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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Short Stories > The Golden Racket

The Golden Racket

by psychofarmer0

As Steve the Chia was walking home from school, he was day dreaming about the Battledome. He had always dreamed of fighting there, but he couldn’t even fight off the gang of bullies at school. As a Chia, an abnormally short one at that, he just wasn’t capable of the hand to hand/tail/foot/other odd ball appendage that the Grarrls and other larger species could. He knew he needed some kind of weapon to protect himself, but weapons that would do enough damage were very scarce. He knew it would be harder to get a black Frost Cannon or a Grand Lightning Beam then to have a meteor come and strike the Grarrls that tortured him.

He heaved a massive a sigh as a Chia could heave, and continued home. He was not looking where he was going, and tripped and tumbled down the sidewalk. This had been to much for him. He whipped around, looking for whoever had tripped him. Despite his size, he was not some living punch bag. All that he saw was a discarded, golden badminton racket. He walked over and picked it up. It seemed to be slightly bent out of shape, but Steve carried it home with him anyway. He thought he could use it for a game with his friends.

As he crossed the street, a gang of Ninja Lupes jumped out of a back alley. The leader, a white Lupe standing over four feet tall, approached Steve and growled, “Where did you get the racket, small fry?”

Steve was scared beyond his senses, but mumbled, “My momma always taught me not to talk to Ninja Warrior Lupes that I didn’t know.”

The leader growled, and said, “Give me the RACKET!!”

Steve started to cry. His tears cleaned the dust of the racket, reveling the full brightness of the racket. The Ninjas stepped backwards, fixing their gazes onto Steve. The racket began to glow brightly! Steve realised it must have some sort of magical power! The Lupes caught the flash, and stood still for a moment.

“Abracadabra presto!!!” he shouted. The Ninjas all leapt back into the alley, cowering behind trash cans. The racket stopped glowing. Steve stared in disbelief as the Lupes once again prepared to fight. “Please do something to save me!!!” he screamed to the racket, fearing the racket had just reflected some sunlight instead of being magical. As a yellow Lupe jumped into the air to pounce onto Steve, Steve moved the racket in front of him, trying to shield himself. Steve tightly shut his eyes, ready for what was coming next.

He opened one eye, after several seconds, wondering what was wrong. The Lupe had still not crashed into him! He saw the Lupe upside down in a trash can several yards away. A red Lupe built up steam to attack Steve, who again hid behind the racket, leaving one eye open. The racket seemed to stretch out just big enough to deflect the Lupe back the way it came. The red Lupe flew into the air and crashed into the ground. The remaining Lupes scattered, cowering from the blow they feared would soon come. Steve jumped up and down with joy!

Steve ran home, trying to conceal the racket as best he could. He fumbled to open the door, and dashed inside. He hid the racket in his sock drawer, the best place he could think of with all the excitement. Also in the drawer were 231 NP, Steve’s meager life savings. This discovery was to much to believe!

The next day, Steve brought the racket to school. He had lied to his mom, and told her it was for gym class. He was going to see what kind of aggressive powers that this golden racket had. His dreams on the way to school were of crushing the Grarrls with his racket, smashing tennis balls and birdies into them. He wished the racket would shoot out a tennis ball as he swung.

Upon arriving at school, Patch Eye Jack, the leader of the Grarrls, who towered above all the other Neopian students, demanded to see the racket. “What do ya got there, O small one, a toy badminton racket?” The Grarrls howled with laughter at their leaders awful joke. The last time someone had groaned at one of Jack’s jokes, the Poor Grarrl had needed a visit to the nurse to remove the dodge ball from his left nostril.

“No, you can’t see it,” said Steve, taking it out of his backpack.

Jack was not used to disrespect from anyone, especially not a Chia. He took out his lighting beam and took aim. Steve pointed the racket at Jack and spun it around and around.

The racket created a glowing sphere inside of the rim, becoming larger and larger, glowing brighter and brighter shades of green, which then shot out at Jack. Jack, being the aggressive dodge ball player, decided to catch the ball and throw it back. He caught it, and shot back...

Into the school wall. The glowing ball had way too much momentum for even a big guy like Jack to catch. His gang rushed to his aid, picking him up and handing him the lightning beam. He again pointed at Steve, who was unprepared to shoot another blast from his racket. He shot out at Steve, who calmly lifted the racket, which absorbed the beam. All this was too much for Jack, who now dropped the lightning beam, and charged at Steve. Steve swung back the racket, and let it swing when Jack was close enough. Jack weighed around 250 pounds, but he shot off like a golf ball. He landed on the tire swing, face down.

The kids, realising they finally had a chance to get back at Jack for his endless years of torture, charged and spun the swing faster than most helicopters can rotate their blades. "AHHHH!!!!" screamed Jack, as he whirled around, "Get me out of here!"

After five minutes, the bell rang, and the children all ran into school, leaving Jack to spin around on the swing. Steve put the racket into his locker, took out his books, and slammed the locker shut, and ran for class, knowing he would never be tortured again.

Until the next time...

The End

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