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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Short Stories > Beauty is a Curse

Beauty is a Curse

by Taytees1520

The alarm goes off and a hand reaches out from a mound of covers. Kara arises and rubs the sleepiness from her eyes. She gets out of her warm cozy bed and stretches and makes her way down the stairs. She winces as her foot touches the cold wooden floor. Kara’s Poogle jumps up on her and gives her kisses. Kara spends a few minutes petting Diva and then goes to get the newspaper.

“Diva, the four children were rescued,” Kara says relieved. “Let’s see what else is in The Neopian Times.” She begins flipping through the pages and comes to one that holds her interest. “Hey there’s a new beauty contest,” Kara exclaims. She makes a call and enters Diva in the contest. “We have just enough time to get you ready. Only a week, but we can do it,” Kara says reassuring.

“I hope you don’t count on me winning,” Diva says sadly.

“What are you talking about? You’re so cute and you have such a great personality that you’re sure to win. Don’t even think about losing. You need to be confident,” Kara goes on. Diva sits there thinking about the time she entered the talent contest. Kara had created a lovely dance routine for Diva to do, but unfortunately she had two left feet. In the middle of the dance routine, Diva tripped over her feet and landed right on the buffet table that was for the party after the show. It was humiliating. She even got her embarrassing picture in the Neopian Times. She knew she had disappointed Kara, though she didn’t show it. Diva looked up at Kara and she smiled down at her.

“Just try your best,” Kara added.

They weren’t going to try dancing again so Kara decided that Diva could play the flute for the talent part of the contest. She signed her up for lessons that were 2 hours long everyday for that whole week. Diva began to already feel that this was going to be a bigger disaster than last time.

Diva hated her flute teacher. He was a strict Jetsam named Mr. Music. Diva wasn’t very good at the flute and Mr. Music always reminded her. He often yelled at her if she missed notes. Kara was unaware of it because all her concentration went on winning the contest. Kara had also made many appointments with the beauty parlor the day before the contest so that Diva can look her best. Much time and effort went into this. Diva spent the majority of her playtime practicing how to walk confidently, speak clearly, and smile sweetly.

The day before the contest was the worst for Diva. She had to get up early and go to the beauty parlor all day. She got a pedicure, a manicure, her fur shampooed and conditioned so that it was soft and shiny, a lovely red bow around her neck, and misted with a sweet smelling perfume. When Diva got home the first thing she had to do was go to her flute lesson. At least it would be the last flute lesson that she would ever have. Kara planned for Diva to play the song Green Sleeves, which was very difficult. Diva was finally beginning to play the song so that it actually sounded good. Diva was forced to go to bed early that night because she needed her “beauty sleep.” She hasn’t been able to play with her friends the whole week.

“This better be worth it,” Diva said before she fell asleep. Kara woke her up at 6:30. Diva was still tired, but got out of bed and did as Kara said. Kara brushed Diva’s hair and sprayed her with perfume. Diva noticed that Kara looked very nice. She was wearing an elegant dress and her hair was fixed up in a bun. She wanted to look nice for the big day. Diva began to worry even more. She had a feeling that she’d let her owner down. Before going to the contest, they stopped at the bakery and picked up some donuts.

“Be careful not to get icing in your fur,” Kara said. “You know,” Kara began, “I’ll be proud of you no matter what and I’ll always love you.” Diva gave her a big hug and smiled. She let out a sigh of relief. She still knew how much Kara wanted her to win, though. They arrived at the contest and saw NeoPets all over the place. Diva searched for Poogles, but she didn’t see any that she couldn’t beat. Kara took Diva to the dressing rooms and wished her good luck. She kissed her and went to go find a seat. Diva was on her own now. She decided to reapply her eye shadow since there were many mirrors around. An emerald green Poogle walked by and gave a slight glance. She smiled and stuck her nose in the air. Diva frowned. She sat there with her head in her hands. Finally, a Uni came up to her and said to be ready in three minutes. Diva hurried to get to the stage, but there was a big crowd of NeoPets waiting there. The music started and everyone walked onto the stage. Each NeoPet was grouped with their species. Diva walked gracefully on the stage and smiled out into the crowd. She took her position and waited until the host began to speak. She introduced herself when it was her turn and answered the questions perfectly. She walked off stage and got ready for her talent. It came to Diva’s turn and she was so nervous. She made a couple of mistakes, but nobody really noticed. After Diva, the green Poogle performed an energetic dance routine with the song Dance to the Music. Everyone clapped ferociously. Diva had a feeling that that was the Poogle that was going to win. The judging part came way too soon. Diva was very worried.

“And the winner of the Poogle section is………Diva!” the announcer said. Diva screamed with excitement. She accepted her crown and smiled greatly. Diva looked out to the audience and saw how happy Kara was. There were tears in their eyes for Diva had finally done something for her owner to be proud of.

The morning after, Diva slept in. When she finally got up, she found a big breakfast waiting for her. After Diva ate, she went to see what Kara was doing.

“Get ready. You’ll be late for your flute lesson,” Kara said.

“Flute lesson? But the contest is over,” Diva whined.

“Yes, but you were so good that I signed you up for hour-long lessons for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” Kara said cheerfully. Diva groaned. Mr. Music was worse than ever. He expected even more from her now that she had played so well at the contest. Finally, Diva got to play with her friends. She tried to play Gormball, but her friends said that she was too good for them now. They said she was stuck up. So Diva made some new friends. Their owners were very rich and bought them anything they wanted, but they accepted Diva. They still weren’t very good friends, though. They couldn’t understand how she won without being painted or anything. Diva couldn’t believe how horrible they were. Whenever Diva went anywhere she was always stalked by a group of Neopians. She didn’t like being followed or pestered. Neopians were even asking for money, which she had none.

Being famous wasn’t like Diva had thought it would be. She hated having these busy schedules. Kara had signed her up for dance lessons and voice lessons. This usually took up most of Diva’s time, but at least she didn’t have to deal with her new stuck up friends.

One day at dance lessons, Diva met a green Meerca. He was very nice and wasn’t obsessing over the fact that she won the beauty contest. He was polite and asked her if she wanted to go to a concert. They exchanged numbers and Diva told him that she’d check her schedule. She was so excited to make a new friend. Kara said that she could go and Diva called him right away. His name was Ahab.

The night came and Ahab came to pick Diva up. He took her to the concert and they waited outside.

“What are we waiting for?” Diva asked. Ahab pointed and walked over to a Nimmo in a black trench coat. He gave him some money and received two tickets. Diva was puzzled, but followed him into the concert. It was one of the best nights that she had had for a long time. They said goodnight and said he’d call. Diva told Kara all about him.

“I don’t think I want you to see Ahab again,” Kara said.

“Why not?” Diva protested.

“Because you’re too good for him. He’s nothing, but a poor peasant and I don’t want to see you with him,” Kara said firmly. Diva disobeyed and continued seeing Ahab. She began to like him even more. They were very happy until that one fatal day.

Diva was sneaking out when Kara caught her. Kara scolded her and took her to Edna the witch. Edna cast a spell on Diva and was paid by Kara. Diva was frightened. Later that night, Kara explained to Diva that if anyone looked into her face, they would be turned into a hideous beast and Diva would become the ugliest creature to ever roam Neopia. Diva was depressed for weeks. Finally, she called Ahab and told him what happened. She said that she would understand if he never wanted to see her again.

“I’ll do anything just to be with you,” Ahab said. Diva smiled and said that she’d meet him in the Spooky Forest in 10 minutes. Diva escaped the house and met Ahab. They held each other and Diva took off her hood. They both began to glow. They were transformed into ugly beasts, but they were happy. Diva missed Kara, but was glad she finally got away. They built a house in the swamp and live there along with many other outcasts, who have been mistreated. They provide their own food and they’ve created a little town in the swamp. They may be ugly, but as long as they’re happy and have each other, nothing else matters.

The End

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