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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Continuing Series > Thank You, Ghost Lion: Part Three

Thank You, Ghost Lion: Part Three

by samantha1559

"Is she okay?" A voice above me caused my eyes to open slowly, staring into a blurred face.

"She'll be fine Carassa, now just calm down. She sprained her ankle- that's all," a tall woman with wavy blond hair pulled into a ponytail said as she fluffed my pillows.

"Now you and Mika just go on home. She needs her rest." The woman closed the door behind the retreating Chias.

"Where's... where's... where's Zippo and Fly_Gurl?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"Who?" the woman asked. I felt Fear settle in my chest.

"Fly_Gurl... Zippo... my NeoPets..."

"What do you mean? There were no NeoPets within 100 yards of where you lay."

I let out a small cry, and got desperately out of bed. Not again! No, not again! Grabbing some crutches I began, wobbling, towards the door. I was halfway there until I felt a hand on my back. A cold hand... ice cold. I turned and stared into her too-blue eyes. How could she look so cheery when my NeoPets were probably freezing? Alone and hungry, unprotected...

"Now you just go back to bed sweetie, there you go..." she practically shoved me into the bed.

"No!" I cried, "My NeoPets are out there! I've got to save them! The Ghost Lion will take them!" I pushed her away and attempted to get up.

"You," she was smiling at me with her lips, but her eyes... her cold, ice blue eyes were glaring at me... "Are going to get some rest..." This time she did shove me back into the bed.

"My NeoPets..."

"I was not trained to care about the health of your NeoPets," my mouth dropped at her words, "I was trained to care about your health." Her expression changed. "Now you just get some sleep now! Nighty-nighty! Don't let the bed buggy-wuggys bite!"

How old was I? Three?

She closed the curtain, and I heard her open and close the door behind her. I got out of bed quietly, my thin flannel nightgown rustling with every step. I tried the door. It was locked.


I found a window, unlatched it, and, with all my strength, lifted it up. The cold air hit me with full force. The pathetic gown they gave me helped little. I leaned against the door and lifted the crutches, sliding them out the window. Next came me. With one leg completely useless, my arms did most of the work. The snow melted through my nightgown, making me numb all over. I leaned against the wall and my crutches to stand up. I hobbled towards the road, and hailed a taxi.

"To the Alpine Challenge," I said, closing the door with slam. The Chia looked at me strangely, shrugged, and began to drive. A hundred Neopoints was a hundred Neopoints.

When I arrived, I paid the Chia and stepped outside. I could have bought some ski gear--should have bought some ski gear, but the thought didn't cross my mind. I was going to get my NeoPets.... even if it wore me down.

I looked warily at the ski lift. It would take forever! On the other hand, the lift used by employees might work... I dashed... or, as close as I could on crutches, to the small wooden building holding the elevator. As I entered the elevator, sirens went off and I clicked al the buttons furiously. The elevator lurched forward at top speed as tourists and guards yelled up at me. I smiled. I'd be in the news.

Arriving at the top, guards were circled around the elevator. I took the emergency exit the opposite way and hobbled into some woods. Breathing hard, I heard the baffled guards enter the wooden elevator. Thank goodness I'd heard them. AS I was about to begin searching, I heard a loud scream. My heart stopped. I'd know that wail anywhere! It was Zippo!

I began towards the scream as quickly as I could until I ran into an invisible force and flew backwards. I looked up in horror at the shimmering white figure.

It was the Ghost Lion.

As I stared into it's eyes, I could see Zippo swerving into the woods, alone. Fly_Gurl chasing after him. Alone.

"Where are my NeoPets?" I screamed, "Tell me!"

"You do not deserve your NeoPets!" the voice boomed and rumbled the peaks. "They are badly hurt because you were not there to protect them!"

"Please! It's not my fault! If I didn't care about my NeoPets, why would I be out here in a nightgown on crutches?" I was on my knees, sobbing.

The Ghost Lion's eyes flickered, and suddenly we were in a completely different place. We were in a field, with snow blowing around us. Looking up, the Pant Devil was laughing, my limp NeoPets in his hand.

"Zippo!" I cried. "Fly_Gurl!"

The Pant Devil raised his hand, and was about to destroy my NeoPets, when the Ghost Lion let out a roar that shook the mountain itself. The air seemed to vibrate, and with a high-pitched squeal, the Pant Devil dropped my pets and covered his ears. For a fleeting second it looked exactly like the woman who had locked me in the hospital, but the idea fled my mind in a moment.

"Be gone!" The Lion cried, and a clash of thunder and lightning filled the sky.

After that, I don't know what happened.


I woke up the next day in my bed, with my NeoPets nestled beside me. I hugged them close, put on a robe, and hurried to the Food Shop to buy a paper. My NeoPets followed me, yawning. I wondered if they remembered anything. Probably not after going into the woods. They looked passed out when the Pant Devil had them. People looked at me strangely, but I just grabbed a paper and paid. I pored over it on the way home. On the front-page it read:

Ghost Lion Attacks Local Neopian Citizen
By: Meeka Meerca

Yesterday in the Wintery Wonderland of Terror Mountain, the perilous Ghost Lion attacked an innocent Neopian. She and her NeoPets were almost destroyed, but were rescued by an Alpine Challenge guard at the last minute. The girl's name is Katie Landrown, who resides currently in Neopia Central.

"I was so scared," says Katie's rescuer, "I knew I could be a goner, but all I cared about was rescuing that girl..."

I stopped reading there. That wasn't true! The Ghost Lion rescued me! The Pant Devil attacked me! I...

I knew it was useless to argue. Everyone would just say I was still dizzy form what happened, or had slight amnesia or something. I sighed. If only everyone knew the truth!

I turned around at the sound of people talking and cameras clicking. I sighed again. My prediction had come true. I would be in the news. I braced myself against the crowd of people, and put an arm around my NeoPets. It jolted me to think I owed their lives to a feared evil-being. Closing my eyes, I whispered something softly under my breath...

Thank you, Ghost Lion.

The End

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