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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Short Stories > So This Is What Love Is: A Skeith's Story

So This Is What Love Is: A Skeith's Story

by sharx4eva

A just-born white Skeith lay curled up into a ball in a pile of hay in the farthest corner of the cavern. A proud male shadowed Skeith with his mate, an elegant striped female striped Skeith looked at the young hatchling proudly. Bits of eggshell scattered around the young Skeith, his eyes closed daintily and his large tail wrapped around his delicate self.

The three were all wild Skeiths. They were all rare these modern days, as a wild Skeith pelt was of much value, and many poachers nearly wiped out the wild race. The two parent Skeiths were both strong and made a good team, therefore they had dodged many poachers... and now, the price of their heads has soared. For the poacher that caught the two would receive 2,000,000 NP, and so with skill and concentration, it was a sad fact that they'd find the two someday. And yet, the two innocent Skeiths knew not even a shred of it.

Marco and Jon Hyth, brothers, had been tracking down the couple for months. With a crew of twenty well-paid people, all the high-tech equipment they could find, plus an expert at tracking down animals, the Hyth brothers were destined to find the two. Many times they had failed, but they knew they wouldn't this time. They were hot on the trail today, and knew right where the two Skeiths stay.

Suddenly, in the cavern, the mother Skeith heard a boom. The two jolted to attention and looked around, then the mother grabbed the young Skeith lightly in her jaw and bolted to the door. A crew of many people stood at the front of the cave, a large cage blocking the entrance so the only way out was to enter the cage. The father Skeith thought fast and flew upwards, slamming his huge tail against the ceiling of the cave. Nothing happened. The type of rock the cave was made of was far too strong, and there seemed like there was no hope.

Then there was a cracking sound. The father Skeith whirred around and saw a huge drill-type machine coming upwards!! The hole in which the machine came from was six feet wide. The machine, a human inside operating it, laughed at the three Skeiths, now cornered. The drill machine started moving forward, chasing the Skeiths and cornering them. It was either to be destroyed, or go in the cage.

The Skeiths had no choice as they tumbled into the cage, two people slamming the door of it down. The father spit flames everywhere fitfully, the mother grunting in rage, her new hatchling still in her mouth. She set the little hatchling down and it slipped through the bars of the cage, running faster and faster, hidden in the tall weeds as the horrible poachers took the tiny hatchling's family away. He panted and looked back sadly, until he collapsed of exhaustion.

Hours Later...

A large, well built Halloween Kougra nudged the near-starved white Skeith "What the heck is this?" the Kougra said in a voice like a grunt.

"Jacob! Get yer smelly hide ova here!" the Halloween Kougra shouted. A skunk Scorchio stomped over to the area, strong and mean looking.

"What the heck is this?" Jacob asked.

The Kougra hit Jacob over the side of the head with his paw. "That's what I just said, you moron!"

"Geez, Mike, you don't have to get so sentimental about it."

"Watch it!"

"It looks like a Skeith."

Mike hit Jacob over the side of the head again. "No kidding, ya idiot!!"

"Do you think it'd make a good lunch?"

Mike hit Jacob in the head again. "No! Come on, you skunk! It's a Skeith Ya think it'd make a good 'watchdog' at the Club?"

Mike nodded. "Yeah. It sure would keep all the sissies and lily-livers outta the club. Fer tough pets only! They'd be scared of a little guy."

Mike nodded. "Yeah, only look at the thing! It's white!! It looks like an angel."

Jacob gagged. "Let's paint it striped."

Mike it Jacob again. "No, stupid! Striped will make it still look like a sissy. Let's make it skunk...or shadowed,! Yeah, fire."

"But it's just a cub."

"NO KIDDING!! Because the booger's young, we can teach it to be a real bloodthirsty hound. It'll be perfect."

Mike grabbed the little Skeith by the scruff of its neck in his jaws and the two pets flew off once more.

Months Later...

The little Skeith, much taller now and named 'Biggio' was chained to a large brick building with a rusty chain. He stayed outside the musty brick building where the Kougra and Scorchio lived, where he was supposed to snarl and try to bite anyone walking by. He didn't really understand the concept of doing so, and so he never did.

Biggio didn't like his new 'home' at all. He missed his mother and father more than anything, and barely remembered what they looked like or the events that happened that fateful day. What he wanted more than anything was to get out of this place, for he was never allowed inside and the only shelter he had was beneath the black emergency stairway.

He lay outside, his back against the last step, absorbing the sun into his white body until Mike came out of the club, a bottle of cola in his paw. He plodded down the steps, a smile on his face until he got to Biggio and kicked him in the side.

"Move, ya worthless piece a dung," Mike said with a disgruntled look. Biggio yelped and got up, then growled at Mike. "Now how come you always growl at me and Jacob and never at anyone else? You really are a worthless fool."

Biggio backed up and sat down, still glaring at Mike until he heard an earsplitting sound, loud and obnoxious, with one real tone: Wee-oo, wee-oo, wee-oo. Suddenly several police cars appeared, their sirens blazing. Biggio covered his paws over his head to block the annoying sound.

Police Lupes piled out of the car, aiming their Ultimate Rainbow Guns at Mike. Mike dropped his bottle and put his paws in the air, as the police directed.

"Wh...why, hello officers..." Mike said.

A police Lupe walked over, his Rainbow Gun ready in case of any sudden moves as he handcuffed Mike and dragged him into the car. More police Lupes came, marching past Biggio as if he wasn't there and then shoving into the club. From outside, Biggio heard screams and shouts, and moments later the police piled out again with handcuffed pets of all recognizable sorts, including Jacob as they shoved them into the car.

"Hey!" Biggio shouted. He didn't understand the police, or the rainbow flashes and came a pun the thought that they officers were all taking them to Shucky Shoyru's for lunch. "What about me?" He smiled and wagged his large tail, a smile on his worn face.

A police officer sighed as he finally noticed the Skeith and turned over to his partner. "Do you think they trained it to be a fighter?"

His partner gave him a look. "With that face? I doubt it. He was probably kidnapped."

The officer came out of the car and aimed a rainbow gun at Biggio, just in case as he cautiously padded towards the large Skeith and undid the chain. Biggio stepped forward once and the frightened officer stepped back. "I'm warning you!" he shouted.

Biggio cocked his head and raised an eyebrow, then sat down and wagged his tail three times. The officer grabbed the chain and shoved the Skeith in the back of the car. "So where we goin'?" Biggio asked, a smile still on his face as he wagged his tail. "We goin' to the restaurant?"

"No," the paranoid Lupe said. "You're going home."

"What home?" Biggio asked, confused. "I don't have any home."

"Great," the Lupe's partner said. "We have a stray."

When the two officers got back to the department, they put Mike, Jacob and all the others in jail for a later trial. The first officer said something about 'vandalism and theft', but Biggio kept his eye on the pets in the jail.

"Why are they in a cage?" Biggio asked, his head low to the ground. "Cages are bad! Don't put them in cages."

"Yeah, well they did something bad," the Lupe said. "You only go in a...cage if you're bad."

Biggio looked down sadly, and said half to himself, "But mommy and daddy didn't do anything bad..."

The second Lupe officer grabbed Biggio's chain and dragged him outside and into the car. He was quiet the whole time, still in thought and confusion. The Lupe dragged Biggio out once more and pulled him into a large building. When they got inside, the Lupe dragged Biggio to the front desk were an old, crude looking yellow Techo stood.

"We have another stray," the Lupe said and handed the chain to the Techo "Take it away. I also warn you that it's somewhat annoying."

Biggio looked down until he was dragged away once more. The Techo opened a large steel door and looked around the musty stone hallway. Cages were everywhere...pets all in them. They piled everywhere, never seeming to stop. Barks, meows, hisses, even growls were heard. Sounds of pain and sorrow were everywhere. Biggio was shoved into the bottom-most cage, and the Techo left.

"But I didn't do anything bad..." Biggio said sadly. "Mommy and Daddy didn't do anything bad either." He looked sadly at the bowl of tap water and the bowl of moldy biscuits.

Months Later...

After Biggio fell asleep once more, like he always did, he awoke hours later on a cozy pillow in a large stone room, lit with torches and a warm fireplace. He looked around the room. A cozy couch at the side of it, a large fluffy bed in the corner, a large plush carpet in the center of it. He blinked a few times and rubbed his neck. The chain was...gone. He padded towards a tiger-striped mirror and looked at himself. His coat was clean and shiny, and whiter than ever before. The dirt and grime had been wiped off, and his fur smelled like flowers.

Biggio walked over to a wooden door and opened it to see a large, clean bathroom. He was confused, yet excited and happy at the same time. He opened another wooden door to see a large wooden room, a tiger print rug in the center and a large Zen couch in the middle. A white Lupe and kind-looking girl sat on the couch, and at the entrance of Biggio, both of them stood up with a jolt. The girl smiled and began to speak. "Welcome to our family, Biggio."

The Lupe bounded over and hugged Biggio tightly. "You're my new brother!!" The Lupe cried. Biggio smiled.

The girl smiled, too, and walked over to the enormous Biggio and patted his neck. "Call me Sharx."

"I'm Kapu," the Lupe said.

"Don't worry, Biggio. I adopted you from the pound, and I know you will like it here. You'll fit in perfectly," Sharx said.

Biggio's smile became bigger and bigger until he laughed for the first time in his life. Then Biggio said to himself, a smile on his face, "So this is what love is."

The End

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