only been sleeping for an hour and a half. She sloppily put on her disheveled clothes and ran out her door.

Like Flora predicted, getting into the studio was near impossible. Everyone was crowding around her, giving her tons of various directions all at once. Once her Chia bodyguards escorted her into the trailer, she took a moment to breathe. Flora walked onto the set, performing for another strenuous day. It was about 11:30 at night when they finished, and she was exhausted!

On her drive home, Flora spotted a blue Aisha, crying on the side of the road. Of course, she wasn't as attractive as Flora. Flora was always pampered, and her gorgeous fluffy tail was extra soft. This Aisha had matted fur, a torn collar, plus it looked miserable. Flora told her driver to pull over in her expensive foreign car. She hopped out, hoping to get the pride of helping somebody.

The little Aisha looked up, confused. "Ummm…" she was speechless. "You're Flora Fenningway the famous Faerie Tale Aisha! Did I do anything wrong?" The blue Aisha was sniffling, but trying to smile at the same time.

"No, no, I just wanted to see what was wrong. You look lonely… sort of like me." For a brief moment, there was silence. They knew they were meant to be friends, maybe not at first, but it was just a good feeling they had together.

"My name is Casey. I just moved here, but no one likes me. My family is poor because we spent our last Neopoints on the trip." Casey sighed. "I really hope we can be friends… it would mean the world to me!"

The two Aishas learned more about each other, listening intently to every word spoken. Casey slept over at Flora's house and was amazed at what she saw. It was like a palace she always dreamed about. The floor was made of the best marble, all the cabinets were glass, and the curtains were all a floral silk design. She definitely wouldn't mind sleeping there!

Once the half broken alarm clock sounded, the two Aishas hopped out of bed. Flora was becoming very close with Casey. After a long strain of thoughts, Flora decided not to work that day. She called up the studio to let them know, but this resulted in a burst of anger.

"Not coming in?! Are you out of your mind!" screamed the director.

Flora replied, "I finally found a friend. Someone who respects me for ME. If that is too hard for you people to handle, then…erm…I guess I don't belong here."

Those were the hardest words for her to say. In a few sentences, she just put her career on the line. The studio workers finally agreed she could take a one day break, and no more. The rest of the day was free for them to frolic around Neopia. Flora and Casey had a great time…except for the large group of people following them and the cameras, of course.

At the end of the day, the two Aishas went back to Flora's Penthouse. Flora changed into her embroidered nightdress and hopped into bed. She could tell Casey was feeling uncomfortable.

"I…" Casey paused. "I have something to tell you. I'm…well…leaving."

"Leaving?" Flora cried. "Leaving? But where!? Why must you go?"

"It's pretty complicated. You see, I'm not real. I was sent here to protect you. I watched in disbelief, looking at you getting caught up in all the fame and money. But in reality, I knew you were an excellent Aisha! I learned that even more after the wonderful day I spent with you." Flora looked doubtfully at Casey. She still didn't understand it, but knew Casey would fit the role of an angel.

"I hope you learned something while I was here. I'll always be following you wherever you go, but it's time to make some real friends. Be kind like you were to me, but to everyone!" Flora nodded. After a moment of silence, they gave each other a hug. Casey waved, and disappeared in a flash of smoke.

The End

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