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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Continuing Series > The Strength Within: Part Three

The Strength Within: Part Three

by linnG7G

In the next few days, nothing much happened. Devin recovered quickly from his encounter with the Grarrls, though he was still pretty sore. On the third day, they set off for the edge of the Lost Desert. But they did have to walk, because Tamora's wing was still hurting her. Even so, they reached the edge of the desert by nightfall. By the time they reached it though, some of Devin’s cuts had reopened, and Tamora's wing was finding new and interesting ways to bring her pain. (“I can't even fan myself with it,” she would grumble.) Anyway, they were in desperate need of a healer by the time they got there.

Thankfully the Water Faerie was on a vacation at the Lost Desert, and was doing free healings every night, so Tamora and Devin were healed free of charge. Unfortunately, she told Tamora that she could not fly on her wing for a week, or she would hurt it again. But when she heard about the faerie in Tamora's dream, she agreed to take them to Faerieland herself! Tamora and Devin were ecstatic, they were going to travel with the famed Water Faerie!

The next morning Tamora and Devin found themselves in the boat of the Water Faerie, ready to set sail to Cloud Port, (Cloud Port is directly below Faerieland, and has clouds that can be rented to take someone up to Faerieland). As early as it was, they were wide-awake, after all, who could sleep while you are about to take a ride on a faerie boat?

But when the Water Faerie found them, she scolded them saying, “You will never heal correctly if you don't sleep enough, go to the cabin and get some rest!”

Meekly, Tamora and Devin obeyed. Once they went inside the cabin, they discovered four neatly made up beads were they could sleep.

“Well, I guess we should do what she said, and get some rest,” announced Devin.

“Guess so,” muttered Tamora as she curled up on a bed.

Crash! Tamora and Devin sat straight up in there beds. They had slept about two hours when the crash had awakened them. Crash! Crash! BOOM!

“What is that?” Tamora shouted over the racket.

“I don't know,” Devin yelled back, “let's go find out!”

They ran out of the cabin to discover a waterspout (tornado over water) throwing things around on deck. The Water Faerie was trying desperately to control it.

“This is magic,” she screamed, “and it's more powerful than mine!”

Tamora turned to tell Devin to tell him to run from it, but he wasn't next her. Then she saw him hanging on to the mast, right next to the waterspout! Apparently, the wind from the tornado had managed to catch onto one of his outspread wings and pull Devin towards it.

Tamora searched wildly for a rope, or something to throw to him, but couldn't find a thing.

“I'm slipping,” he cried, “Tamora, help!”

With out a moment's hesitation, Tamora ran to him. She knew she would be sucked up by the tornado too, but hadn't they made a pact not to split up until this adventure was over? She wasn't about to break that pact with her only friend, (okay, okay, her maybe her sort of sometimes glimmer of hope she wished boyfriend) so she didn't care that much, even if it did cost her her life.

“I'm coming Devin,” she cried, running even faster to him.

“Tamora, wait, come back!” She heard the Water Faerie yell, but kept going.

Finally she reached Devin, and grabbed his arm just as he was about to be sucked up. Then, grabbing onto the mast with her other hand, she held on for dear life. Her arms were going to break, she couldn't stand this much longer! Then glaring at the tornado, she screamed as loud as she could, “Just, Stop!” and it did.

It simply evaporated, leaving the ship's crew, the Water Faerie, Devin, and Tamora all very stunned indeed. The last things she heard before she collapsed in an unconscious heap was Devin say “Wow.” Then everything went black.


Tamora blinked her eyes, every thing was blurry. Gradually everything went into focus. She saw the Water Faerie and Devin sitting on chairs next to the bed she was lying on in the cabin.

The first words out of Devin’s mouth when he saw she was awake were, “How did you stop the tornado? That was so brave, thanks for saving me.”

Tamora felt confused. She stopped a tornado? What? Then it all came back to her. She remembered screaming at the tornado, and then, all of her strength had left her.

“I don't know,” she replied, “magic, I guess.”

“You guess?” the Water Faerie asked, “YOU GUESS, OF COURSE IT WAS MAGIC! And very powerful magic too.

More powerful magic than even mine. With a little training, you could become one of the most powerful mages in, in… the whole world! The only problem is whoever made that Tornado had very powerful magic too. Your up against something strong, you two be careful.”

“What,” asked Tamora, “did I miss something, would you please explain.”

“Oops!” said the Water Faerie, “I explained my theory about what's going on to Devin while you were asleep. You see, both of your families were sucked up by tornadoes, and then a tornado came here and tried to suck you up. Are you starting to see a pattern? Well anyway, someone either really doesn't like shoyrus, or they are out to get you. I vote for the latter. For whatever reason, someone feels threatened by you. I'm thinking maybe, somehow they knew that Tamora had magic, and you have magic too Devin, I can feel it, and they want to get rid of you before you cause them trouble.”

“But wait,” said Tamora, “How would they know we had magic, or that we would pose a threat to them?”

“I'm not sure,” the Water Faerie said, “but it is possible that they can see the future if they have magic strong enough to control nature.”

Frowning Devin said, “I suppose that's possible, but it is going to take a while for me to get used to the thought of having magic!”

Just then, they heard the captain cry, “Were at Cloud Port!”

Devin helped Tamora on to deck since she was still weak, so they could see Cloud Port. But it wasn't that exciting. It looked just like a boat port, but instead of boats there were clouds.

“Come on Tamora, Devin, let's go. We have to leave now if we are going to reach Faerieland tonight!” called the Water Faerie.

Quickly, with Devin’s help, Tamora made it to the Water Faerie, who helped her on a cloud boat. Then the faerie climbed aboard. Then she pressed a small red button in the corner of the boat, and they began to rise.

“I love these things!” The Water Faerie said, “you don't even have to drive, they are programmed to go up to Faerieland, then you press the button, and it goes back down by itself!”

“Awesome!” exclaimed Tamora and Devin in unison. When they arrived at Faerieland, the Water Faerie told them that she had made arrangements for them to stay at a Motel in Faerieland.

“I’d let you stay at my house, but I don't think you'd like living underwater!” she told them.

The Motel was great. It had everything thing they could possibly need. Tamora and Devin even had their own rooms with a door to connect them. After watching some TV, they felt thoroughly exhausted, and decided to turn in for the night. Tamora went to what she hoped would be a long undisturbed sleep.

She was standing in the middle of a very dense fog. She could barley see the end of her own nose. She called out for Devin, her parents, and even the Water Faerie, but the fog muffled her shouts. It was getting hard to breathe, and then she heard something.

To be continued…

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