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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Continuing Series > The Battle For Neopia: Part Four

The Battle For Neopia: Part Four

by deadly_dreamer

The four of them watched in horror as the gun kept collecting energy. The Fire Faerie was the one who broke the silence.

"We don't have any choice, we have to go in and destroy that gun now!" she said. "If we wait any longer it'll fire, and we'll have a mutant Lupe and Shoyru on our hands."

Destiny and Ying nodded.

"We go for the all out attack," said Fortuna. "If Destiny, Ying, and I will keep them distracted whilst you blow up the gun, okay?"

The Fire Faerie nodded. "Let's go!" she shouted, and threw herself onto the wall. The strength in the blast knocked the wall down and the four of them leapt into the Hall.

"Ha ha! We're back, you overgrown shrub!" shouted Ying to Sinicar.

Sinicar growled and tried to hit the annoying Shoyru, but Ying was too fast, and went in for round 2. Destiny and Fortuna were doing their bit too. Riding Destiny's back, they were certainly creating havoc by jumping and knocking down mutants. This was surprisingly fun, but a nagging doubt in the back of Fortuna's mind kept telling her, 'There's something wrong here, it shouldn't be this easy…"

In the middle of all of this, the Fire Faerie ducked and dodged the mutants that could fly or jump incredibly high, and created her explosion charm.

"Here, take this!" she cried, and threw it at the gun.

Yes, thought Ying and the others.

But, as the Charm made contact, a purple shield appeared, and absorbed the energy.

"No!" shouted the Fire Faerie.

"Oh yes, little faerie," said Dr. Sloth. "We knew all about your plans to free your friends and destroy my gun. But as you know, we love a good game, so we played along. But now its time to end this."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, water seemed to surround the Fire Faerie. As it wrapped the powerful creature, she screamed in pain. Finally it released her, and the Fire Faerie fell to the ground, motionless.

"Fire Faerie!" cried Ying, getting caught off guard. Sinicar noticed this, and before the red Shoyru could react, Sinicar slammed him to the ground, making Ying slide over the polished floor.

"Ouch, that's going to leave a mark," moaned Ying in pain as he stretched his wings again. He clutched his left wing. He was pretty sure Sinicar had broken it. A mutant Kacheek came closer to Ying to finish the job. As Ying looked around, he saw mutants were circling Fortuna and Destiny. It wouldn't be long now. Just then, he noticed a bandage on the Kacheek's arm. It was in exactly the same place as Yang's had been…

"Yang, is that you?" Ying asked the Kacheek. It growled in return.

"Come on Yang, you remember me don't you?" Ying pleaded.

"We're brothers, we stick up for each other, don't you remember?"

Suddenly, the Kacheek stopped. A strange vision had entered its mind. It was two Shoyrus, one red, and one green. The red one was putting its arm around the green Shoyru, and saying, "Don't worry bro, I'll watch your back."

"Brother?" the Kacheek whispered.


Dr. Sloth didn't know why the Kacheek wasn't attacking the Shoyru, and quite frankly, he didn't care. Turning round to the Techo on the gun, he shouted, "Turn that thing around, aim it in the direction of the Shoyru!"

The Techo was startled. "But master, if anything is that close to the beam, it would be disintegrated, don't you want the Shoyru as a slave?"

"No he doesn't!" answered Sinicar. "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!"

As the gun aimed at Ying, he could only close his eyes and hope it didn't hurt.

Yang watched the Shoyru shaking in fear, and looked at the gun, ready to fire. The Kacheek wasn't sure what that vision meant, but something deep inside told him what he had to do. Running towards the gun, he shouted, "brother!" and clamped onto the front of the gun, just as it fired.

"Ahhh!" Yang screamed, as the pain reached every part of his body.

Dr. Sloth, Sinicar, the other mutants, Ying, and his friends could only watch in shock as Ying stayed firm and blocked the blast. However, as his grip weakened, a beam shot out from the left of him and headed for Dr. Sloth and Sinicar. Dr. Sloth ducked in time, but Sinicar was hit. Fortuna, Destiny, and the newly awakened Fire Faerie watched in surprise as Sinicar transformed back into the Money Tree!

At that moment, the gun jerked about, forcing the mutant Techo who was aiming it to dig his claws into the gun to hold on. He didn't realize it, but in his frantic attempts to stay on, he hit the self-destruct button. The gun glowed white, and exploded, sending everyone flying.

"Hey, he's waking up, give him some room," said a voice.

"Ying? Can you hear me?"

Groaning, Ying opened his eyes. Fortuna, Destiny, the Fire Faerie, and half a dozen Neopets were staring at him. Fortuna smiled. "You must be getting used to this Ying, this is the third time in two days you've been knocked unconscious." Ying sat up and clutched his broken wing. "Yeah, and it hurts more and more each time" he grumbled, and then remembered about Yang. "Where's Yang, is he…"

"Do not worry, he is fine," interrupted Destiny, and a little green face popped up above Destiny's.

"Destiny's giving me a ride until I get my strength back," laughed Yang.

"So what happened," asked Ying, after the other Neopets that had been turned into mutants left, and the Faeries had been released from their prison. "Why did all the pets turn back?"

"I think it was because of the gun breaking," answered the Faerie Queen, who had been filled in with everything that had happened. "Since it turned pets into mutants when it was working, it turned mutants into Neopets when it broke."

"And Sinicar the Money Tree?" asked Yang. The Faerie Queen laughed. "I'm not really sure why that happened, but at least we have the Money Tree back. We can transport it back to Neopia Central."

Ying and Yang smiled at each other. "I can't believe we helped save Neopia," said Yang.

"Our friends are going to be so jealous," added Ying.

"Well, Fortuna, Destiny, it looks like this is good-bye," Ying said to Fortuna and Destiny.

Fortuna smiled. "Not necessarily, we do live on this street you know.

"Be sure to visit us at any time," added Destiny.

"That goes the same for us," quipped Yang.

As the two Shoyrus watched their friends leave, Ying suddenly remembered something, and groaned.

"What? What's wrong Ying," asked Yang worried.

"We still haven't bought paint brushes," Ying moaned.

The End

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